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message 1: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments :)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) Hey, I uh can we not RP? Instead, we do continue the story?

message 3: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments What story?

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) We can come up with it. :D So can we? It's the same as RP, just that we don't have to control a character in particular.

message 5: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Never did so before... I-I can try :)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) Oh. Really? It's pretty much the same. I never did it before either. TBH. But there's always a first for everything. What do you want then?

message 7: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Something supernatural, I think

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) Paranormal then. So what's the plot.

message 9: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Idk... Lol. So, you're saying you never did it before? So why do you want to do it, and who told you about it?

message 10: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) I... Heh. I read a book that had this. So yes. Come on Alan. You're a boy right? Try it. Go on. :P

How about a girl meets a boy. The normal cliche thing. Then turns out boy is a supernatural being?

message 11: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Sure, I guess... I'll be the boy :P yes, I'm a boy. So start, right? No charies or info about them! But... Where they should meet?

message 12: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) Hey hey. RP has characters. This way, you can control the girl too. If you wanna have pictures, sure. X3 Go on. So yes.

message 13: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments It just... Honestly, I can't understand girls XD I mean, seriously, I don't know how girls are acting

message 14: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) No? I so wanna see! I'm gonna start now. Enough said. :P Oh, btw I'm detailed. Sorry.

Cassandra pushed her brown hair out of her face, tugging it gently behind her ear.

message 15: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((But... But...))

message 16: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Sup boy? Go on. *urges you* I doubt you're a beginner. Go on.)

message 17: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((I-I'm not a beginner! Sorry for saying, but you're one of those girls who just can't wait and must to do everything so fast?))

message 18: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (*raises brow* Yeah? Should I slow down? I'm always role playing with girls. Not a lot of boys out there. The only boy I role played with was detailed and we ended up with 10 pages worth of writing and he going to college. *shrugs* Want me to slow down?

Oh and can I know when you're usually online?)

message 19: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (I really really wanna see you play the girl's role. If you persist not to, let's just change and make it a boy's POV. Yeah, that's awesome. So instead of a girl meeting a boy, it's a boy meeting a girl who turns out supernatural. Yep. Start it off.)

message 20: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Well... I believe that everyone should be them self, means that if you're fast stay like that, even if I prefer you to slow down...

I'm trying to be online most of the time I'm not asleep XD I live in Israel, and it's now 3:21 pm))

message 21: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Um did you see me second message? Uh sure. I try to be slow. If you like...

I've busy schedule. So yes.)

message 22: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((I see... But I'll still need to play the girl SOMETIME right?))

message 23: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Hell yea. Go on. Start? Or you want me to? Then I will make both of their names. Which might not be that pleasant for ya, yeah?)

message 24: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Yeah, you can start. No, it's ok, go ahead and choose the names! :) and how much detailed are you?))

message 25: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Damn. Detailed like you wouldn't believe it. Heh. Trust me. Stalk me and you'll know. Not that I'm telling ya to.

I'm not a boy so I'm not that great at this.)

It was first day of school after a long break. Roger slid out of his car, trudged his way towards the front steps of the school.

message 26: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Ha! See? You not good because we're playing a boy and you're a girl! So who's right? Me! :P))

As he walked toward the school, he saw students walking around. It was a nice day, and he enjoined the weather

((I'll try to be the same detailed as you are :) ))

message 27: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Christ. Don't be childish, dude. Try to keep up then. :B)

Which obviously he would. It was the type of day that was neither warm or cold, just right to chill out.

message 28: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments The school wasn't so big, pretty normal. It looked like most of the schools. But for him, it was the place of knowledge; the place he could learn about almost everything he needed.

((Haha. I'm usually not like that, it's just... How to say it... I like you're personality :) because, well, you're a bit different than others I know... In a good way, of course!))

message 29: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Uh huh? I'll just pretend that's a compliment. You're not bad yourself. You're basically like this person idk. *shrugs* Hope I get to know you more.)

Roger smirked, at the way his mind kept wandering to the weather. Maybe it was just the weather forcast's fault that his mother kept tuning to, in the morning.

'Hey,' he nodded at a couple of his old classmates. They smiled back at him.

message 30: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments He did his way to his classroom. The inside of the school was way better than the outside... He saw some groups of people talking to each other, and sighed

((It is a compliment! :) and I hope so!
Btw I'm not an English speaker so I'm going to fail...))

message 31: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Well then, thank you so much. Btw, what do you mean? Ya speak Turkish? I seriously feel so honored to be RP with another boy. ^\\\\^)

Maybe it was the joy of seeing new faces in the school, or the fact that he could reunite with his old friends. He chose the latter, as someone nudged his arm. A bright smiling face grinned down at him.

'Louis!' Roger cried out, too enthusiastic.

message 32: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Honored? Thanks! ^_^ well no, not Turkish :P I speak Hebrew. And it looks like you use high language... Because I don't understand some words. In fact, you're the first one I'm talking with who using those words))

message 33: by Flora (Ludacris) (last edited Nov 28, 2013 05:57AM) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Oh damn. Sorry. I try to well, be cool. So sorry. Um, I try. I'm special yeah? Just tell me which word you don't know. I try to change it to something simpler.)

message 34: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Reunite, latter, nudge, enthusiastic... And words in your previous post))

message 35: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (No way. Reunite means be together again. You know old friends?
Latter means if there's two option, like an apple or a banana. It's the banana. The last option.
Nudge is using your hand to poke at someone else's hand/arm.
Enthusiastic is happy, excited.

Get it!? Oh god, you're adorable. How old are you? Just wondering.)

message 36: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Of course I know old friends! And I'm 14.9... Adorable? Thanks :) ))

message 37: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (14.9 years old? You're only 15? Or 14...? <___< Yes, do continue.)

message 38: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Wait, how old are you?))

message 39: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (... Hmm, I'm older than ya. Are you not going to continue? I shall then. Heh, guess my personal led is more interesting, yes?)

'Yes, it's me!' Louis said back, squeezing Roger's arm too hard he cried out in pain.

Roger nodded as Louis walked beside him, talking and blabbering about random things that happened during the holiday.

'Hello, you listening?' Louis asked, an irritated look on his face. It passed quickly when Roger nodded. He turned the dial to his combination numbers, and Louis continued talking.

'What classes are you taking?' Louis asked him as he slammed the locker door shut after taking his books out.

message 40: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Oh, I see... You don't want to tell me, huh? Because I'm only 15? Well, I guess you're not 99 as your profile says! :( ))

message 41: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Haha. XD Yes. You're 15? 1998? Cuz I'm really really old~~

Btw, are you not gonna RP? Just talk? Cuz we can.)

message 42: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((Nope, 1999. Well I don't care how much old you are, because I'm doing RPs with a 33 years old woman! So tell me please))

message 43: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Jesus, so desperate? Oh btw, are you Jewish? Cuz that's so cool. :DD
I'm one year older than ya. Jeez, I feel old.)

message 44: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments ((I'm here acting like 'WTF?' Because 1. No I'm not! What's wrong with that? And at first I didn't even know how old is she! And I was the one who asked 'anyone?'
2. Well, thank you! I never really get why people think that being a Jew is so great...
3. WHAT?! What?! You call that's old?! I'm so much laughing here!
See? You're personality is SO MUCH different than others'...))

message 45: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) No, Christ no. GOSH! You're hilarious plus cute. X3

1. The desperate part I mentioned was NOT about that particular lady you are RP with. Nuh-uh. I was saying you were desperate to know MY AGE.

2. Because I don't have any Jewish friends. I have Nazi friends, Christian friends, just no Jewish friends. :D Nothing biggie.

3. Excuse you? I'm older than you. And I'm a freaking girl. >\\\< *ashamed*

4. Aww damn, you know me damn well now. Do you not? Say, how do you in different from others? I might be lying~~

5. Don't do the bracket-y thing anymore. I think you just want to know me, don't ya. Not so much the RP part.

message 46: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Oh, I see... About all...
Nazi friend? Seriously? I mean, not that I have something against them (except they want to kill us) but, I thought they are... Ummm... In Hebrew it called 'neonazi'. They are like nazis in our days or something...
Funny and cute? You make me blush! :3
Oh, now it IS RP! Not a story?

message 47: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) Yea, I know. I learn World History. Sorry... My cousin who lives in Asia, has a grudge against Japanese. So no big deal. :]

Yeah... :3

...Fine. Story. So wanna continue?

message 48: by Alan (new)

Alan | 1026 comments Oh...

:3 I'm seriously feel something about you... But I don't know what! :P and for a second, I think I really blushed

That's the point. I don't want story! I wanted RP from the beginning! But, yeah, lets just talk...

message 49: by Flora (Ludacris) (last edited Nov 28, 2013 07:07AM) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (*huffs* Fine Alan. Fine. If you like. *sighs* RP, it shall be. It hurts me, you know?

Heh, I made you feel something. Jeez. *gives you virtual kiss*

Hang on, one condition. You have to be a girl for the RP.)

message 50: by Flora (Ludacris) (new)

Flora (Ludacris) (shipitlikefedex) (Hope is back! Go RP with her. I'm going away. Bye~


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