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A Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Fan-Fiction: Miss Peacock and Miss Phoenix's Home for Peculiar Children

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Esther Bae Well, this is just this chapter book (fanfiction) that I want to write. I just try to update regularly... I hope, when I'm not busy with school work and such things. Please see!

Esther Bae Please tell me what you think of this!

Esther Bae Anyone comment please to tell me... I will update this on Next Monday. I think I will

Nathan Paine DO IT!

Esther Bae Okay, It's a little short, but I hope you like it... (It's really similar in the beginning, but the ending will be spectacular, though less than the actual.)

Chapter 1:

I always loved my Grandma’s stories. How she went to war during 1940 and killed monsters... They were really good. “If you were to kill a monster, you would have to put these long shears things into their eyes and they would die.” she would say with a flourish. “What do they look like Granny?” I would ask, round-eyed, every single time. “They looked like normal people except that they had octopus tentacles as tongues, and wights had no pupils. They walked around like this.” then she would do this funny walking around thing while I ran around screaming. “That is enough, mother.” my mother would say to Granny disapprovingly. It was common knowledge that mom hated Gran. I don’t know why. “Could you tell me about the peculiars? The ones you know?” I would ask gran, now panting. “Oh yes. There! You have the pictures.” My gran would show me pictures of them. “Oh wow! What did this guy do?” I would ask. “That is Matthew.” she sighed. “He is making fire.” Gran would say. “How about her? She just looks like a 6 year old in a crown standing there!” I would say, and Gran would answer. “Standing there? Have you looked at her feet? Look closely!” Gran would say, getting excited. I looked closer. “Wow! She’s flying Gran! Flying!” “Not flying Vanessa. Levitating. She would levitate like this.” And Gran would show me this levitating trick where she jumps on the sofa and tries to stay in the air for a long time. I would clap my hands and laugh. Then I would point to another picture. “Ooh! Who’s that?” I would ask. Gran would answer with the usual, “That’s Someone. He/She can do something.” and would try to imitate them as best as she could. However, after a while, I grew a little suspicious of the things. How could someone levitate? How could someone be invisible? How could, How could, how could? The questions were clogging up my brain. So one day, I finally picked up the courage to ask her, “Why did you lie to me about the peculiars? Those are all fairy stories right?” I knew it was offensive, but I had to ask. “Fairy Stories? How?” Granny would ask incredulously. I explained to her that Fake Fiction was usually all Fairy Stories, which meant that this one was one too. “Okay” was all she said. After that, more questions clogged up my head. Why would she lie to me? Does she really mean it? Where did she get those pictures? Soon, after my agonizing thinking time, it was time to go to my part-time job at my Aunts’ Clothes Store: Auntie Beauty’s Clothes and Garments. I hated the job. I tried to get fired multiple times a day, but they just won’t fire me. “YOLO!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs when I got in, and the others just looked at me. “Hello Ms. Potter.” was all Jamie would say to me. ‘Fail...’ I thought as my attempt failed. All the others were looking at me enviously. They worked hard, but they were never going to get their share of stores, while I, who just sits around, gets a share as my Aunt’s own every single Auntie Beauty Shop in the world. Jamie and I start working on a hard project that I like to call, “Beauty-Batcher” It’s kind of like the Cootie Catcher, but you have to make these beautiful robes with each color (4 robes in all) When you choose a color, do the cootie catcher thing until the numbers. Choose a number from another set of numbered robes, then again, and again until you get your fortune. I once got, “You will see your grandma’s friends next month.” and boy, I didn’t know that it would be SOOOOO true. While I was doing it, I got a call from my grandma. “Nessa? Help. The Monsters are here. Go to the island in Wales. Go!” she screamed, as there was some noise like a giant pig squealing behind her. The call ended. I got panicky. “I have to go! Family thing!” I screamed at Jamie and ran to my Grandma’s house. When I got in, the first thing I saw was a ruined front door. I cautiously stepped into the house and... screamed at the sight I was seeing.

How was it? Please comment! What was it that Nessa saw? THIS IS A CLIFF-HANGER~

Photo Modivation I thought it was good. R u going to right another chapter?

Mayah Sorry, I am sure you are a great writer, but I found that it was the same as the book. Except with different names and instead of it being his grandfather, it was Vannessa's grandmother. But try to continue writing. :)

Celia Yeah, well, it's not bad, but maybe you should try something more creative. I also like writing and it helps me a lot to try challenges. For example try writing a story in only 60 words, or write about the most simple everyday object and try to make it interesting... but, well, it's just an advice.

(I don't speak english very well, but I tried my best, so, if something's not correct please tell me.)

Esther Bae I'm going to write another one, maybe not now, and it's supposed to be the same thing. I write this other book, called "The Start of the Power", and so far it is my best so...

Celia Go on with it. You'll never succeed if you never try.

Photo Modivation What is "The Start of the Power" about?

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