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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5837 comments Mod
Lauren & Jennifer C. - Extras

Lauren Didn't even realize this was here, haha. I guess we'll do it for January then

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I'm trying so hard to catch up but it's so hard with the holidays. I'm almost done with one of my BR's and I think I might be able to finish one more before January. I doubt I'll get this one started though. I'm probably not going to sign up for a lot in January.

Lauren Yeah, same here. I don't know how much time I'll have...
We'll definitely do this one sometime next month

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I saw that you signed up for Champion too. That one was created last month also. I feel like I missed a whole month this year. I don't know what happened.

Lauren Wow I am just out of it! Me and Denise decided to read it in January so I didn't even think to so if the topic was made!

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Will you be ready for this one this weekend? If not, I can rearrange and read something else first. Let me know.

Lauren I'm reading Champion right now and I think I'll finish pretty quick, but I'm not sure when. But Extras will be my next book.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I'm going to start this now.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I just finished the Surfing Chapter. (view spoiler)

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I'm really liking this so far. I'm up to The Hidden chapter. I think this might be my favorite from the series so far. Now the name makes sense. This book isn't so much about being pretty or ugly. It's more about being famous and your status in social media. They call people with low numbers of followers Extras and they said that the name originated from "Rusty" movies and how we film movies and build sets that look like real places and hire a bunch of people to do random things in the background. You know, extras on a film set? They are part of the movie, but don't have any real affect on it. So if you don't have a lot of followers, they basically think their life doesn't matter. I thought that was really creative.

Lauren Huh, I like that; it's a nice concept.
So it's good? As good or better than the rest of the series?
I'll try to start it soon, Champion is just taking a while to get into but I am now.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments This one is my favorite in the series so far. Tally and David haven't shown up at all yet. I'm assuming that they will eventually but I don't expect them to be in it much.

Lauren I bet they'll show up on the side or be mentioned sometime.
I'm glad you're really liking this one. I hope I do too. I didn't love Specials, it was just ok, so hopefully this will bring me back to really liking the series.

Lauren I'm going to finally start this now :)

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments How's it going?

Lauren I'm at the part were her and the guy (Fizzsomething) are talking about picnicking and it's after the second train ride with the mine.
I'm actually liking it much better than the other books so far, so that's good.
And I like Moggle, I think it's cute :)

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Yeah. This was my favorite in the series.

Moggle is great!

Lauren Ok so just got to part to. Didn't really expect to be saying bye to the Sly Girls so soon and for them to be so cool about it...

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I know. I liked them. They were fun and I was hoping that they would rub off on her a little bit. She is so obsessed with her face rank. After they Frizz becomes a bigger character and I really liked him in the rest of the book.

Lauren I really like all the small Little references to Tally

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments I know, like how she is has the top face rank but no one has ever met her.

She's coming!!! :)

How far are you now?

Lauren They're just getting out of the cave graffiti place that they were hiding in.
Tally's coming!! :D
I don't know why that makes me so happy, but it does! Haha

Lauren So I'm on page 296 now and they just jumped out of the inhuman's plane. I just realized they were Japanese. Did you realize that in the beginning...? Cuz I didn't!
So I actually really love Tally right now. She isn't being annoying and I like how she seems a bit different and off.
And Shay isn't even being annoying either!
This is definitely my favorite if the series. I'll finish it tomorrow or the next day.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments LOL No, I didn't realize until really late in the book that they were in Japan either. I thought that was really strange. I love when Frizz tries to keep secrets. They were so mad at him. I like Tally and Shay in this one too. I thought that Tally and David would be a couple already because she just kept flip flopping between him and Zane before but then she made that comment about the last person she kissed dying and I felt really sad for her. This is definitely the best in the series.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Oh and you might not be there yet but it's neat that they play on the name Extras in two different ways. Not really a spoiler or anything.

Lauren Andrew!!! :D

Lauren Finished! This was DEFINITELY my favorite of the series!

message 29: by Jennifer C. (last edited Jan 28, 2014 03:31PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Lauren wrote: "Andrew!!! :D"

I was so excited when Andrew showed up again. I honestly kinda forgot all about him, but was super happy that he was in it. I thought this book was a really good ending to the series. I liked how everything ended.

And it's one more series down! Are you in the FWYS Challenge? That challenge is great! It's keeping me focused on finishing my open series. I really need to make a dent in that this year. :) I've been awful at it in the past.

Lauren Finish What You Started? No, I'm not. I really should be though; I have so many series that I need to finish! At least I got this one done! Although there is a sort of short side story guide thing to this series that I might read.

Jennifer C. | 1722 comments Oh I didn't even know about the side story. I'll have to look for that.

I have SO many series to finish. You should join. It pushes me to do it. I keep wanting to start new series though.

Lauren Yeah same here. But I can't because I need to finish all the ones I'm in now! Ugh. So many books.

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