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Book 4 Pyte/Sentinel series??

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Brooke Please someone tell me there is going to be a 4th book in this series and that it will be released SOON? I can't wait.
Does anyone know why the end of book 2 Without Regret ended with a sneer peek at what I thought was going to be book 3 in this series but wasn't?? It had a vampire Christofer and I believe the female was named Chloe.. Who are these characters??
Is it just me and I missed something while reading the last book TD & Heartless??
Any thoughts would be appreciated..

Brooke I know Clara can't wait.. I want to see what happens with Jill and what will happen to Joshua.

Rebecca check out the authors blog to get most of your answers. The author had very serious health issues and had to take a long hiatus. Its all in the blog :)

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