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message 1: by Jenna (last edited Jun 17, 2009 11:37PM) (new)

Jenna (missjenna) | 586 comments Mod
Hello Everyone,

In an effort to get more participation in our book discussions,next month (JULY) we will be holding a contest.

In order to participate you must simply leave as many MEANINGFUL* comments in the July Book discussion area as possible.

* By meaningful I mean not just one word or "I agree". It must have some sort of substance to it. Any comment that isn't within these standards will not count towards your total.

So the top two people with the most comments at the end of the month will receive $5 VISA GIFT CARDS.

since I am the one giving away these gift cards,I obviously do not count in this contest.

I really hope to see you all participate and have fun during our discussions!

If you have any questions just let me know!

Thanks so much!

message 2: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michelle1105) | 57 comments Jenna I think that is a great idea to get people involved. It kinda of sucks though that you have to resort to giving gift cards away to get people involved :( oh well hopefully it helps!!!

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Harvey I think this will be a great motivator Jenna! :) I see some of my friends joined, so hopefully we'll get things nice and discussiony in here!

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