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Tia (tia_jenkins) ....

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin shifted the basket so he could open his door. He pushed it open and stepped back so Jasmine could enter first.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine stepped in and grabbed the basket from him so he could close the door. She felt oddly out of place in the room. Thes was his place and she had never really been somewhere that was his before.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin shut the door behind him. He could tell she was uncomfortable here. He walked up behind her and leaned forward kissing her cheek. "Relax." He said taking the basket again and setting it on his bedside table.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments She did a bit when he kissed her. The room only had one bed. "Don't you have a roommate?" She asked. She walked over to the bed and sat indian style but she was wearing the jeans she had slipped on the they were a bit tight.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin shook his head. "Nope it's just mine." He said looking through the basket. She had gotten a whole bunch of goods. "What do you want?" He asked

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Lucky. If I wasn't a lady I would refuse to go back to my room ever. I'm not a huge fan of having a roommate I don't know." She looked at him. "You choose. I got some middle eastern food and some food from back home. I also grabbed a thermos of hot chocolate and some mugs."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He grabbed a few sandwiches and handed her one. Then he pulled out the thermos of hot chocolate and poured them some glasses. He joined her sitting on the bed and bit into his sandwich.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Not bad right? And it only took minimal begging and flirting to get the kitchen staff to give me all this." Jasmine said, taking a bite of her sandwhich with a grin. She wiggled a bit, she was uncomfortable but she wasn't going to say anything.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He looked at her in amusement. "Is something wrong?" He asked. He had a feeling it was the tightness of her jeans. Not that he was complaining.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine realized he could see right through her. She glared at him. "If you must know, my pants are to tight but I'm not complainging." She took another bite of her sandwhich and tilted her chin up a bit.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He smiled and laughed. "I never said you were." He took another bite of his sandwich grinning at her. She was still stubborn. "I might have some sweats you can change into if you get to uncomfortable." He offered.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I might have to take you up on that." Jasmine gestured at him with her sandwhich and reached for her cocoa. Just as se did her hand slipped and the cocoa spilled on her shirt. That was going to leave a stain. "Maybe i could borrow a tee shirt to." She asked with a sheepish grin.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He shook his head laughing. "You're such a klutz." He teased standing and going over to his dresser. He pulled out one of his smaller t-shirts and a pair of sweats. "Here." He said handing them to her.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I am not!" Jasmine squeaked, but she knew it was sorta true. She accepted the clothes gratefully and went to the bathroom to quickly change. When she came back out she felt oddly self conscious wearing only his sweats and tee shirt. She couldn't meet Aladdin's eyes.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He finished off his sandwich and looked up when she came back in the room. She looked adorable in his clothes but he noticed that the awkwardness was back. "What's wrong?"

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Really?" Jasmine asked incredulously. "I'm wearing a tee shirt and a baggy pair of sweat pants that aren't even mine. I probably look like a hobo." She said with a huff. She sat a little bit away from him on the bed and sipped her cocoa carefully.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He rolled his eyes and took the cup from her and set it on the table. "Don't want you to ruin another shirt." He joked before pulling her closer to him. "You look adorable. Nothing could make you look like a hobo." He said kissing the corner of her mouth.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I'm still sure I look like a hobo but if you want to tell me I'm a cute hobo I'll accept that." Jasmine said, closing her eyes when he kissed her. "This is how I dress on days when I don't have to go to schoolat home except my sweats fit me and look almost cute." Jasmine assured him.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He laughed. "You look cute in anything." He said. He couldn't believe she didn't see how beautiful she was.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Wellllll, maybe that's true." Jasmine said with a giggle. She was the first one to admit that she was pretty but Aladdin made her want to believe that she was the most beautiful girl ever to exist. He made her feel so special.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He kissed her. "There's no maybe about it." He said before pulling back and reaching for his own hot chocolate. He took a sip and it warmed his throat. "This is good."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Thanks." Jasmine said happily. "It's my mom and my's recipe we've spent years perfecting it. I made it while they got the food ready for me. I'm glad you like it. It's something straight from my childhood." She reached for her own cup and managed to sip it without spilling.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "Thank you for sharing it with me." He said. He took another sip and sighed happily. "Did you want to watch a movie or something?" He asked.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "You're very welcome." Jasmine told him happily. "Not really. I'm not really a movie girl. I spend my days reading and usually... alone." Jasmine said quietly. She wasn't ashamed that she spent most of her time alone but she knew it wasn't normal.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He nodded. "I'm not that into movies either. Since I met you I've been reading alot more." He admitted a little embarrassed. In his early years all he did was cause mayhem. Now he actually did useful things.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Really?" Jasmine was honored that he read more because of her. "I'll have you read my book then. You might be the only one to ever read it." She said, reaching for a dried date and chewing on it thoughtfully. She wasn't sure if she would ever have the nerve to try to get something published.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He shook his head. "I won't be the only one to read it because it will get published and people are going to love it." He told her. He would make sure she published it.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine layed back on the bed and let out a long breath. "I don't think I'd have the guts to even try to get something published." She crossed her arms over her face with a groan.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He put his cup down and stretched out next to her. "You are brave enough. Plus I'll be there through it all so you won't be alone through the process." He said. "Do you know how cool it would be if you became a famous writer?"

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I am not one bit brave." Jasmine replied, her voice muffled through the shield that was her arms. Though having him with her would always be a plus. "If I became a famous author I would get attention." Jasmine said in a shocked voice with a groan. "I am never coming out from under here." She said firmly.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He pulled her arm from her face. "Getting attention isn't bad." He said. "And if you never come out then I'll never see you." He said pouting.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine slapped her arm back down over her face. He would have to pin her arms down if he wanted her to come out. "Getting attention from you isn't bad, attention from everyone else, terrifying." She told him matter of factly. "You know what I look like."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He removed her arm again and held it down. "And what do you look like? Because I see a smart beautiful girl that everyone is going to love." He said.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments When Jasmine couldn't get her arm back she pressed the one she still had more firmly over her eyes. "I look like a shy, cute little bookworm who has a love of sweaters and is a klutz." She told him. She couldn't see his face and all he must see of her were her lips moving.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He took her other hand off her face and pinned that one too. "No one is going to see that. They will see a girl who is passionate about books and writing. They will love you because you're sharing something magnificent with them."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments His face was hovering just above hers now and she was pinned by his stare as much as by his grip on her hands. She twined her fingers with his and barely quirked her mouth. "Maybe. Or maybe I'll never even finish the book and we'll never have to worry about how the rest of the world would have views me." Once she said it she realized she had said we instead of I.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments :)

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Tia (tia_jenkins) ((I'm sorry! I went to reply and fell asleep instead:/))

"You will finish it. You wouldn't want to start something you can't finish right?" He asked. He would do anything to make it happen. "That's not the girl I fell in love with."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments ((At least you slept. My mom had me up till ungodly hours doing Thanksgiving prep. :) ))

She hated when he said stuff like that. She wasn't always herself in the dreams. She was bolder because she believed they were dreams. Maybe the girl he thought he loved wasn't really the mostly shy Jasmine he actually had now. "What if certain things are different about me thatn you thought?" She asked.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He released one of her hands to cup her cheek. "You'll still be the same girl at heart. I fell in love with your spirit. I know it's still there. You just have to let it out." He said kissing her lightly.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "That's a lot easier to do when you think everything's a dream. I never would have been bold enough to talk to you in real life." She told him. The idea terrified her. Never meeting him, never having him hold her and tell her how special she was. A shiver ran through her at the thought.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "Your talking to me now. What's the difference?" He asked. She didn't know how amazing she was. He couldn't imagine never meeting her or falling in love with her.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "The difference is I know you already. I couldn't imagine being without you. If we had never met and you showed up at this school our eyes would probably never even meet." Jasmine told him. "The only boy I ever talked to back home was my neighbor who I had known since pre-K and we were so young when we first met there was no need to be shy." Jasmine wished she could look away but she was still pinned. She felt herself blushing.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "Then you haven't really changed. You always acted different around me anyways. I don't see anything different to now. So what if you're shyer. I don't care. I still love you." Aladdin said.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Maybe he was right. She was the same Jasmine just a bit less bold and even then when he was around she felt bolder than her usual self. He was so full of life and energy and she was full of ideas but quiet. Really they brought out the best in each other. And they were off the topic of her book. "Are you ever going to let me up?" she asked in a whisper.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He pretended to think about it. "I don't know. Should I let you up?" He teased. "Are you going to hide still?"

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I'm like a bird I'll only fly away." Jasmine stole the lyric from a song she liked. She wasn't ever running from him though. Only from herself and the rest of the world.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He finally released her other arm but only moved it so it draped across her waist. He kissed her under her jaw. "You should still write your book." He said.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine groaned. How had they gotten back on this topic? "I will. I'll try at least." She said. She thought of something totally random and fought not to blurt it out. She had always felt so alone and now that she wasn't she didn't want to ever feel that way again. What happened if he had to go backk to Agrahbah. She could never go back there.

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