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message 1: by David (last edited Nov 27, 2013 07:31PM) (new)

David Chill (usciceman) | 88 comments I am wondering how others authors have done with promoting your book for free on Amazon during the holiday season.

Is it better to do this the week before Christmas to take advantage of people flying and downloading books to read on the plane? Or is it better to do this right after Christmas to take advantage of new Kindle owners looking for books?

Or does it even matter?

I've had good luck using KDP Select this year for Post Pattern, and have seen a spike in sales when it rolled off the free promo. But now sales have dwindled considerably so I need to do some more promotions.

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks.

message 2: by J.K. (new)

J.K. James (author_jkjames) | 7 comments I am taking advantage of New Kindle owners on Christmas. Running my free promo starting Christmas morning until the 29th.
Already Scheduled - hope it works :)

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