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An open expanse that is outside the front of the academy, it has old stone benches and a large garden with flowers and plants from all the student's kingdom's

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attila (probablyafk) *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Jazzy shifted uncomfortably as he looked at the school. This place was huge, and he had no idea where to start. He scanned around the courtyard, taking in some of it's beauty as he strolled closer to the doors that lead inside but instead stopped to take a seat and just relax to calm his nerves. He'd been up most of the night wondering what today had in store for him, but ever since this morning the only thing he's really felt was discomfort and nausea.

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Kai stepped lightly onto the smooth stone pathway, her loose skirt and shirt billowing slightly in the breeze. Her gaze scanned the courtyard slowly, soaking up all of the beauty and grandness filling her vision. Tiamat sat on her shoulder, having had dismounted her a mile away from the location. She didn't want to draw attention to herself on the first day of school. She stroked Tiamat in long repetitions from her chin to her belly.

"Are you ready, Kia?" she whispered into my ear.
"As ready as I'm going to be," she replied.

She began walking toward the building, her eyes hopping from face to face as she tried to put each person to memory.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy sighed, scanning the crowd of faces flooding into the school. His stomach turned slightly as he pressed on hoping that his nerves would finally settle so he could start on finding someone to talk to. As he scanned the crowd he noticed something sitting on a girls shoulder a little way back from where he was standing. He wasn't usually so bold as to stare, but he couldn't tell what it was from this distance.

He slowly moved aside, watching the girl as she made her way by, leaning in and squinting his eyes to make his vision clear. But soon gave up and just put on his glasses, and to his surprise he found out what the mystery creature was.
" Oh my lord, is that a dragon...?" he whispered to himself, jaw dropped in awe.

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Kai had the uncanny feeling that someone was watching her. She slowed her step, checking behind her right before entering the building. Her eye caught on a boy sitting on a bench. She stopped walking, catching a snippet of what he said: "Dragon". Thinking of this as a good opportunity to make a new friend, she stepped out of the doorway and went over to the bench. "Hi!" she said a little too cheerily. She wasn't the most experienced in the friendship department, so she hoped he'd go easy on her. Tiamat remained silent.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy gulped lightly, looking back and forth and then finally pointing to himself, "Me?" he asked. He shifted his weight back and forth as she made her way closer. Her dragon made him more nervous, he'd heard fairy tales and stories about them. How they crushed societies and destroyed lives. So why on earth would this girl be carrying one around. "What's up with that?" He pointed to the dragon, eyeing it cautiously.

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Kai smiled as she got closer, but it faltered when she saw how scared the boy looked. Am I really that intimidating? After pointing at Tiamat and asking what "it" was, she realized that he was talking about her friend. "Oh. You've never seen a dragon before?" She did a mental facepalm. "Well I suppose you wouldn't have because you don't live in me kingdom. We shelter the only few hundred dragons left alive, you know. Well I guess you wouldn't know because you don't live there, but it's quite spectacular, really." She was talking really quickly and rambling nervously. Finally she took a deep breath, thrust out her hand, and said, "I'm Kai, nice to meet you," before noticing she hadn't even answered the question.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy knit his eyebrows together, then finally took her hand and shook it lightly. "Jazzy, and I think it's pretty cool that you have a dragon." the nervousness that had been settled inside him started to subside as he scanned her face. He patted the bit of bench beside him insisting she'd take a seat with him. "I'm sorry if I seemed rude, I've just never seen a dragon up close before." He explained the fairy tales he was told while he was young, regretting it minutes later.

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"Oh! Well thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jazzy." Kai grinned, deciding that he was pretty cool. She sat down on the cold stone, turning her head to look at him. "It's alright. Not many people have seen dragons before." She listened silently as he recounted the gruesome tales of dragons that he'd grown up on. "I assure you, the new age of dragons is much more civilized. The dragon born are here to bridge together the dragons and humans, so you have nothing to fear." She bit the inside of her cheek and tipped her head toward Tia. "This is Tiamat."

"Pleasure to meet you," the dragon said in a smooth voice.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy took a relieved deep breath. It would be just his luck to run into something horrific and dangerous on his first day. "Well that's good to hear," he relaxed his posture now that he knew the dragon wasn't going to eat him. "Hello, Tiamat... Did I say that right?" He felt very self conscious even though Kai had said the dragons are more civilized now. After a moment of odd silence he turned and asked a little bit more about her, "What's your kingdom like?"

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Tiamat adjusted her position to face him. Her scales glistened in the sunlight. "It's minute and not well-known. We all live in mountains and the caves that come off of their sides. We're an endangered species, both us and the dragon born, because people like you tried to slaughter us. Anything else you're dying to know?" She raised her chin haughtily, swooping quickly to Kai's other shoulder. She turned her back to the conversation.

Kai shrugged apologetically. "There was a large war a while back. Let's just say that things ended poorly for the dragons. When you're that old, you don't forget things easily." She felt bad that Tiamat had snapped so quickly. "I never said she was nice, but I'm sure she'll warm up to you." She gave Jazzy a weak smile.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy winced, of course there was probably bad history between people like him and dragons. The first impression he had of the thing was that it was going to kill him. "I'm...sorry," he tried to say, forcing a bit of a friendly smile.

"A war?" He was taken back, he hadn't heard of a war for the dragons. The only tales he'd heard was people hunting them for their scales, supposedly they're worth a very pretty penny in certain regions. "I'm really sorry to hear that." Jazzy leaned back on the bench, looking down at his hands.

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Kai sighed inwardly. Way to try to make a friend and end up making him depressed. "Yeah... so, anyway, what brings you to the academy?" Her hands fiddled with the cloth of her skirt, the parts of her legs in contact with the stone getting goosebumps. She swung her legs back and forth, head cocked slightly to the side in anticipation of his response.

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attila (probablyafk) "Well, I came to the Academy for my Father." He sighed, looking up at the sky, "Not because he wanted to get rid of me or anything, but mostly to give me a pass time until the breaks come along." He didn't really have a reason to be at the Academy besides passing the time. His Kingdom was all about training their own and keeping inside the boundaries, but his father didn't think that was the best for Jazzy, so he sent him here.

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Kai nodded. "That makes sense. Are you and your father good friends?" An ache began in her heart as she recalled her own father. He was the closest to her out of any of the royal family. She missed his smiling eyes, the way he jiggled when he laughed, and his infamous bear hugs that could heal a broken heart. She focused her eyes on Jazzy, trying to rid herself of the nagging memories.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy smiled, glancing over at Kai. "He is my best friend." it was odd for him to say out loud, most teenagers his age would say it was the Kingdom next doors prince or princess. But what he said was true, his father has always been a good friend and father to him. Thinking about him made this whole school thing seem worth while. "How about you, why did you decide to come to Regius Academy?" he turned to face her completely, awaiting her response.

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Kai shifted uncomfortably at having all of his attention on her. "I came, well, was forced to come, because my only friends are dragons." She made a face, not realizing how ridiculous it was until she said it. "Besides that, I have reason to believe that one day I will become my kingdom's army leader. Therefore, I need to learn battle strategy, and fighting techniques... Things of that nature." She looked at her open palms for a moment. "I think it's nice that your dad is your best friend."

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy looked at her hard for a moment, then took his gaze away from her. Dragons are her only friends? he thought to himself. He couldn't see why that would be, she was brave enough to approach him even though he'd called her out on a stupid whim. He also insulted her pet dragon without meaning to, and yet she still sat down and continued to talk to him. She even seemed easy to talk to, thank god.... "Thanks, and I think it's pretty cool that you might be an army leader. My Kingdom has people that are 'born' for those kind of rolls." he sighed, leaning back again. He wanted to be more than just a "Prince". Because a prince just makes rules, and forces everyone to follow. They don't fight for their Kingdom, they just rule it.

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Kai frowned slightly at him. It would be quite awful to be stuck in a kingdom with no free-will. How would you be able to accomplish goals, or aspire towards dreams? As if reading his thoughts, she asked, "haven't you ever wanted to be more than just royalty? Have you ever dreamed something crazy, or gone on an adventure?" She looked at him with genuine curiosity and concern. She would rather die before turning into a complete stickler, one who was forced to be the epitome of a royal... like her brother.

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attila (probablyafk) Jazzy perked up, turning towards her again. "There was this place near my Kingdom. It was like a forest area, but it was home to these beasts that my Father's men would train to be chained outside our boarders..." he explained how he met a young cub that he started to call Tibbers. Every other day he'd run out to the back of the dome that covered his Kingdom and feed the little bear bits and pieces of the sweets they'd have left over from dinner. After awhile of this, Tibbers got bigger and he requested that he be able to take Tibbers with him where ever he went, but his mother wouldn't allow it.

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((Oh my goodness, is the Tibbers from LoL? :D))

Kai knit her brows together. "I'm sorry that you weren't allowed to take him anywhere, but it's really cool that you befriended a bear. Talk about scary!" She wouldn't know what to do if she were separated from Tiamat. Tiamat was more family to her than anyone in her actual family, even her father. She felt sick just thinking about it. Biting the inside of her cheek for a moment, she said, "you know, if you're ever missing him too much, I could fly you over to see him. Do you think that would help matters?"

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attila (probablyafk) {Yes! Yes Tibbers is from LoL! c:}

Jazzy smiled at her offer. "I'd really like that, but when I was twelve, I tried something out of an old book my Father had in his library." he shook his head, laughing lightly, "I bonded Tibbers to me. All I have to do is summon him, and he'll be here. But I can't keep him here to long, it's a kinda come and go thing. It drains a lot of energy though..." he leaned forward tracing his hands with his eyes. "But I guess it's enough considering I get to see him when I need him most, right?"

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((Whoop! Nice charrie addition :D I approve))

Kai raised an eyebrow. "Right. Well, that's impressive. I've never done much magic myself besides just normal powers. Incantations are not my forte." She briefly wondered just how much magic this boy knew, and if it could be taught. The thought passed quickly. "Can you do anything special without a spellbook? Yunno, like, flying, controlling water, or anything along those lines?"

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attila (probablyafk) {Hehe, I thought it'd be pretty cool! Annie's my favourite character! *o*}

Jazzy bit his bottom lip, holding in his laughter. "I mean, if I was magical beyond means I probably could..." he snickered a bit, looking her up and down. "But a spell book can only tell you what is needed for whatever you're looking for. The only thing it doesn't have is the raw talent, and I guess I was just capable with the bonding spell I used." He thought back to the day he first tried it, how the whole thing had just blown up in his face. It wasn't until the year before he was registered here in Regius that he really perfected it. He couldn't leave home without Tibbers.

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((I never quite got the hang of her, but she's really hard to beat as an opponent! I really have to do homework now, so I'll post my part once I'm finished. Sorry!))

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attila (probablyafk) {That's alright! Maybe we can LoL-out sometime. I retired the game awhile ago and am just picking it back up now. Man it's crazy T_T..}

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((I'm so bad it's not even funny XD I never got far into it, always doing a 5 players vs. 5 computers game. I'm probably not the best person to play with.))

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attila (probablyafk) {Pfft, I'm still on bots right now. If I had a mouse I'd probably play more but meh. I bet we'd do great xD}

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Following Miri into the courtyard, Bellona gravitates to a shadowy part of the courtyard, where she can watch everything. She hated not knowing. Her sword hung at her hip, and on the right hip, a dagger. Her left leg had a dagger strapped to it, and brass knuckles sat in hr pocket. She was a walking arsenal.

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