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the whole story?

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Andrew Hollis I am Pilgrim is a page-turner in the rushing around gathering up the clues, beating up the baddies mould, but there's also a bit more. As befits Hayes' background as a journalist, the book casts a critical and unflinching eye over life in certain parts of the Middle East. There's a subtext, a commentary that hints at the author's wish to say something more, and I would love to see the protagonist's observations that didn't make it past the publisher's censoring pen. Could there even have been a critical view on America's role in the Mid East that similarly failed to make the final cut?
I get the same feeling with the hero's personality profile – a substance abuser, who for the good of humanity, manages to eschew temptation during the extreme emotional ordeal of his mission? No, I'm not buying it. Why build that facet into the hero's background if this god's clay feet weren't going to get a sordidly mortal airing at some point?

The last chapter's slightly clumsy hint of a return to New York sets up the prospect of a sequel in blinding neon. Perhaps with a bestseller under his belt this author will have gained the confidence to cut loose in the next instalment – tell us what he's really thinking.

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Dolf Patijn For most of the book, Pilgrim was running on adrenaline and his professional training, including a level of self control which kicked in due to his training. I don't find it so hard to believe that he was able to stay away from substance abuse during the hunt. There was the mention of temptation. I think that he might fall back into substance abuse afterwards, when things calm down. So in the next book he might have been in a clinic after almost kicking the bucket due to substance abuse and the job might save him from it again? I don't know. I found it an entertaining read and I think that most people who read the book are aware of what's going on in those countries as well as America's role in manipulating world politics. (not just in the Middle East) I don't need a thriller writer to tell me about that. A hint here and there is enough for me.

Andrew Brown Didn't I post about this before? It was so bad it went to the charity shop to let someone else suffer. Luckily I didn't finish it so I didn't waste too much time.

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Amjid What a very very poor ending. Cant believe I wasted my time on this book. Wish I hadnt read it. A hardcore Mujahideen to give up his life works so easily was just crap. Its the kind of thing a 15 year old would have done when writing his first story. I didnt bother finishing the book...once our hero got the info he wanted...I gave up.

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