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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
~ As the carriage strolled on Hanako and her students eventually hit the border between the Leaf and Sand villages, but the feeling in the air had become very strange as a fog rolled in around them.

"Matt... Lily... Sam." Hanako called out to her students ," You must protect this carriage with your lives... I will stay up front and sense for anything..."

(( You guys can add in little stuff :D But please for heaven's sake don't make it all about you... The people we will be fighting are sound ninja . Everyone is going to be fighting someone! Make up how they look please be very detailed on everything about them! ))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt sat on top of the carriage listening and trying to sense if their were any people around.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
(( Cue dangerous suspicion music lol))

A several kunai came flying through the fog, Hanako managed to deflect them with one of her swords, but her adrenaline began to pump faster.

"Protect the carriage!" Hanako yelled from ahead, as a group of ninja approached her defensive form.

(( Let's get some action in this story! Ya!))

"Who are you speak up!" Hanako shouted still gripping onto the sword very tightly.

Assuming the one who was speaking was the leader ," Well ya see Cupcake... you got somethin' we want..." the man began ," For that woman we could get a hefty pay day..."

This man was tall, slim, and muscular. He had some type of clan tattoos all over his arms and slash marks on his face. He was wearing a black hoodie with his hands in the front pouch, black shorts, and black ninja shoes. He honestly did not look pleasant whatsoever.

Hanako growled ," You will not lay a finger on that carriage!"

'Wait Hanako... Breath... You need to think about this with a level head...' she calmed herself and placed the sword back into its' sheath.

"Are ya givin' up that easily Cupcake?" the man spoke.

"No. And you still didn't tell me your name..." Hanako spoke calmly. Then suddenly his men jumped towards all of her students, stopping them in their tracks.

"I am Ichiro! The leader of this here group and those are my brother..." he announced himself widely.

"Everyone! Be careful!" Hanako shouted without leaving her eyes from Ichiro's ," And whatever you do... Don't die!" she yelled as she threw senbons at Ichiro and charging at him.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
((Matthew everyone should have an opponent? re-read mine))

message 5: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments ((fine))

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt went after one of the guys that went to the right into the trees.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
(( Lol unless you really want a bunch of girls fighting for ya? :P and be detailed yo! your fighting your own made enemy. it'll be the last time I believe. to prevent less confusion and such right?))

The man easily dodged her attack, but she came up fast with a side kick to his body, pushing him back slightly. She tapped her boots to release knives from the front of them. Running forward she jabbed the knives into the front of his body, then he grabbed her and tossed her aside. Taking a quick overlook of his new wound, he shook it off like it was nothing. He towered over her, but suddenly became fairly weak, dropping himself on top of Hanako.

"Ugh! G-get off me!" she snapped kicking him off.

"What the hell did you do to me!?" he yelled, shaking from him core but stayed motionless.

Hanako smiled lightly ," Poison tipped weapons..."

She left the man, Ichiro, and ran to protect the carriage.

((Try to keep the battles nice and short like that unless someone is going to help someone else then that would be a different story! (: so yup. *Is everyone okay so far?))

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily guarded miss Ido as another was trying to go for her and hurt lily but lily kept fighting til the man who attacked had died " m-miss ...Ido ....are ...you....alright?" Lily said between breaths as they could see lily was severely injured

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Miss Ido opened her window with shaky hands ," Yes dear... Are you all alright?"

Hanako had appeared soon after her fight and looked Lily over with quick glances ," Yes... Are you alright Lily you have a few cuts on yourself." Her harsh and cold façade had faded and replaced with one of much concern..

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt was thrown out of a tree by a sound ninja."Ha this is to easy."He laughed. He stopped when he saw that it was him it was a ice clone.
Matt appeared behind him and tapped his back with an explosive note.
The sound ninja tried getting the note off but couldn't as it blasted him to the ground.
Matt landed on the ninja and picked him up.He threw him ten feet away and put his hands together."Ice coffin."He said as the S ninja was covered in ice and couldn't move.Matt threw three kunai at it and watched it shatter.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
"Matthew! You alright," Hanako shouted after hearing the explosions.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments "Yes sir."He said.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
(( Hanako is woman just saying! lol))

She sighed a sigh of relief and asked Miss Ido to shut her window and stay low and the woman replied.

'Three down... One to go.' she thought looking back towards her younger sister who had not only arrived at the last moment but was also opposed by a man much larger then her. Instincts called forth as she did some signs.

"Ice jutsu! Ice rain barrage!" Hanako yelled as small ice spears pierced the man's body and then kicked the man square in the jaw up into the about 15 feet, then tumbled into a downward kick sending the man head first into the ground.

She sighed as she landed ," Thank you Lee." She smiled lightly as the fog lifted from their view ," Now shall we get Miss Ido home with no more distractions then?"

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Iily quickly healed herself " I will be alright sensei "

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Megan | 29 comments ((Sorry, I'm late!!!))

Sam followed the ninja. Even though she was hidden, she could tell that the enemy knew she was there. She pushed a branch out her face. Then when she concentrated on following the enemy again, he was gone.
'What? Now, where did he go?' Sam concentrated on the things around her, listening for any signs of movement.

She got distracted as she heard the others had already finished. 'I'd better hurry, or they're going to leave without me.' Sam thought, 'Of course, that's not the important part.'

As Sam was lost in thought, she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her upper right arm and shoulder. "Wha--" She turned around and saw the enemy. She saw a knife in the upper part of her arm and some kunais in her shoulder. She was able to pull out some of the kunai, but she couldn't reach the rest and didn't dare pull out the knife.

She reached for her own kunai and threw them with her injured arm. This surprised the enemy and he got hit by some of them. While he was busy trying to process what was going on, Sam used her agility to get behind him and kick him to the best of her ability. This sent him flying to a nearby tree. She then threw some shurikens to keep him there for another while. 'I can't believe this happened! The enemy wasn't even that strong!' She thought angrily.

Although he was unconscious and barely injured, Sam herself felt like passing out, at least with the knife in her arm.
"Well, here does nothing." She yanked out the dagger with all her might using her left arm, then did her best to wrap it with the bandages that she always carried for important purposes. Once she was done, she covered herself with a jacket, hoping no one would realize.

Sam walked on, and soon found the carriage and the others. She climbed a tree and greeted them. Then she continued on like nothing had happened, although her movements were a bit slower.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily ran over to Sam and healed her and stood quickly and took out two others and said " you alright Sam?"

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Megan | 29 comments (( uh, Sam's hiding her injury, so you can't exactly heal her))

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments (( Lily's smarter than she looks so it's easy for her to tell ))

message 19: by Megan (new)

Megan | 29 comments ((Oh, fine then))

"Uh, yeah I'm fine. Don't tell the others about this." Sam said with a pleading look on her face.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
"Is everyone alright?" Hanako asked glancing at everyone's faces, but sighed relieved at the sight at all of them.

"Well that was... smooth for the most part." she sighed again ," Oh! But we are getting closer! Look there is the sand" she smiled and ran over to the carriage.

"Miss Ido are you alright?" she asked

She nodded as she opened her window ," Yes I am perfectly fine Hanako, Thanks to you and your wonderful students." She smiled lightly at Hanako.

Hanako smiled as she nodded," Well we will be there in before night fall." She walked to be ahead of the carriage slightly.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily smiled hiding that she was in pain and hurt she could completely heal others but not heal herself completely

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Hanako looked back as she walked and saw Lily wince slightly.

"Lily are you sure your okay?" She asked as she began walking backwards to look at her.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments "Y-yes I-I'm alright " she winced

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Hanako walked up to her and looked at all the cuts and sighed ," Guys let's stop for a few minutes were almost there anyway!"

She rummaged through her pack for a little bit and then pulled out a small container no bigger then her palm. She opened it and placed some ointment on her index finger.

"Let me put some of this to take the pain away and so you won't have any scars." she tells Lily.

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 746 comments Mod
Misaki looked up at Hanako when she told her she could call her by her nickname before she gave a small smile and nodded lightly. As she stood there she gripped onto her arms lightly and stared around, once again falling silent.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments "Sensei it's more important to get miss Ido to the village than to stop to take care of me " she said

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt landed right next to her."Lily are you ok?"He asked.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments "I-I'll be ok Matt " she smiled faintly

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Spadez (or Kadyn) | 746 comments Mod
Misa wasnt paying attention, her mind seeming elsewhere once again, but even though she wasnt listening, she somehow understood what they were saying, its one thing she learned in the snow village, at least thats what she tells herself.

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Hanako gave her an irritated look and pushed her downward so she would sit, and began putting the ointment on her wounds.

"Miss Ido does not mind if we tend to your wounds for a mere five minutes Lily," she said ignoring any complaining or fuss she put up.

"Hey Misaki..." Hanako said suddenly ," Are you okay? You seem a little too quiet lately..." still tending to Lily's cuts she gave a small smile.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily stood and looked at hanako " sensei you miss Ido and our group are more important than myself we need to get her to safety "

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At hearing those words the carriage door swung open and the small elderly woman stepped out.

"Now you listen here young lady..." she began ," I am an old hag who has had her fill of life... Like I've told your sensei... You need to live... Worrying so much of an old hag like me is unnecessary..." She slapped Lily's back lightly and winked at her ," And I'm sure a certain young man wouldn't want you to die from a silly infection hm?"

Hanako chuckled quietly as she stood with a smile.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily blushed and wasn't sure what to say

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Hanako took the opportunity to finish applying the ointments, wrapped, and bandaged them.

"I may not be a trained medical ninja, but I get the job done," she smiled and looked around again ," Well you see if you just sat down quietly the first time it would've gotten done faster," she laughed quietly.

Miss Ido nodded ," Well then let's be on our way!" she climbed back into her carriage and closed the door and the carriage began to move once more.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily looked at Matt and blushed

message 36: by Megan (new)

Megan | 29 comments Sam kept still in the trees.

message 37: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt smiled and held lily loving.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily blushed " I love you Matt " and hoped hanako didn't hear her talking to Matt

message 39: by Matthew (new)

Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments "I love you too."He whispered before jumping on top of the carriage.

message 40: by Megan (new)

Megan | 29 comments Sam rolled her eyes. 'What a dramatic team.' She thought and started walking ahead.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily smiled and looked up at Matt before she saw something move and something told her it wasn't friendly

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Hanako threw a senbon through the sand and a puppet appeared and blocked it. Shocked at this Hanako jumped up and took a stance only to be waved off by a purple war painted face, that is Kankuro.

"Ugh! You jerk!" Hanako exclaimed ," You nearly gave me a heart attack after what we went through just now!"
She pushed Kankuro as he laughed at her.

"Haha! Your just too easy to scare Hanako..." Kankuro managed to say through his fit of laughter, only making Hanako blush even more.

"Your such a jerk... Anyway why are out here..." Hanako said still quite irritated.

"Ahh... Gaara asked me to meet up with you so that Miss Ido can go straight home when she arrives." Kanakuro said in a more serious tone.

Hanako nodded ," Oh okay... I guess you can tag along... I mean if my team is okay with that." She smiled at him as she walked in front of him.

Kanakuro grinned at the Sensei then waved off her students. Trying to ignore them ," Eh? What these brats? Your kidding me?" He began.

Hanako laughed ," I wouldn't start that if I were you..."

"Pffft... When did you start baby sitting little bratty kids..." Kankuro said in a cocky tone as Hanako sighed.

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Misaki, after realizeing what Nii-chan was asking, gave a small nod and whispered,"it just feels.. strange here.." She glanced up at Kanakuro, and even without introductions she knew who he was and whispered quietly,"you're gaara's brother, correct?" (gaara's her old friend lol)

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Hanako patted her head lightly ," Don't worry as long as me and Kankuro are here I'm sure we can handle anything that comes our way." she said reassuring her.

Kankuro turned around to see a girl that looked like Hanako and he chuckled quietly ," Haha yeah..." He turned to Hanako ," Is this munchkin your little sister you told me about?" pointing to Misaki.

Hanako grabbed his finger ," Pointing is rude Kankuro!" She was tempted to break his finger, but let go hesitantly after he whined about it.
"And yes it is... She came to be with me from the village hidden in the snow." She said poking his chest after every word.

He nodded ," Well she kinda looks just like you... Only puny..." Kanakuro said while poking Hanako's forehead.

Hanako growled at him, she did not like the way he was so disrespectful to her by treating her like such a kid. She slapped his hand away and began a little red from the embarrassment.

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Raven wrote: "Hanako patted her head lightly ," Don't worry as long as me and Kankuro are here I'm sure we can handle anything that comes our way." she said reassuring her.

Kankuro turned around to see a girl t..."

Misaki blinked, snapping,"who are you calling puny little pupet boy?!" It wasnt rare for her to argue like this, she was the type to always smile to hide the pain and the one quick to argue back if insulted.

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
"What the? Little... puppet boy... You sound like Hanako trying to insult me..." Kankuro said then snapped back at the young ninja ," Pipsqueak I am twice your age and height! Though your sister has me on age," He laughed at his own joke, only making Hanako blush even more.

"You are what? 26 already Kankuro! I'm only 22 thank you!" she retorted ," And quit picking on her or I will beat you senselessly!" Seeing this side of Hanako always made Kankuro laugh and get a kick out of it, and that only seemed to make her even more irritated. Though secretly she did kind of liked the teasing secretly.

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Misaki blinked at when Nii-chan stood up to her before she looked at Kankuro, snapping,"big things come in small packages idiot!!!" She crossed her arms and turned her back on him, letting him know that she was done with the conversation and made herself look busy by looking around.

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 198 comments Matt watched them his chakara growing the same with his urge to fight this Kankuro.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 111 comments Lily sighed looking at the ground and watched as the sun set

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Raven (Kawa808) | 736 comments Mod
Almost simultaneously Misaki and Hanako crossed their arms.

Hanako had an irritated look as she looked away from his eyes.

"Haha! Wow..." Kankuro laughed then glanced over to Matthew who was looking quite irritated. He gave him his famous cat eyed smile ( http://www.avatars-naruto.com/Naruto/... ).

"Heh... What's up with this kid?" Kankuro asked looking into Hanako's face.

She pushed his face away ," Ugh... Kankuro!" she snapped ," I swear I will sick him on you so you can find out!" She glanced at Matthew, feeling the pressure of his chakara, and sighed.

'He's such an idiot... Has Naruto gotten to him to or something...' Hanako thought to herself when she sighed.

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