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Trinity Casey Some people say Emma Roberts would make a good Cassia.

And for Xander (how do you say his name, I've always said it Zander) they say David Kross

Trinity Casey OOOOHH She is pretty!

He seems, too broad. Idk.

Trinity Casey Drew Roy is smexy

Trinity Casey Xander can't be done justice by anyone!

Trinity Casey Definitely, you need someone, like Zeina said, dark skinned and just dark really.

Trinity Casey Yeah! Like an islander of some sort.

Trinity Casey I agree, Xander needs to be the common blonde boy.

Trinity Casey I like that very much

Trinity Casey They'd have to keep the beard off and such. He needs to look innocent and young.. oh and delicious!

Trinity Casey Yes. Someone you would have to bring a drool bucket to the theatre for

ily  (akronawol) | 2 comments Yeah, he's perfect.

Trinity Casey He is pretty fine.

Trinity Casey Oh dang. Who would fit into that very smexy and rebellious role?

Trinity Casey He has really bushy eyebrows. Logan, I agree, is too tiny to fill out Ky. Maybe someone lean. Dave is kinda buff, he needs to skinny down.

Trinity Casey Do we have any Phillipino (sorry if I spelled that wrong) actors

Trinity Casey Maybe they need a fresh face.

Trinity Casey Yes. He is pretty nice looking.

message 18: by Rachel (new) - added it

Rachel | 7 comments I think he would make a good Xander. With short hair, though.

Trinity Casey Exactly. Booboo Stewart would make an adorbs Ky.

Trinity Casey Aramis Knight from Ender's Game. Imagine him older just a little!

Trinity Casey Maybe it's cause he still has the boyishness about him and he just needs to grow out of that. I think he is good

Trinity Casey What is Bram supposed to look like again?

Trinity Casey You're so nice. Lol.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

Haha :)

Trinity Casey I don't think she really delved into her family aspects and if she did she didn't stay there long which is one of the reasons I liked it

Cumberbatchgurl | 1 comments Benedict Cumberbatch as Xander and Zac Efron as Ky.


I think maybe Austin North for Xander, and Aramis Knight for Ky. Or Asa Butterfield with a spray-tan.. That's actually horrible. Nevermind.

Idk for Cassia..umm maybe Cierra Ramirez. I obviously don't know very many actors..

Trinity Casey Austin North. If he were stockier, in my opinion, would be perfect

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