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Kris Harte (kristatic) Luka's apartment

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Kris Harte (kristatic) ((np))

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Luka walked in and headed straight upstairs. She got out her cooler with blood bags and chucked down five bags altogether. One right after the other. She only got full after reaching number five. But it was no surprise. Her body had been through the ringer. She took a long leisurely bubble bath and got dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a oversized blue tee shirt. She layed down on her bed and just rested for half an hour before getting up and heading downstairs. It took a further hour to calm down and reassure her land lady that she was fine and had trouble getting a cab home. Mrs Waverly was a short and quant old lady of a decent 80 years of age. She was blind and a little hard of hearing but other then that she was a real independant spring chicken. Luka often wondered where the little old lady got her energy from. When that was done she made a phone call.

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Luka put down the phone and bit her lip. She thought some more before rushing up stairs to her room. She came out five minutes later and rushed out the door giving Mrs Waverly a quick explanation and goodbye.

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Luka rushed through the door and headed up stairs. She closed her door and fell on her bed. Sobbing and shaking. She couldn't believe what he had said. She cried until she heard a soft knock at the door. She got up and went to answer it. Before opening the door she had a quick thought imagining it to be James but it was just a concerned Mrs Waverly. After a long talk Mrs Waverly went to bed and Luka showered, fed and changed into her night clothes. By the time she went to bed the sun was already peaking it's head over the horizon. She fell asleep amazingly quickly despite what happened. She slept soundly for the rest of the day.

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Luka woke up the next night. She made her bed and showered. She fed then went down stairs moping all the way. After only fifteen minutes of this Mrs Waverly kicked her out of the house saying young people need to be out and about having fun and living life. She found it hilarious. But Luka went up stairs and got dressed up and went out. Leaving Mrs Waverly in front of the television knitting. She double checked the neighbourhood before leaving for good. Mrs Waverly was a woman deep in her 80's and blind, she had a good heart and Luka didn't want to see her hurt. She headed off into the growing night.

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Luka could hear Mrs Waverly in the kitchen bustling about. She whispered fervently to James, "My land lady is still awake! Hurry! Get me up stairs into my room!" the television was turned on and programmed to a late night game show.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) He felt confused by the sudden urgency in her voice. Still, he brought her up into his arms. Carrying her up the stairs and into her room as directed. Pulling back the sheets and blankets, he helped her into the bed comfortable. "Alright, now what?"

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Luka looked up at him, then at his neck. She was mesmerized by the vein pulsing there. Her silver eyes glowed. She swallowed and closed her eyes. Thankful for the paralysis. She spoke softly, "My land lady is human, she doesn't know what I am. And now you have to turn me around and get the bullet out. It shattered my spine, that's why I can't move. It's lodged there. It has to come out before I can heal."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Alright.. do you have any tweezers? Maybe something I can pull it out with?" He looked around her room not seeing a thing that could possibly help them in this kind of situation.

((sorry falling asleep))

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Luka sighed. Her eyes remained closed. "Use your hand to dig it out. You won't cause me permanent damage. Just get it out. The bullet is made of wood. I can feel it starting to poison me."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) He helped her over on to her stomach. Lifting her shirt and finding the wooden bullet. "Here goes nothing..," he let out a slow breath. He worked one finger into the hole, blood covering his fingers. Moving his finger back and forth helping the bullet wiggle out of the wound. "There," he held the wooden bullet up into the light. "It looks like it's all here.. nothing chipped off."

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Luka gasped. Her eyes glowing silver. Her spine felt like something she couldn't explain. She breathed hard and closed her eyes. "Blood, now."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Stretching out his hand without thinking, he put his wrist to her mouth. Closing his eyes and waiting for the pain to be over. He thought she might have some blood but didn't see the point in asking now. The thought of running into her land lady, and having to explain his presents inside her house, wasn't something he was all to fond of.

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Luka watched James. She decided to be gentle in her need for blood. She licked his wrist first, numbing the skin before biting down and sinking her fangs into his flesh. Piercing the vein that ran there with her teeth. She drank deeply and made soft and odd little noises with her breathing. Fresh blood right from the source was always best and a luxury she rarely got to enjoy. She could feel her spine mending itself, rejoining the two halves back together again. After she reached the point she stopped and removed her fangs. Licking the two little wounds there. She closed her eyes and sighed as she felt her body once more.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James pulled his hand away, looking at his wrist. The two holes still slightly visible but no pain came from them. Turning, he walked down stairs and into the kitchen. Feeling weak, he began searching through the fridge for something to consume.

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Luka lay still for a bit longer. Before finally getting up and going into her bathroom. She took a quick shower to get warm and wash the blood of her back. She had to throw her dress away since not only was it covered in blood but it had a bullet hole in it. She got out and dried herself off. Getting ready for bed by brushing her teeth and combing her already dry hair. She got dressed in long white sleeping pants that were comfortable and stretchy along with a man's white button shirt. She went back to bed after coming out of the bathroom. She layed down and sighed. Her youth meaning she had to rest even after healing because of the severity of the wound.

Mrs Waverly came into the kitchen quietly for such a old lady. She looked with her blind pale eyes right at James. Her grey hair in a bun at the top of her head she wore a frilly pink nightgown and held a odd walking cane with a weird little bird's head as a handle. She was a short and plump little old thing but she was far from kicking the bucket. She said with a chuckle, "Did that silly girl take too much blood?"

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James spun around, still hazed, but as alert as could be at a time like this. "I'm sorry?" James slowly closed the door, attempting to look drunk rather than at a lose for blood. "Oh. You must be Mrs. W..waverly. Luka told me you'd be asleep. I hope I didn't cause to much disturbance. The alcohol went to my head a lot faster then I thought it might." He laughed nervously.

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Mrs Waverly laughed. "Young man, if your drunk then I'm a 25 year old. Give a old woman some credit. There's some chocolate chip cookies in that pink floral tin over there and we have a whole bottle of nice cold milk. You must excuse my little Luka. She gets carried away from time to time with blood. Luckily it appears she hasn't caused you permanent damage, eat and drink and you'll be fine in a few minutes. I take it you two sorted out your differences then? She was mighty upset yesterday you know young man." Mrs Waverly went and took a seat at the kitchen table and partook in her guilty little pleasure that not even Luka knew about. She lit a cigar and poured a triple glass of whiskey with ice. She sat and smiled.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James frowned, feeling completely befuddled by this little discovery. Straightening up a bit James opened the fridge once more. Pulling out the milk and poring himself a glass, he set it back in the fridge. Then, he searched the cupboards for the cookies. Once he had both the glass of milk and cookies in hand, James walked over and sat in the chair opposite of her. "I know I upset her. I felt terrible for saying the things that I did." He said, feeling the need to explain himself. "You see, I'm a shadowhunter. I have been one for so long.. I never had time to experience..well.. what I'm experiencing now." He could feel himself turning red.

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Mrs Waverly chuckled. "Oh you young people! What a mess you make. And yes dear, I know what you are. Just like I knew what Luka was when she came to see me about that room up stairs. She still thinks I don't know about her!" Mrs Waverly chuckled and puffed on her cigar. "I suppose I should let her know sometime but it's so much fun when she doesn't. You best keep my little secret young man. I like my secrets to remain as such. Well if you are here then I suppose it all worked out. So young man, what are your intentions with my girl?" Mrs Waverly, unsuspecting as she was, was the daughter of a shadow hunter of old. She never followed in her father's footsteps but didn't pretend there weren't monsters in the dark either. However, through the years she learned that there were indeed good monsters too. Which was why she let Luka rent her upstairs bedroom. She saw her kind still heart in her vampiric body.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James shifted in his seat uncomfortably, "I.. I'm not sure." He started digging into the cookies, one at a time, dunking them into the glass of milk and eating them in two bites. Five or six cookies in his hands finally stopped shaking. Still his heart pounded, trying to pump up more blood to replace the missing. He could hear his other half making fun of him for even considering the words he was about to speak. "I care about her a lot Mrs Waverly. And I promise to keep your secret."

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Mrs Waverly puffed out a billow of smoke from her cigar. "Glad to hear it young man, glad to hear it." She got up and grabbed her glass of whiskey. She headed out of the kitchen but paused and turned in the doorway. "Goodnight young man. Unfortunately I don't keep vampire hours. Now if you need me I'll be in my room watching some very sexy young men in itty bitty speedos saving even sillier girls." With that Mrs Waverly chuckled and went upstairs to her own bedroom. Closing the door behind her.

Luka wondered where James was and what was taking so long. She knew he was still in the house. She could sense as much.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) The boy scrunched up his nose, watching Mrs. Waverly leave. He hoped, no prayed she had only been joking. It took a few moments for him to push the thought of it all out of his head. Once he had, he cleaned up the small mess of cookies and milk he had on the table. Putting everything away before heading upstairs and into Luka's room. "Already awake?" He asked, softly shutting the door behind him as he moved towards her bed. "Last time you had to heal, it took a whole day."

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Luka smiled when she saw James. "I was never asleep. I only closed my eyes to relax and enjoy feeling my body again. I just showered to get warm and clean the blood off. But I am tired." She yawned as proof. She sighed and said softly, eyes already fluttering closed and open, "It's because I'm young still. It takes more blood and more time to properly heal and mend. I haven't the experience of age yet." Suddenly Luka was wide awake and looking at James intently. She sat up and looked worried and concerned, softly she said, "Your heart is beating too fast. I took too much blood from you, I'm sorry. Come sit next to me."

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) He walked up next to the bed and placed his hand on the side of her cheek. "It's OK Luka. I'm gonna be fine. Just a little blood loss is all." He cocked a smile at his own joke. "You should rest, and I should probably check in at the institute. Who knows what rumors are going on in that place now that they know I'm protecting you."

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Luka sighed and placed a hand over his where he touched her cheek. She blushed from the motion. Then she moved her hand down to grab his wrist. She pulled him down next to her on the bed. She gave a small smile. She let go of him and raised her own wrist to her mouth. She bit into her own flesh and offered James her bleeding wrist. "Drink some of my blood. I promise you won't turn, but you will feel better." She looked at him gently.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James shook his head, gently placing her hand down into her lap. "Blood makes me nauseous, thank you though." He bowed his head hoping she wouldn't take offense to his rejection of drinking blood. The thought alone made his stomach lurch.

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Luka looked at him. She smiled. "My blood doesn't taste like human blood James. Vampire blood tastes like old wine or something close to it. Please just try a little bit, your heart is under strain right now. I don't want to be the cause of you being hurt." Her eyes glowed silver once more.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James closed his eyes while slowly opening his mouth. Afraid he might throw up from watching. He waited for her to bring her wrist to his lips.

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Luka smiled gently. She brought her wrist up to his mouth and pressed it against his lips. She knew he would feel better after only a little bit. And it would be alright, she remembered the potency of her sire's blood and the taste of time and experience. She watched, not forcing him to drink.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Slowly running his tongue over her wrist, James began to drink. He forced his mind on other things, keeping his mind occupied so he didn't have time to get sick at the knowledge of his drinking blood. Wrapping his hands around her arm, he sucked in her blood like air. Until he suddenly felt full and pulled away. Still, his eyes remained closed. Afraid to open his eyes and face the reality of what he'd done.

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Luka was concerned about James not opening his eyes. Perhaps she had done the wrong thing again. But he would remain human at least. Suddenly however Luka felt very weak. He had drank too much of her blood in her already weakened state. She began breathing harder and felt faint. Her body felt too cold while her skin was a little too warm. She looked paler and frail, sickly with dark bruises under her eyes. She leaned against his shoulder, unable to support herself.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James instinctively slid his arms around her waist. Holding her against his chest he ran his fingers through her hair. Since he was slightly taller then her, and she was slouching, he could see her weakened state. "Are you getting tired Luka?" He asked softly. Thinking she'd are begun to fall asleep on him.

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Luka opened her eyes. She whispered softly, "Yes, I'm tired. I need to rest now." She smiled softly, "You took too much of my own blood. Now I understand why my kind is hunted by Bleeders." She managed to raise herself up and look at James. She could tell he was better, his heart was beating normally again. She smiled, then she did something that she would never have done before, she blamed it on her fuzzy mind. She leaned forward and kissed James. It was a soft and gentle kiss. After she pulled away her lips were brighter and swollen. She looked at him and smiled shyly, asking softly, "Stay with me tonight?"

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James felt his stomach flip several times. It took his mind a few moments to process everything. Then he smiled back at her and kissed for forehead gently. "I will, as long as you promise not to bite me in the middle of the night." Leaning back in her bed, he pulled the blankets up over them. Wrapping his arms around her and holding her close.

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Luka smiled and sighed. She felt weak but happy. She cuddled close to James and then laughed softly. Simply saying, "Don't worry, I don't bite while I'm asleep." She looked up into his face and felt calm and relaxed. Her body eased away all tension and seemed to mould itself around his. She looked sickly but still beautiful. Her bright silver eyes began to blink. Finally they closed and remained so. Her breathing was shallow but even. She rested comfortably in his arms. All the while her body set to work healing and mending.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Being in a house he was unfamiliar with, on top of agreeing to spend the night with Luka. James felt completely out of his comfort zone. But he knew Luka would be hurt if he left, so he said he'd stay. However he was having the utmost trouble sleeping. He stayed laying in bed next to her, but looked around the room. Taking in the odds and ends of little trinkets collecting in her room. It looked just like he would have thought a vampires house would look. But still held the human like touch of decoration.

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Luka sighed and shifted in her sleep. She turned onto her side with her back to James. Yet she remained close to his body. She was healing slower because of the amount of blood he had taken but she was healing nonetheless. She dreamed odd and colourful dreams.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) James ran his fingers through Luka's hair. Softly humming. As time drew further into the night, he found himself getting more and more comfortable. He thought about Mrs. Waverly, and how much she reminded him of protective mother. Secretly keeping an eye out on her baby.

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When the sun rose that morning for once it woke Luka up instead of making her fall asleep. She turned around and faced James. He was asleep and snoring slightly. Luka giggled. She watched him for awhile before wrapping her arms around him and laying her head on his chest. She listened to his heart beating before falling back asleep.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) Waking up, James laid stiff. Feeling arms wrapped around him, and the weight of body pressing against him. For a moment he had forgotten where he was. Then, as sleep faded away from his mind, he began to recall the earlier events. Looking down, he saw Luka in all her morning beauty. Hair draped over his chest, with her cheek pressed against his skin. He never thought a vampires touch could be both cold, and hot at the same time. Leaning his head in, he softly pressed his lips to her forehead. Afraid to do anything more while she slept with him in her grasp.

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Luka smiled in her sleep. Then after a few more moments she blinked her blue eyes open. She looked much better from the night before. The bruising under her eyes were gone and her breathing normal. She looked less pale and felt stronger. She looked up at James and smiled softly. "Good morning, how do you feel? Did you sleep alright?"

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Yeah. It was fun, I haven't had a sleep over in years." He teased. "How are you doing? Are you feeling better?"

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Luka smiled then hit him with a closed fist playfully. She sighed and said softly, "I'm a vampire, of course I'm better." Then after a few moments of just looking at James, Luka started to remember the night before. Suddenly she removed her arms from around him and moved away, a good pillow's width away. Her eyes turned silver and she blushed brightly. Shyly and softly she said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have touched you, or even kissed you, or fed you my blood when you clearly didn't want to, my mind was a little fuzzy at the time, it won't happen again. And you only think I'm beautiful because of what I am, I was plain before, when I was human. When I became a vampire my looks only became prettier to lure prey to me, as a hunter that is what it's for." Luka looked sad with the last part. It was true, a vampire relied on looks to lure humans away from safety, so they could be fed upon in relative privacy. It wasn't completely true though, she was beautiful, even before, but felt she wasn't, having low self esteem in that department.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "It's to late to worry about last night. I'm fine, and your safe. That's all that really matters, isn't it?" He lifted her chin, so that he could look into her eyes. "And you are beautiful in more then your looks. You have something no vampire I've ever met had, a heart." Leaning in he brushed his lips across hers, kissing her ever so lightly before pulling away. "Don't apologize."

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Luka blushed even brighter. Her breathing became odd. She looked at him with a blank face and said feebly, "O-kay." Oh boy, this human really does funny things to me.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Oh I forgot to tell you, last night I ran into Mrs. Waverly. I don't think she minds me coming around." He smiled, kissing Luka on the forehead. "Do you think you'll need to rest today too? Or should I head back to the institute to let the guys know I'm alive?"

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Luka smiled shyly at the kiss. Then she blinked, "You did? I hope you didn't scare her. She's in her eighties you know. As for the last part....." Luka looked on still shyly. "The sun is up, I can't stay awake for long. I'm still too young to stay awake during the day. I'm already tired again. My nature compels me to sleep until it's safe for me to rise. You should go on ahead." Luka gave a small smile.

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Elizabeth (cre8inglaughter) "Are you sure?" James brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes. "I don't mind staying another night. It doesn't feel right leaving you when you're still recovering."

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