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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5838 comments Mod
Orikamane & Christine - Neuromancer

Christine (inhalesbookslikepopcorn) | 330 comments Hi Orikamane is it ok if we start this in the week of the 9th?

Orikamane Sorry, I've just now noticed this thread. It will be very well :)

Christine (inhalesbookslikepopcorn) | 330 comments No problem. Do you have the Kindle or Paperback version of the book? How many pages do you want to read per day? Are you a fast or slow reader? How do you want to split it? Do you want to discuss it with spoilers or without?

sorry ... so many questions when you do a BR with someone you've never done one before :)

I have it on Kindle & it looks like this:

Part I p7-55 Chiba City Blues
Part II p56-122 The Shopping Expedition
Part III p123-186 Midnight in the Rue Jules Verne
Part IV p187-310 The Straylight Run
Coda Departure and Arrival p311-318

How about we leave Part I to III and split Part IV to read it in 2 sessions? I haven't found out yet if Code is part of it or extra.

Let me know what you like ...

Orikamane Hi, I own e-book, but my e-reader isn't Kindle. I read fairly fast, if it is interesting:) That's a short book, so maybe 2-3 days, not overstressing:)
Mine version has chapters 13 to 23 in IV part, so we can split it 13-17 and 18-23 and Coda: Departure and Arrival is 24 chapter, so I guess it is part of a book.
I don't like to be spoiled:)

Christine (inhalesbookslikepopcorn) | 330 comments I've finished Part I.

Orikamane I've only 6 chapters left, I hope to finish it tonight. I really like the world building, well, the plot not so much, a bit confusing. I was half-through the book, then I understand what's going on :)

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