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Raven Stormcaller (shadowfire638) | 2111 comments Dante walked into the gym and started going around between various pieces of equipment, doing short workouts on each

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Boba Draco came in and went right for the boxing ring and said "OK the kings here!"

the other guys in and around the ring looked at him and laughed.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna entered and looked around who to choice for an opponent she thought

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Boba Draco by this time was in the ring bouncing in place against a guy that looked like he could pin a python. He tried to do a uppercut and Draco side stepped him then did a roundhouse to the back of his head. The man dropped and Draco smiled "Who's next, I am still looking for a workout."

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna stepped into the ring and looked at Draco

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Boba ((WHy can't I find her profile?))

Draco smiled and looked the girl over sensing something new about this opponent. "So want to do a round girl? he asked wondering how she hoped to beat him.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments She nods

It's the 35th comment))

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Boba ((You need a new picture cause there is a 404 error on that one))

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( ok?))

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Boba ((Can you get one so I have an image or maybe use an actress you like?))

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( um ok I will later so continue ?))

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Boba ((Sure guess I will go with JL for now since tht is young mystique))

"I will be nice and let you have first move " he said getting back into his jiujitsu stance ready for her.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( ok))
Luna smiled and feinted a right hit but dodged as he tried to get her and teleported so she was behind him and she had her arms around his throat almost headlock like

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Boba "Hmm that power then" he said not expecting a teleporter so he adjusted and flipped round after loosening her lock then smiled and said "Hello beautiful."

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna blushed no one ever called her that normally she was called demon spawn or dark she quickly leapt up landing on his shoulders then pinned him to the ground " hey tiger "

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Boba "You are a feisty one" he said flipping the pin then her and grabbing n arm to hold it behind her back.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments She teleported out of his grasp " you got a problem with that ?" She quickly roundhouse kicked him out of the ring

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Boba He groaned little but her kicked scratched his face and he rolled to his feet showing he had a power as well when his skin stitched the cut close in a second. "Not at all beautiful, makes this more fun" he said going down again but not looking directly at her.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna leapt into the rafters " why won't Draco stark look at his opponent ?" The others said one simply replied " because she's a female and apparantly she's a skilled fighter to last this long "

Luna smiled to herself damn was he hot but she couldn't let her guard down

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Boba Draco smiled and looked at the ring he had a crazy idea. "Lets see if I can take the fight to you" he ducked into one knee an inch from the ground and sprinted at the ring, jumping off the ropes and flying at her his foot aimed in a straight kick.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments She leapt back then smiled and quickly outmaneuvered him so it backfired on him without hurting her

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Boba ((Sorry was making a charrie))

Draco smiled and though that might have happened and used a tool he had hidden on him, a near invisible line of steel cable with a hook. He tossed it and it wrapped around a beam above the ring and he swung back and landed on the ring pulling the line back and wrapping it back around his waist.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna shook her head " Starks and their gadgets " she laughed
One of the guys outside the ring grabbed Luna as she landed down and said to her lets see what she is made of and they pulled a knife on her and she struggled " let me go " she couldn't take on 6 of them at once she wasn't strong enough and something was blocking her powers so she couldn't use them

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Boba Draco pressed a button on his wrist and his armor flew in and assembled around him making him now Night Club. He jeted into the guy with the blade, throwing him into the wall and he turned to the others "you have 3 seconds to back off before I throw you all out..." he said in the metallic voice inside his billion dollar suit "and not through the door" he said opening his palm letting the repulsers glow.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments They asked what exactly does a stark want with the girl ?
Luna was struggling " let me go " they refused

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Boba Draco sighed "I warned you, now you get to see what I can do." He grabbed the first and threw him into the ring and when he sprang back cloths lined him, knocking him out instantly. He repulsed two more, they flew across the gym and smashed out the glass at the front a good 30 feet away. "Still want to continue?" he asked the remaining three with a move ready for them.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments They ran off and Luna stood " thanks " she brushed herself off and looked up at Draco

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Boba Draco flicked his eyes to drop the helm and it folded away and left his face out "No problem, not a hero for nothing you know" he said sitting on a bench in his suit still.

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Boba ((Bck))

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( welcome back ))
Luna blushed " I'm Luna knight by the way "

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Boba "Draco Stark as you heard" he said climbing out of his armor and offering his hand.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments She took his hand and smiled " so why does a stark have an interest in a knight ?" She asked because no one would save her unless they had an interest of some sort

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Boba "I just don't like those type of people reason I joined SHIELD and keep up on the family business" he said shrugging. "And I noticed you didn't teleport away."

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments " what about my not teleporting away I can't becase something is blocking my powers " she was a little pissed now and she went over to the practice dummy and hit it hard enough that it's head came off

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Boba "Well what can cause that?" he asked curious now because only a few things could block powers. He watched her walk to a dummy and knock its head off and asked "Hun what did he do to you?"

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments "Sorry I'm pissed and I don't know " a few moments later the dummy exploded

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Boba "Do you want a ride out of here then?" he asked shrugging at the dummy.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna shook her head " no I'm fine thanks anyway " she started to walk away
(( what if Draco decided she made an interesting plaything ?))

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Boba ((You mean like a booty call?))

"Really you sure you want to be grounded?" he asked knowing the feeling of going whenever he wanted as it was sitting behind him.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( care to explain that ?))
Luna shrugged " doesn't matter because I will never go anywhere really " she brushed herself off from the dummy pieces

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Boba ((As in not dating but just when they want to having "private time"))

"What do you mean by that?" he asked wondering how on earth a teleporter could not go anywhere.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( oh ok and lol he should try and talk her into it ))
Luna glared " I got no place to go really "

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Boba ((Hehe he is a stark I suppose))

"Ah well I can take you around town if you wish or we could have a private party" he said smiling rather suggestively at her.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna shrugged " I will think about it " she grabbed her duffel bag and went into the locker room and went to the showers and turned on the water and removed her gym clothes and stepped into the shower
(( lol now would be a good time for him to try something ))

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Boba ((You mean like come in to the shower with her or show up and just take one?))

Draco smiled and thought for a moment about coming in after her wondering if she might try to kill him, she did indeed have a fine body.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments (( with lol ))
Luna showered and sighed trying to find a way to hide the flush of red in her cheeks that he had caused and asked herself " what does he want with me?"

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Boba ((Okay then))

Draco shrugged "I suppose either way she reacts and I will heal" he said stripping himself and striding into the shower confident of his own body.

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments Luna wasn't paying attention and she picked up her body wash which smelled of lilies and roses and started to wash her body

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Boba Draco smiled as he walked in and saw her standing naked messing with some body wash he slyly walked up behind her and asked "Want some help with your back?"

Ghost~still Luna~ | 390 comments She blushed but said calmly " if you would like " she continued washing her front

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