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"Christopher and Maggie" short story
Thomas Carter Thomas Nov 27, 2013 02:18PM
Call us stupid, but neither my wife nor I understand the ending of this story -- "Then Maggie asked the question: "What's the old man's name, Sheriff?"
"Smith. Just plain Willie Smith."

My wife has the complete Agatha Christie, we have read all of the Cat Who... stories and most of Mary Higgins Clark (to name but a few) and figured out the endings of a fair share even before the author tells us, but this one has us completely stumped!

It is now 6 years since you posted this question and no one has provided an answer. Very disappointing! I just read this short story last night and had the same question and hoped to find an answer here. I googled the name of the short story and the name Willie Smith along with several other keywords in the story. Nothing. I'm guessing that last sentence was supposed to a really jaw-dropping twisty ending, but I don't get it at all.

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