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The ending of The Diamond Age

Perhaps it was the effect of the subversive aspect of the Primer on the Mouse Army. Although, I'd thought that removing that aspect was Hackworth's alteration that he slipped in when he was ordered to mass-produce it. So, yeah - I'm a bit confused too.

He shares the 'abrupt ending' trait with Alfred Hitchcock. Seems some artists do not care about the tidy wrap up. All of the Stephenson books I have read just stop, with the exception of Anatham.

He did say that the Primer did not turn out quite the way they had expected it to. But the Mouse Army was mainly trying to protect their leader, Nell. Who's to say how things were to play out in the long run? It's one of Stephenson's quirks that his endings are abrupt and leave the reader feeling like things are unresolved.

Hackworth did put confusion values in the chinese version of the primer. So honor of elders was being stressed to them. I believe there were some examples of that as the older girls where in charge. Nell was older than all of them and therefore the leader.

Matthew Williams I think you mean to say Confucian values were included in Primer.
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