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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes & But Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (Lorelei Lee, #1-2)
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Catherine (vintagefrills) | 132 comments Mod
Discuss the book here xxx

Catherine (vintagefrills) | 132 comments Mod
I loved this book, I thought it was light hearted and very well written. Also very funny.
It read like quite a modern book, despite being written and set in the 1920s it could easily have been a modern satire.
I really want to see the film again as I've not seen it for years.

Porcelina | 55 comments I like to play a game with vintage books, and try and guess the year they were written after I've read a few chapters. It's a testament to the quality of Loos' writing that the book felt incredibly modern and I was absolutely incredulous when I saw that it was written in 1925! I thought it might have been written around the time of the 1950s film of the same name.

I love the film version of the story, but trying to compare the film with the book doesn't really work. The essence and spirit of the story come across in both mediums but in a very different way. It's kind of like comparing Candace Bushnell's 'Sex and the City' book with the series, they're different entities. Loos and Bushnell have a lot in common with their astute, witty character observations and their deadpan recital of hilarious events, and I would recommend Bushnell's books if you liked the style of this one.

The voice of the diary-keeper Lorelei is captured perfectly, and I found it easy to imagine a small and breathy Marilyn voice narrating! The humour hasn't lost its punchlines over time, unlike Vile Bodies that we recently read. I was slightly less engaged with the second section of the book where Dorothy's story is told, but the book certainly kept me entertained on my commute. Interestingly, I had to request this book from the library archives and from the look of it nobody else has read the copy since the 1970s!

I'm adding Loos to my fantasy historical figures dinner party guest list, I think she'd be a hoot.

Porcelina | 55 comments Oh dear, sorry for multiple posts, I am on the train and it said it hadn't worked!!!

Catherine (vintagefrills) | 132 comments Mod
I think the film is based on the stage play, I haven't seen the film for ages so will have to watch it again.

Porcelina | 55 comments Ah, I didn't even know it was a stage play!

The film is a lot of fun, some great fashion to drool over even if you don't care for the plot that much. It's on TV sometimes, you might catch it over Christmas.

Catherine (vintagefrills) | 132 comments Mod
It was a broadway musical in 1949, which is where a couple of the songs in the film one from. It also came to London in the 60s.

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