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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments thanks so any ideas

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments kind of but can i hear yours first

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments how about the first one
could i be the girl?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Cool so charries?

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments ok

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments name:Iris Kane

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Ok u wanna start

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments the begining when she come tocamp? an he greats her

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments yeah

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments haha i dont know lets place it by ear
why dont you start

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments cool thanks

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris walked onto the field area holding her bags confused where she was going but it was so beautiful.

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris bumped into a boy and fell to ground it felt like she bumped into a brick wall

( what creature is he?)

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris stood up " oh up yeah sorry I wast looking" she said running her infers through her hair blushing

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris looked up at him his features really standing out. He was unbelievably atteactive. Great she feel on her ass infrot of him. She blushed " ddo you know where I can find my cabin?" She asked

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris looked at him " oh thank you" she said " umm I'm in cabin eleven" she said looking up at him " so are you a counseler?" She aske sliming at his shirt whih was the camps

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments "Oh wow" she said softly and but her lip " if you don't mind me askin what are you?" She asked softly as the walked to find her cabin

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris looked at him surprised her eyes widened " how have you been here for so long I thought they stopped aging" she said

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " oh" she said blushing " sorry I don't know much of the super natural" she said. She but her lip wondering who's blood he drank but she was done prying feeling guilty

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " wow" she said and looked up at him smilin softly " thank you sorry I bumped into you" she said

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " sure " she said and shrugged " I don't have much " she said as she unzipped the zipper placing it on and empty bed

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " it's beautiful I think I might, it'll just take me a while to get used to all thi stuff" she said " I shifted into a werewolf a couple months ago , I didn't know about this world because it was on m dads side and I never knew him. Anyways hopefully I get used to my knew me here" she said smiling softly as she started to unpack

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris nodded slightly she wishes was accepted at home, maybe she would be now.she looked up at him " thank you for this" she said as she finished outing everything away " oh by the way I'm iris" she said holding out her hand looking at him he was so atteactive

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris blushed deeply " nice to meet you" she said softly he was so sweet

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris smiled softly and then a bell rang for lunch. She let go of his hand and started to walk with him out " is this camp large?"

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " wow " she said softly and when the got to the cafeteria she thought they were in a mad house there were so many different types of people

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " ok thank you" she said softly fiddling her figera nervously as she looked at him
Wow he was so hot she though

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " thank you" she said softly looking around amazed by everything

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris started to eat she looked over at him " so you can eat normal food?" She asked and blushed " sorry I don't mean to be a pain or anything"

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris eyes widened slightly ". Ohh " she said and continued to eat
A large guy cane and sat at the table " hey newbe I could spot a werewolf a mile away. Or smell one" he chuckles

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments "Hi " she said softly " I'm Iris " she said smiling softly

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments You can if you want

Iris smiled softly " yeah I'm new here'r" she said and then she relized she knew the scent he did smell different like a werewolf of course he was but she never had recognized the smell before
Her smell was much better now and everything affected it

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " hi" Iris said smiling at them

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " oh cool nice to meet you" iris said with a smile shaking the girls hand

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments She nodded " yeah i am a bit clumsy and bumped into him," she said smiling softly shrugging

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments She laughed softly "i thought i had gotten stronger, but it still felt i bumped into a brick wall"

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments Iris nodded " i bet" she said and finnished she stood up, " Umm im going to go find my canin"

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " thank you" she said and walked with him " whoah thats cool " she said

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments " so this camp its nice, everyone?' she asked

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.:Eva:.♥ | 926 comments She frowned she wasnt accepted at home she needed to be accepted here she had no where else she bit her lip

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