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Hi Everyone! My name is Kiera and I work for Coliloquy. We have an insanely creative author Heidi Kling who publishes a trilogy about Witches and Warlocks--and we need Read/Reviewers!

You'll get the exclusive third installment early, as well as the first two books for free (all books are published serially and are very short)

Here's the excerpt: "A contemporary young adult series about a modern day witch who must betray everything she knows to save her magic and her forbidden love." The books let you follow the lead witch and the lead warlock's perspectives as they fight against The Council members, witch and warlock history, and their falling in love.

If youre interested in RnRing, or serving on our st team for our launch, contact me!


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Monique (mohneek) Are you still interested in reviewers?

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