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This is the highest tower in the Academy's castle. It has a spectacular view of the valley at the bottom of the castle. Most come here to be romantic or to be in silence

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awkward potato Eve stood on the edge of the tower top, where mountain peaks could be seen through the sweet mist. Eve didn't mind the cloudy weather--it was the sunshine that bothered her. No, the rain and mist made her feel as if she was back in Lustera. Eve smiled slightly at the through of her homeland and sank down between the stones, letting her feet dangle. So far, it had been a quite, but pleasant experience at Regius Academy for Magical Royalty. Brushing her long, black (sporting neon pink highlights) hair from her face, Eve glanced straight down at a small cluster of students. She could easily make friends, ad had many back in Lustera. But these people were mostly royals, and she didn't want to get into a fight with an arrogant prince or princess on her first day. So Eve sat, watching the beautiful scenery of both nature and people.

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attila (probablyafk) Shin had taken her time to get to know Regius Academy. Although there were many nice places her favourite was the tower top. She was a fan of heights and deadly drops, so this seemed like the perfect place. The only thing she didn't like was how small it was, because as soon as she entered she was faced with a girl sitting on the edge of the tower. Shin blinked, and took a step forward about to introduce herself but the door to the tower top slammed closed behind her.
Well, there goes the nice introduction.. she thought to herself, slapping her hand to her forehead.

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