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Connie by Sarah Pliton Sarah Pliton

Genre: Erotica


Book Description:

As the nurse at an exclusive boarding school, Sarah cannot afford the least hint of a scandal. But when she spots the luscious and precocious Connie climbing out of the pool, will she be able to restrain herself?

Connie is a short story of forbidden passion under a burning sun, a perfect introduction to the work of the acclaimed eroticist, Sarah Pliton.

Written by Sarah Pliton/edited by D.Z.C.

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Tony Parsons (gambino71) | 1565 comments thank you so much 11/27/13
sure I would be glad 2 read/reviewed/rated for U

tony parsons MSW

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Amy H (twinypa) Sent in your request

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Amy H (twinypa) 9 copies left

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