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The Purging (Eons of Darkness, #1)
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Reed Bosgoed (ReedBosgoed) | 4 comments Synopsis: Earth is dying, pollution and over population the cause. Creatures long thought to be no more than legends have once again revealed themselves. Their goal; to destroy the root of the problem, humans. Mankind's time as the dominant species is about to come to an end. Lines have been drawn between those among the preternatural species who wish the extinction of humans and those who would seek to protect them. The Purging War has begun.

The story of a week long conflict that would forever change the known world. Each successive day chronicles the struggles of one of many protagonists. Ben, an unrepentant criminal coming face to face with something more dangerous than himself for the first time. Jean, a werewolf with a fractured psyche on a single minded quest for payback against the beast who ruined him. Mo, a soldier returning home to a city on fire. Natsuko, a vampire assassin forced to cooperate with her greatest rival, to fight back against a common enemy. In the end, they will all need each other to to do what needs to be done.

Advisory: Frequent Graphic violence, Explicit Language, drug references
Age Range: 18+

Available copies:10 in any digital format via smashwords

Reviews posted to Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads and B&N are appreciated. Please make sure to include the line "I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review." at the beginning of your review.

Leave you email and I will send your smashwords coupon code as soon as I can. Happy reading folks.

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