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message 1: by Ken (new)

Ken Consaul | 150 comments This is my first go around with the countdown deals and I'm interested in the experience of others (readers too).
I am running two books and have put week long paid features on some e-book sites. Guessing I spent about $100.

What I found is the book sites are geared to the promotion of free day books and are not geared for a week long promotion. It appears readers are not up to speed on this feature either. I tried keyword searching on Amazon and finally found a page with a wide assortment of deals. The two books I'm doing place pretty well, one on page 3 and another on page 5 but I'm still in the first ten hours of the promo.

One thing I learned for next time is to put 'kindle countdown' in the keyword search. It can't hurt. I also added a bold orange banner in the book description and put the announcement up four days ago so as to perhaps entice a customer who might hesitate at $3.99

I'd love to see what others have to say about this new deal.

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken Consaul | 150 comments OK. Follow up. From the lack of attention this thread is getting apparently not many people, authors or readers, are aware of the kindle countdown features.

I have two books featured. The price opened at $.99 for about 50 hours, then went to $1.99 for about 55 hours and will go to $2.99 in the afternoon of 12-1 and stay at that level through 12-3.

Here's what I'm seeing. At 99 cents, the blue light shoppers are buying. I get 70 cents but the important thing is climbing in the sales rankings. My two books jumped 70,000 and 80,000 to decent numbers, one is touching the cusp of the 10,000 in overall rankings. In the Kindle countdown link http://www.amazon.com/b/ref=sr_aj?nod... my two books are on the first page and the fourth page in their genre. Books are displayed, it appears, as the newest countdown but there is some tie in to sales position. Its Amazon, who knows what algorithm they use?

The reports generated by Amazon go into the monthly totals but also are tabulated separately.
Compared to the prior week's royalties, mine are up 410% and 700% respectively. The numbers don't appear to drop off based on the price increments. We'll see as the last increment starts.

I spent some money for paid posts on some popular kindle sites and it is looking like I will be better than break even. The payoff isn't in the sales but in the visibility the higher rankings give. I know they will go off a cliff shortly after the promo ends, much like the Select freebies but I don't see them dropping back 80 or 90K, keeping my books with some visibility.

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