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Hey you poetry geniuses! Anika won the last contest (Congrats Anika)
The contest ends in two weeks (December 11) and the topic is:


Super happy!

Ur poem needs to BLEED happiness! I want to feel the happy all the way from the other side of the world!!! XD <---- like that

That way, when u feel bad, u can just look at ur poem, and hopefully it'll make you feel better!

Have fun writing ;)

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Silence wrote: "Just a quick question. Does it need to rhyme at all? ^.^"

Haha no :) poetry is not all about rhyming

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Thanks Anika! :)

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Anika wrote: "agh i'm terrible at happy poems... i can only do sad ones :( meep. i'll try anyway."

me too,though i'll try

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 734 comments I am the stars that glow at night,

I am the bees that buzz all day,

I am the light that shines all day and all night.

I am the willows that sway on the mountain top,

I am the sun flowers that reach for the sky.

I am the pencil that writes all day and night,

I am the soil that gets turned by the plow on a farm,

I am the Robin that tweets every morning,

I am the stool that people sit on.

I am the air that people breath,

I am the bag that people can put their stuff in.

I am the stairs that people climb,

I am the window that people can look through.

I am the magazine that people look at,

I am the glasses that people wear to protect their eyes.

I am the ceiling that is high above,

I am the door that people walk through.

I am life, gods creation

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Anika! Urs is so good! I love it :) makes me feel happy even tho it has some sadness in it

And Jack Frost! Urs is so different, i don't think I've ever read a poem like urs! I love the last line

Jack Frost, Jaquelyn, Jackie:  {The empress of winter; The lonely white wolf } (elchornoboy) | 734 comments thanks, I did this when I was nine, maybe eight years old.

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 ♕ ❤  ♕ Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x.♕ ❤ ♕ (marilyngoodreadscom) | 6 comments JUST SMILE.:)

Happiness flows like a stream if you let it,
Just close your eyes and you'll see.
Then open them wide and look all around
Then you'll be happy just like me.

See that man with his lips curled downwards?
Just smile widely and watch.
If you look closely it's turned upside down,
Now he's smiling and smiling so much.

See that lady with worry on her face?
Smile at her and you'll see,
The look on her face because of your smile has curled her lips upwards with glee.

All it takes is a smile to make people happy,
Just keep smiling and you'll see,
So turn them frowns upside down,
And you'll be happy just like me.:)

(*embarrassed*..I've never attempted poetry I just write stories)

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Haha it's okay :) me either
But i actually like urs a lot!

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Princess pink diamonds posh bird LINZY.x. wrote: "Lol!
It took courage Anna."

Lol i bet ;)

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Thank u to all who entered :) i'll try and get a poll up ASAP

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There's a poll up :)

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