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Hunger Games or Divergent? Suzanne Collins or Veronica Roth?
Siren Siren Nov 27, 2013 08:50AM
Did Suzanne Collin and Veronica Roth have a meeting before writing their books? These are like the exact same books except the fact that they have different kind of ideas. They also deliver it in a different way. There's something I like about Suzanne Collins that she doesn't kill everyone who's important just to include more characters. Veronica Roth kills the most important, necessary and major characters. Plus in the end of Allegiant she kills the most necessary character in the book. I don't care if the idea is to make a point to people. My general point is: it's stupid. I don't know if I know which one I like better because they both did something wrong. This book did intrigue me and that's why it's a 4.5.

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They are completely different stories, written by different people, therefore giving different perspectives and offering different writing styles and techniques. Each character is unique and their stories are their own. That being said, I still find myself favoring Divergent over the Hunger Games. I found it to me much more interesting and I was able to get more emotionally attached. I felt like the Hunger Games, although it was good, can't compare to my feelings for Divergent.

You can't compare the two... They both have different styles of writing, and the books are completely different. Veronica and Suzanne are both great author, that can't be compared. It's just wrong to do that. Sorry...

I definitely think Divergent is better! Its my #1 favourite book of all time! It has so much depth and it goes into how different morals fit into everyday life. It was an AMAZING book. She killed a lot of her character, like Tris's parents and Will, but it was to show people how to cope with loss. It also didn't make sense that no one had to die in order to shut down the simulation. It wouldn't have been realistic. It showed in Insurgent how she and her friends helped each other to cope with their losses. The whole series was AMAZING!

Hunger games over divergent but Roth over Collins

You cant do that they are 2 different people and 2 different stories!

I don't get why people think they're similar, but I like Hunger Games better.

I love both authors and books! But I do believe that Divergent kept my attention more, I literally could not put the books down. On the other hand..with The Hunger Games I started to lose interest around Mockingjay, but this is just my opinion.

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Keep in mind that many people reading Divergent topics have not yet read Allegiant. It would be courteous to use "spoiler" tags + a warning that you're spoiling Allegiant. If you don't already know how to do "spoiler" tags, do as follows, but without the "*" in each tag:

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I prefer Suzanne's style and story over Veronica. But that's just personal preference. Both were good little popcorn reads with a few lessons in there somewhere.
I don't see the connection between the two. They're both dytopian novels with a teen female protagonist. That's about it.
Veronica's writing seems rushed for my taste and although neither author are amongst my favorites, Collin's did seem to have more thought behind it in terms of storyline.

They're both great authors, but I like Divergent slightly better than THG.

Veronica Roth!
Ok Suzanne Collins did a great job and I really love the Hunger Games series but Divergent is more realistic!
Ok. I don't know what will happen in Insurgent and Allegiant bc I don't read the books yet (they're comming tomorrow!!<3). Because many people said, the ending is bad/not good. But if I compare Divergent to The Hungergames( The HG, Catching Fire, Mockingjay ), I say 'Yes.' to Divergent.
Both ideas are REALLY great and I love to imagine both worlds. Not only how they look, even how it would be to live there.
I'd love to know how it would be to live in a District, but I'd maybe even die (just to show you the diffrence of my thinking) to know ow it is to live in a faction. Ok factionless is something I don't even think of. But to be a Dauntless is... *doesn't find a word* just to be tough, strong and brave.
But the other factions are also great!

So I go for Veronica Roth. (:

I like Divergnet way more than Hunger Games. Divergent had more realistic disagreements and it had more romance which I liked. I wish we could have seen "certain" characters live longer, but I think it made the flow of the book work.

I would definitely give it Veronica Roth. Yes, it is true I hate the stupid ending, but for the romance part, Suzanne sucks. Seriously though, I like how Veronica pays attention to every single part of their romance and makes those moments look so romantic. On the other hand, Suzanne is so random and doesn't really involve the readers in her romance. I think Suzanne forgot the romance while taking care too much of the violence in the arena.

Somerandom I think that's just a reflection on both societies each created. Katniss was a bit random, she was trying to shield herself from love and any other em ...more
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I personally don't see how people can say these stories are so similar. Other than being the same genre and about average teenage girls who turn into warriors in the middle of a war, the plots are completely different.

As to which is better, I definitely have to give it to Suzanne Collins. She gave some thought to where the story was actually going. Ms. Roth, however, seems to have written the first two of her books on a whim without knowing what the heck was going to happen, since the big reveal(s) in the third makes no sense.

I agree that killing off so many major characters in Divergent was stupid and unnecessary. Particularly (view spoiler). But I mostly think the fault was not in killing them off, but in the lack of importance in the plot. Plot was weak, therefore the reasons that she died was weak.
Although, I'm not sure if it would be better to have her be the empty shell Katniss was at the end of H.G.

that's wrong.
you should respect the authors writing style and the way they want THEIR book to flow/end.

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