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Who is your favorite sinner?

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Marianne Brian, Sed, Jace, Eric or Trey?

Stephanie Gonzalez ERIC!!!!!!!

Audrey Stephanie wrote: "ERIC!!!!!!!"

I completely agree!!!!!!!!!

Marianne My fav is Trey followed by Eric.

Julissa Trey

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Jace! <3 I have something for the shy ones!

Monique Trey!!!

Kelle I love both Trey and Jace.

Laurie Menke Trey and Eric

Eileen Brian and Eric

Tiara Jace

Camila Sed and Eric!

Suzie Brian and Trey

message 14: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara Brain then Eric!

Kimberly Brian, Trey, and Sed...

Michelle Ksepka Trey

Marie Bernier TREY!!!

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Nicole Patterson I love Brian. Sed is my second favorite :)

Natalie Conrad Brian is still my favorite, he is so normal!

Kimberly Brian, Trey, and Eric

Stephanie Trey <3

Chris Jace! But I have a big soft spot for Eric and Trey, too.

Laurie Menke Trey & Eric

Kelly Woolerton Jace,Sed,Eric,Trey and then Brian :)

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Ria Brian and Trey!

Hannah Trey, Jace and Brian :) But I love them all really.

ceecee I just started reading this series and all I can say was that once I started I was hooked. I read all the books in two weeks. All the characters were mouth watering, drool material, but my favorite was Trey. I just can't resist a man whose so comfortable in his sexuality that he can love a man and woman. Trey was by far my favorite. Yummm, Yumm.

Michelle Eric is my absolute favorite followed by Jace and Trey, then Brian, and Sed last.

ceecee I don't know what to do now that I finished her series. I just want more. I can't stand it. I wish she would add a book that encompasses all the singers and their partners.

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BondS Eric, Sed, Jace, Brian and Trey <3

message 31: by Sam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sam I LOVE them ALL. Yum!!!!!! I Wish there were more though?

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Lexa Trey, then Jace. So damn hot...

Karla Cabcam Brian❤

Huseina Brian and Eric...!! Loved them.. Though Jace was nice too...

Abby  Rose Eric and Jace :}

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Sharon I'm so happy to see the Eric love. Eric is the best!!

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Kara Zaychkowsky Its the drummer curse.. I lovvvveeee Eric and then Trey.

Angela Roosa Tripod :)

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