Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) Inferno question

Is it me or does it seem strange that two folks running for their lives would stop to admire a statue, painting etc.?
Frederick Frederick Nov 27, 2013 07:44AM
The book seems to be a great PR piece for Florence and does contain a wealth of history, but the action or plot is just so far fetched. I'll finish it because it's a good history lesson, action novel not so much.

If I remember my review of this book, I did say that it was a wonderful travelogue with bits of action thrown in! Friends of mine who had actually visited most of the places in the story enjoyed it more than I did because it reminded them of their trip! And yes, it did seem like they were admiring art for long stretches of time when they should have been running, but those "art appreciation paragraphs" are integral to the plot.

I agree that this is the weakest of the four "Langdon" books. Really read more like a travelogue with a little mystery thrown in. I liked the Istanbul part more than the Florence part, and I did like the whole "save the world from a devastating plague" bit. Biological terrorism is a relevant theme these days.

it's perfectly sensible. presents the childish fascination with 'pretty things' in its purest form. I know `I can get caught up in staring at coffee grounds settling in my cappuccino-filled glass mug in the morning when close to running late for work. And anyway, Langdon has never had to fear for his life - he's a superhero who not only saves the day, but also manages to flip off The Reaper one too many times

I thought it was heavy on the history lessons.

I won't spoil it for you but this has got to be his worst book to date. After I finished I literally asked myself "what the hell was that?" You are correct though, I so want to visit Florence after reading this.

Dan Brown's books would not be the same without these observations. I actually read them because of these travelogue pieces and the insight he provides on the topics he touches. In fact, Da Vinci Code increased my interest in European art and architecture. Ditto for Angels and Demons. Do I care about the actual plot? Yes of course. But I didn't really feel disappointed by Inferno because it provided good enough thrills with an interesting debate to ponder on by the end. Not as meaty as the books before, but I'm okay with it.

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Read the book for Florence, Venice description. Plot was not so strong and not so fast paced like Dan Brown's earlier novels.

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