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Publishing Short Stories on Kindle

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message 1: by Angela (new)

Angela Castillo | 5 comments I'm about to launch some of my short stories into the Kindle world for individual purchase. The idea never occurred to me until I spoke with some writers who do very well with this method. I guess I never thought people would want to purchase short stories individually, but I was wrong. Has anyone else tried this? Any advice?

message 2: by Tammi (new)

Tammi | 2 comments I haven't, and would really like to hear more.

message 3: by Angela (new)

Angela Castillo | 5 comments The ladies I have spoken to are very successful e-book sellers. They have regular-length manuscripts and short stories on Kindle. They will publish a 2500 word or more short story and sell it for 99 cents (making sure people are clear it's a short story!) They can also offer some short stories for free to get people hooked on their writing and want to buy more. I haven't started yet but I'm getting some short stories polished up right now.

message 4: by Tammi (new)

Tammi | 2 comments Thank you.

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