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message 1: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) I'm acceding to popular demand here and giving members a place to offer their books for free. Let me make one thing quite clear though - they have to be genuine no-strings-attached offers. Treat this thread as you would an Amazon free promotion period: anyone who asks for the book can have it without a review being part of the deal. If you happen to get a review out of it that's fine. If you get some feedback, that's useful. But do not contact the member you've given the book to unless they initiate the exchange.

So, what can you post here?
--- details of free Amazon or other site promotion periods
--- offers to email a free copy of your book to a member who PMs you asking for one
--- offers like the one made by K.A. Krisko - for members who have reviewed her book Stolen as part of one of our reviewing groups she is willing to give free copies of the rest of the series to find out 'what happens next'

Please don't post your free offers in several places on this forum. Any messages outside this thread about free books will be deleted as usual.

message 2: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) A little reminder for everyone - this is a 'no strings attached to the free book offer' place.

message 3: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) We all hope for reviews, but the free offers here come without strings attached. There is no obligation to review and the authors undertake not to pursue the readers by PM or any other means.

message 4: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) Surviving the Fog is always free at Amazon, Smashwords, and other fine outlets. I'm in the process of uploading the epub to Goodreads. It should be live in a couple of hours.

message 5: by Carrie (last edited Feb 28, 2014 09:03AM) (new)

Carrie F. | 1 comments Ashes to Ashes: The Scribing of Ishitar (Vol II) is available for free. PM me and I'll send you either the code to a kindle version on Amazon or a print copy, if you prefer. Although I would appreciate a review, one is not expected.

message 6: by Harrison (new)

Harrison Nguyen (HarrisonNguyen84) | 4 comments My science-fiction work, Perilous Overtures, is free from March 4 to March 8.

The link is

Thanks for the consideration!

message 7: by Anna Carolyn (last edited Mar 04, 2014 12:33PM) (new)

Anna Carolyn McCormally (mccormallie) | 15 comments Happy to send an ARC of THE SIX DAYS, a YA fantasy novel to anyone who's interested!

I have ARCs in .epub and .pdf, happy to give away as many as are requested.

The Six Days


"Fifteen years ago, in the middle of the night, Jamie Carpenter’s mother went up to the dark lighthouse on the cliffs. She never came back.

Yesterday, Jamie had a nightmare: his little brother disappearing like their mother did, through the door of the lighthouse, a door that has never opened.

Today, the nightmare came true. Jamie’s brother is missing. And not just missing–he’s been abducted, taken through the lighthouse door into the world of magic that lays beyond.

With his best friend Nia at his side, Jamie crosses into a world he never knew existed–but Emanu is not the fairytale world of childrens stories. Desperate to understand who took Danny and why, struggling to survive in a world of shadowy magic, Jamie and Nia seek the help of the Council of Witches. As they uncover more and more of Jamie’s family secrets and unknown powers, it becomes clear that Nia herself may be something more than human–and that it’s her the Council views as their biggest threat…

Swept up in a dark political game they don’t understand, burdened by magic they don’t know how to use, Jamie and Nia are going to have to learn fast if they’re going to survive Emanu and rescue Danny Carpenter. There are only six days until the gate between worlds closes again.

For good.”

message 8: by Vipin (last edited Mar 04, 2014 01:05PM) (new)

message 9: by E.G. (last edited Mar 11, 2014 12:58PM) (new)

E.G. Manetti (thornraven) | 93 comments Free for kindle from amazon 3/11-15!

The Cartel - The Apprentice Volume 1 (The Twelve Systems Chronicles, #1) by E.G. Manetti

The Twelve Systems is a technologically advanced society ruled by a small number of elite, the warriors. It is a society where honor is revered and trust is a dangerous luxury.

Lilian is left disgraced and destitute after her father is executed for foul crimes. Determined to survive she becomes the apprentice of a powerful warrior yielding him absolute control of her mind and body.

Lucius Mercio dominates the Serengeti Group, a powerful Cartel. Ruthless, clever and ambitious, Lucius intends to take his Cartel to unimaginable heights with the aid of Lilian's brilliance. He faces only one obstacle. Lucius must keep Lilian alive.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

The Capulet Death by Angelica Ng

Free from March 9 to March 24! :)
Get it on Smashwords with the coupon code: GW96R


"There is a fine line between hope and desperation just like there is with love and lust. When the lines get blurred, our judgment gets clouded and we later end up blind, heading to a direction that may lead us to the wrong destination. I don't want that.

However, it seems to be too late now."

Since being saved by a strange man eight years ago, Blythe Hoult has devoted her life to finding him. In the course of eight years after the encounter, she has pulled herself up from the ground and became a muse to many criminals, making the FBI come crawling to her for help in search of the most elusive mastermind among all, The Magician.

Bent on proving to herself that finding a stranger from eight years ago is still a possibility, she entangles herself with the mission to find the mythical Magician.

Little did she know that she was in for more than what she bargained.

message 11: by Ronin (new)

Ronin (trishaalindsey) | 20 comments Hi everyone,

My story is available for free from Saturday, March 15 until Monday, March 17th on This Story is a Bridge between 2 of my Series, the Josef and Blair Series, which has 5 completed Novels, and the Consortium Series, which has Book 1 available, Sleeping Lizards - Book 1: Somnolent Chameleon. The Consortium Series will have 13 total books, and Modern Day Samurai - Book 2: Bushido will be available Fall, 2014.

Here is the link for it:

I also write under the pen name Ronin Schtihl Daire.

message 12: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1703 comments Goodness. How do you pronounce that middle name?

Shteel or Shkittle of something else?

message 13: by Ronin (new)

Ronin (trishaalindsey) | 20 comments It's pronounced 'SSSHH-Steel', they make construction tools, we added a C to it. My Rheumatologist and I, and there are two dots over the 'A' in Daire, it's pronounced, DIE-ear! Too much pain medication on my part, and indulgence on his!

Trisha wrote: "Hi everyone,

My story is available for free from Saturday, March 15 until Monday, March 17th on This Story is a Bridge between 2 of my Series, the Josef and Blair Series, which has 5 ..."

Trisha wrote: "Hi everyone,

My story is available for free from Saturday, March 15 until Monday, March 17th on This Story is a Bridge between 2 of my Series, the Josef and Blair Series, which has 5 ..."

message 14: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (kakrisko) | 1703 comments Ah, I'm familiar with Stihl - they make chainsaws!

So Steel Derriere it is! :)

message 15: by Giovanni (new)

Giovanni Russano | 27 comments Fancy PDF copies of my book Meet the Moseleys Book One by Giovanni Russano are available free to any who would like one though this dropbox link.
(There's been some confusion in the past, so for the record, you don't have to read it from the link. You can download it to your computer or device.)
WARNING: This book is F#@%$d.

message 16: by Steve (new)

Steve Justice My collection of short stories, Altered Egos: A Collection of Short Stories, will be available for free download from Amazon from Saturday March 29th until April 2nd. Hope you enjoy!


message 17: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Fender | 4 comments My book FableLisa Fender can be found on Goodreads and Amazon, B&N. I can send a free copy for whomever would like to read it! My email is Thanks for any interest! It is the first in a fantasy fiction series!

message 18: by Pattimari (new)

Pattimari I will check it out Lisa.

message 19: by Angela (new)

Angela Burkhead (themsburkhead) | 7 comments I sent you an email Lisa, I think your book looks wonderful :)

message 20: by Melinda (last edited Mar 30, 2014 10:11PM) (new)

Melinda Brasher | 82 comments Chaos Rises by Melinda Brasher Free fantasy short story:

Chaos Rises

The day the hill tiger attacks, young Hala realizes excitedly that she may have the gift. As time passes, however, she wonders what good it is: a power that manifests itself only in the ability to accidentally summon animals at inconvenient times. The local mage hasn't been able to teach her to control it, and she can't even reliably summon her own sheep. Then one day she returns home to find a black-cloaked stranger holding her village under a terrible spell. Alone, she must find a way to save her family, her friends, and the boy who has finally begun to notice her.

message 21: by Vipin (new)

Vipin Goyal (vipingoyal) | 4 comments Read and review my book Tall Man Small Shadow by Vipin Behari Goyal through dropbox link
or PM and ask your epub copy free

message 22: by Daan (last edited Apr 09, 2014 09:56PM) (new)

Daan (tipmyhat) | 1 comments Coming soon: ''Even Hell Has Standards: Pride'' by Chantal Noordeloos

The best 60 minutes of horror you'll get for 99 cents! Now available free!

The TMH Team

message 23: by Daizie (new)

Daizie Draper | 1 comments If you like spanking fiction, BDSM, or College romance, my novella Sorority Pledge 1 A Devil in Disguise by Daizie Draper is always free on all online stores. Please help yourself.

message 24: by George (last edited Apr 20, 2014 09:34PM) (new)

George Hallman (MinGeorgeLHallmanJr) | 1 comments If you're into horror stories, this is one book you can't miss! The Beloveds is a book that will stay with you...Till Tuesday, April 22nd, it will be free!

message 25: by Anamitra (new)

Anamitra Roy (roy0) Hello friends,

If you would like to check out an alternative vision regarding poetry here is something you might like. Free for all day today on Amazon Kindle Store. One Dollar Anti-poetry Book by Anamitra Roy


message 26: by Aischa (new)

Aischa Zorindell | 2 comments Hi, I am new in this group. The first ebook in the erotica series I've written is free on Amazon until April 25. It's a short read. A Lovely Dilemma

Here's the Amazon link:

message 27: by Charles (new)

Charles Z Doilain (charlesdoilain) | 2 comments Hello fellow writers, I have a new gay book, the first book in the series I call "The Gay Seasons". The title is A Summer and The Fall It's currently free on Amazon.

Hope you check it out. Thank you!

message 28: by Anamitra (last edited Apr 22, 2014 02:09AM) (new)

Anamitra Roy (roy0) Hello friends,
Today my book No Budget Film: An Academic Introduction is available for free on Amazon Kindle Stores. This is probably the only book ever published that approaches No-budget filmmaking academically and tries to define its features and characteristics on the backdrop of larger film history. Please check out
No Budget Film An Academic Introduction by Anamitra Roy

Thanks & Regards

message 29: by Armand (last edited Apr 23, 2014 01:11AM) (new)

Armand Daigle | 7 comments Today and tomorrow (4/23 and 4/24), Thank Earth You will be available for free on Amazon:

Liberation and abundance bloom in arm’s reach, but a young engineer’s wrists are choked red by the chains of cubical slavery. Brought to his breaking point, he quits and confesses to his disappointed and worried parents that he has no plans of returning to a discipline they hold so dear.

His world butterflies open. Relief and happiness come fast, but his new course remains obscured, and it’s not until five months later, when he takes up with a pack of wolves, that direction begins to emerge. His surroundings become vibrant, lines dissolve, and never feeling so alive he pushes himself to precarious limits. And late one winter night, in the den where the wolves came from, the ex-engineer is confronted by a power that brings him both rapid bliss and the crumbling of his reality. Finding himself is a dark and constant battle between sanity and revelation in which he’s not sure what side to take.

Bookended by experiences with altered states, this progressive work of nonfiction focuses on one week in the author's life that changed him forever.

Influences include Cormac McCarthy, Chuck Palahniuk, and Terence McKenna.

Thank you!

message 30: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) Until April 30, a free short story collection is available at Smashwords using coupon FG25M. This is a New Adult, Speculative Fiction collection.

message 31: by Anamitra (new)

Anamitra Roy (roy0) Hi friends,

My book "0ne Rupee Film Diaries: Part 1: A Brief History of Dime" will be free on Amazon for the next 4 days [From 4th May, 2014 to 7th May, 2014].

Check it out. You may find it interesting.
0ne Rupee Film Diaries Part 1 A Brief History of Dime A Brief History of Dime by MR Anamitra Roy


message 32: by S. (new)

S. DeGiorgio (ssdegiorgio) Anyone who is an Amazon Prime member and Kindle owner can read "Orion Connection" for FREE through their Kindle online lending library (KOLL) as part of the promotional phase of the book launch. We are looking for honest reviews prior to this month's Book Expo America in New York City.

Thanks so much,
S DeGiorgio

Orion Connection (The Legends Trilogy, #1) by S. DeGiorgio

message 34: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Rose | 42 comments Hello all,

My novella, "Lost in Apple Grove" will be free tomorrow. That's 5/13/2014 (or 13/5/2014 for non-Americans).
It's about a dysfunctional family with a matriarch suffering from Alzheimer's.

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Thank you!

message 35: by [deleted user] (last edited May 13, 2014 10:03AM) (new)

At the peak of a deadly survival showdown between the humans and every other intelligent species on the planet, a long exiled Lycan returns to start anew. But first, he must face the lords of the Lycans in a battle that will determine not just his fate, but that of every being on the planet.
Inhumans will be FREE on Amazon on May 14 and 15, so get your copy while the promo last -
Inhumans (INHUMANS, #1) by Victor Darksaber

message 36: by Sue (new)

Sue Taylor (suetaylor) | 2 comments Elizabeth wrote: "Hello all,

My novella, "Lost in Apple Grove" will be free tomorrow. That's 5/13/2014 (or 13/5/2014 for non-Americans).
It's about a dysfunctional family with a matriarch suffering from Alzheimer's..."

Have got my copy, looks interesting, looking forward to reading and reviewing.

message 37: by [deleted user] (new)

Inhumans is currently FREE on Amazon for two days (May 14 & 15) - Get a piece of the Lycan action while promo last -
The Grimwolf makes an unexpected return - and the lords of the Lycans will do everything they can to stop him or share a dark fate -
Inhumans (INHUMANS, #1) by Victor Darksaber

message 38: by Angela (new)

Angela Burkhead (themsburkhead) | 7 comments I have a couple of giveaways going for my young readers book this week, being it's Children's Book Week. One is here on Goodreads; and the other is here for Twitter;
If anyone would like to give a review I can send a PDF copy to them :)

message 39: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Rose | 42 comments Sue wrote: "Elizabeth wrote: "Hello all,

My novella, "Lost in Apple Grove" will be free tomorrow. That's 5/13/2014 (or 13/5/2014 for non-Americans).
It's about a dysfunctional family with a matriarch sufferin..."

Thanks, Sue!

message 40: by Charles (last edited May 20, 2014 03:06AM) (new)

Charles Z Doilain (charlesdoilain) | 2 comments Hello, all.

My gay short story, The Conflict of Our Dreams is currently free on Amazon. It's a contemporary gay short story that serves as an introduction to the series The Gay Seasons.

Here's the link on Amazon:
Free period runs from today May 20 until May 24, 2014

The first book, A Summer and The Fall is currently out, while the second one is coming soon.

Hope you check it out. :)


message 41: by T.J. (new)

T.J. Alexian | 18 comments Free until May 24, Pictures of You, the latest thriller from TJ Alexian.

A story of a haunting. Of a memory that lingers. Of voices that hide in the shadows.

Living your life on video is fine, as long as you’ve got complete control. But what if one day you wake up and discover videos you didn’t know existed have gone public? That’s what happens to self-professed video geek, Ashes16, whose real-world past begins to haunt her when a strange video pops up on her YouTube account. Others soon follow, bringing back vivid memories of her older brother's grisly death and forcing Ashes to relive over and over again a nightmare scene she witnessed first-hand. Are they messages from her dead brother, asking her to uncover dark family secrets some people want to keep hidden? And what happens when Ashes finally starts to understand the meaning behind the messages? That’s the chilling secret behind Pictures of You.

message 42: by Corey (new)

Corey Lamb (officialcoreylamb) | 2 comments For those of you who do not know me (everyone), my name is C. L. Allen, and I recently published my first piece of short fiction (and first part of a trilogy) titled "I Am Become Zombie". Now, I'm confident with the quality of this "story", but I need potential readers to feel the same. So, I am giving away free copies of this published piece, in exchange for formal reviews (my bread and butter).

If you are interested in reviewing this piece of comedy/horror chronicling this adventures of a college-dropout-turned-zombie struggling with his boredom with the rest of the world, please contact me, and you will undoubtedly receive a FREE copy of the first part of my zombie manifesto of sorts.

Check it out here (and spread the word):

message 43: by S.A. (new)

S.A. Molteni (SAMolteni) | 1 comments Hi All,

My latest short story, "A Special Bull" is FREE on Amazon from May 23 through May 27.

Please feel free to download a copy and share the link with others.

S.A. Molteni

message 44: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) REMINDER - what 'no strings' means

It was stated quite clearly that this thread is for 'no strings' free book offers. Please do not say things like 'in exchange for a review' - you can hope to get a review, but it's not a formal or informal part of the deal.

If you pass a free copy via PM/email the author should afterwards wait for contact, if any, from the receiver, no pestering them for opinions/reviews or anything.

message 45: by Dennis (new)

Dennis | 2 comments Register for a Goodreads giveaway of (5) signed copies of my historic novel "Mademoiselle Gigi" until July 5th.

message 46: by Harrison (new)

Harrison Nguyen (HarrisonNguyen84) | 4 comments Hi everyone!

Perilous Overtures by Harrison Nguyen

From May 24 to May 28, Perilous Overtures will be available for free! Link:

Currently #67 for free books in the best sellers for science fiction on Amazon at the time of this posting.

message 47: by Jennie (new)

Jennie Goutet (jenniegoutet) I'm giving away an electronic version of my book, "A Lady in France" to anyone who wants it. For now, I'll say that the giveaway is until July 1, 2014. If you're reading this after that date, it doesn't hurt to write anyway and see if I'm still willing. ;-)

Here's the Amazon link so you can see reviews:

'A Lady in France' is a memoir that covers topics such as grief, addiction and depression (but wait! it gets better). It also covers travel (extensively), romance, motherhood, hope, and faith. The book will probably appeal more to women and those interested in Christianity, but that is not exclusively the case, based on the feedback I got from readers.

Thanks for reading my book! :-)

message 48: by Karen (new)

Karen Callan | 14 comments I would love to read it! Great timing as I just finished my last book. If you would like to read mine in return, I am happy to share. Just In Time; How To Find Joy and Synchronicity In Every Moment
You can check out my review on Amazon here.

message 49: by Anamitra (new)

Anamitra Roy (roy0) 0ne Rupee Film Diaries: Part 2: A Theory of Every Being: A Theory of Every Being
This book is going to be available for free on Amazon from 4th June, 2014 - 5th June 2014. Your feedback and reviews will be appreciated.
Amazon link:

Thanks & Regards

message 50: by Anamitra (last edited May 30, 2014 01:30PM) (new)

Anamitra Roy (roy0) My collection of anti-poetry, Word-Conjuring, is free on Smashwords for some time. Grab a copy if you are interested in this genere. Thanks :)
Smashwords link:


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