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The greenhouses are where hundreds of magical plants live. It is also where Herboligy lessons are taught by Professor Moreau. The long tables are filled with plants and the windows are almost covered in various vines as well as hanging potted plants. The warm leafy greenlight and the harsh smell of dragon dung creates a warm humid area that takes some while getting used too.
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Arianna was tending to her own daisies and hadnt noticed Damon until she had looked up. She looked at him for a minute wondering if she should say something. He looked really happy and she didnt want to interrupt him. She smiled to herself and made a failed attempt to walk out undected. As she was about to exit she knocked over an empty pot making it crash into the concrete, shattering. "Damn it." She cursed under her breath her face turnung into a tomato as she knelt to pick up the pieces.

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She shot up from her kneeling position. "Yea I didnt notice you either until 5 minutes ago. You looked happy I didnt want to interrupt. " she said nervously but truthfully. "Thanks for cleaning that up."

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" No thankfully." She said relieved. She walked acouple pots over to a pot teeming with daisies. "These are mine." She walked over to the wall to where some sunflowers were as well. "And these."

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She gulped when they made eye contact." Mhm. Once a day whenever im not writing reading composing or practicing. Oh yea or studying. " she added with a slight grin. "I love sunflowers. They are so positive, always reaching to the sun for its light. I wish I could be like that. More positive I mean."

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"Yea I try to let people see that part me instead of..." she trailed off. She grimaced for a spilt second then broke herself away from it as if it had never happened. She perked up and said "Anyways which flowers are yours??" She asked.

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She walked over to his petunias gently running her fingers across the petals. "These are amazing and so healthy."she said admirng them. She timidly asked, "Id love to see what else youve planted. I bet theyre amazing just like these." She gestured to the petunias.

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"That forest doesnt scare me and neither do your plants." She said. "I probably have studied almost every living thing in that forest and I know thier strengths and weaknesses therefore theres nothing to be afraid of." She went stood back next to her sunflowers. "I understand if its something you want to keep personal though."

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"I think I can manage." She said chuckling alittle. It was sweet that he was worried about her but she could take care of herself.

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Her smile grew 10 times when he grabbed her hand. She blushed but chuckled more at how quickly he was going. She was so excited to see what other plants he had and she could tell he was too.

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