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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
The boathouse is a quiet cool underground harbour where the boats rest after bringing the 1st years up to Hogwarts, it is also home to a rather annoying portrait of the poet Percival Pratt. It is a large hall lit by lanterns with large sloping stone stairs leading up to the school. Trees grow strangly by the waters edge and seagulls can be constantly seen in the boathouse.
((please do begin))

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Vortex | 895 comments Riley entered the boat house and started getting his knives and wires ready.

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Vortex | 895 comments "Well first of all, they are great weapon, and work in perfect harmony with my wires. Secondly, a wizard can easily fall prey to losing their wand, so I've trained myself to use knives and wires. So now I can hit wherever I aim." Said Riley as he shot a knife towards a hovering moth, which pierce it and made a 'thunk' noise as the knife hit the would. "Shall we get started?" Chuckled Riley as he held a knife up.
(( so is it going to be a magic fight, punch fight or free for all?))

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Vortex | 895 comments Riley was taken back, but quickly recovered, " Well... This is different." He laughed "but if you insist. I'll teach you a method I just thought of. Since it took me years to master knives alone. But what I'm about to teach you will double that time." He brought four knives up. "Lesson one," he threw knives that hit Emily's cloak and stuck into the wood, he did so with the other ones, "Removing knives."

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Vortex | 895 comments Riley's face grew serious, " Lesson two, " he threw knives to the wood opposite him. He ended up making a target. "Precision."

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Vortex | 895 comments "Lesson three, Multiple Moving Targets, cut them all down at once." He said as he pointed just above him. There were five knives swinging at irregular intervals by wires.

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Vortex | 895 comments Riley smiled, "I knew you were going to say that, that is why I made two." He pointed to the other side of the room. He got his knife ready, and threw it, cutting all the knives down.

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