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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Potions; a class that teaches young wizards and witches how to brew potions which grow more complicated the better you get. The class of measuring strange ingredients and stirring a cauldron full of some sort of steaming mess if your unlucky is taught by Professor Safrika Wickham; a witch who looks a lot like a muggles classification of a witch.
((please do begin))

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Crona walked into the dungeon where her potions class was taken. Opening the door she entered, breathing in the wave of smells that came at her. Strong smells, bitter, sweet, and the smell of something that was rotting, that was potions. She walked over to her desk and sat down, unloading her potions gear, her cauldren, ingredients and book.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments Lilac sat behind this crazy crona girl, glaring at her back while nibbling on yet another cookie.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments she extended her hand and had it hovering behind the girls back deciding whether or not to poke her.

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Luka shrugged, deciding to sit next to Crona. He dumped his potions equipment on the desk before turning around and watching as the others filed into the room. He saw Lilac sitting behind them, about to poke Crona. He grinned, before turning back to the front and setting up his things.

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LoWT | 125 comments Lucille was dreading this. She always ended up with random...things in her hair and they were always a pain to get out. She couldn't understand how people could enjoy the class, especially the classroom. It felt too far away from outside for Lucille's liking

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Crona looked at Luka who sat next to her. She nodded her head at him as to acknowledge his presence and sat up straight. She sensed someone behind her, Luka had also looked at a person behind her. Suspiciously Crona turned around and was faced with this girls finger in her face, she was obviously about to poke her back. Narrowing her eyes she spoke, "What do you want?"

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LoWT | 125 comments Taking a seat as close as she could to the door, Lucille glared at the cauldron like it was a mass - murderer. 'Why am I even here...?'

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Luka ignored the talking between Crona and Lilac and began to study some things from his book. He revised some of the potions and the work he'd done at the end of the term of the last school year.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments Lilac shot shot Luka a death glare, how dare he reveal her position. then she turned to look back at Crona, shaking abit. She startled at Crona's expression, "Wh-what nothing--??" she dropped her cookie got up and ran over to Lucille, sitting down next to her.

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LoWT | 125 comments Pulling out her potions textbook, her glare seemed to intensify as she stared at the leather-bound book. Her trance of hatred was broken when someone sat next to her. Looking up she saw the girl from this morning, Lilac. "Hi..." she muttered, her voice seeming darker than she had meant it to be.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "hi." Lilac said smiling weakly, and after focussing her attention on twidling her humbs for a moment, she glanced at the front, then at Lucille. "Do you have anymore food up your sleeves?" she murmured

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LoWT | 125 comments Her mood seemed to brighten slightly and a soft smile graced her lips. Leaning in close to Lilac she dropped her voice into a whisper. "I have a few more danishes if you would like one."

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments Lilac beamed, "Yes please!"

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Crona looked as the girl walked away. "So what's with her? Does she have some sort sleeve that has an unstoppable supply of food?" She asked Luka.

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LoWT | 125 comments "Shh!" Lucille held a finger to her lips before slipping her hand ito her robe, coming back out with a danish. Being the ninja she is, she ever so discreetly offering it to Lilac. "You never got it off me, got it?" she threatened jokingly.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "haha, ohkay then," her smile seemed to widen even more. As she put the danish in her mouth she asked "Can i call you Luci?"

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LoWT | 125 comments Chuckling softly, she readjusted her glasses. "Sure"

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "Ummmm... Why is Crona so scary? she seems nice to that boy over there..." Lilac nodded towards Luka and Crona.

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LoWT | 125 comments "She doesn't mean to do it, she's like one of those little yappy dogs. They look cute and like they want you to pet them but if they don't trust you they'll bite your hand off. She's not scary once she warms up though so don't worry!" she said reassuringly

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Luka heard Crona's question and turned to look at where Lucille and Lilac were sitting. He shrugged "Not sure, it seems so" he said bewildered.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "oh, okay, well... awesome, i guess. Yea, so, what are we supposed to be doing?" Lilac blinked.

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LoWT | 125 comments "Honestly? I have no clue. Potions isn't my strong point..." she said sheepishly before glaring at the couldron. "Maybe if we just shove everything in at once it'll be over and done with and we can leave."

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
"Ahh I see." Crona said.
Professor Wickham walked into the dungeon. "Hello there class." She gave a smile, "So today we shall be making poison antidotes. I want you all to gather up in pairs then one shall make a poison and the other shall create the antidote. The instructions for the antidote is on the board and you can use any poison as long as it does not cause any immeadiate trouble. Start!" The professor waved her wand in front of the black board and instructions came up.
"So partners?" Crona turned to Luka and asked.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Luka nodded before flicking through his book to find a poison recipe. He found a recipe for "Baneberry Potion" and he started making it, mixing all the ingredients well. The ingredients for this potion were very toxic and it just occurred to him that he may be the unlucky person having to drink this poison.

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LoWT | 125 comments "...I'll make the poison" Lucille stated. Everything she makes ends up somewhat poisonous anyway. Flicking through the book she tried to find something easy enough for her not to totally screw up.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Crona looked up at the board and begun to collect all of the nessesary ingredients, and lit the fire underneath her cauldren. Smiling happily she begun her potion.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "Awesome! Can I eat it?"

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LoWT | 125 comments Looking at Lilac completely horrified, her voice rose into some form of shriek that was very out of character for her. "What?! You aren't supposed to eat the poison!" 'Especially if I made it!' she added in her mind.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Crona looked over, a green haze had risen up from her antidote and she hazily saw Lucille screeching at Lilac. Did Lilas maybe want to drink the poison? Shaking her head Crona turned back to her creation and a smile rose up on her face as the antidote turned from a deep teal green into a bright almost flurescent pink. It was almost finished. She looked over at Luka's posion and smiled, she didn't think it was going all too well.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Luka's poison wasn't the absolute best but it was reasonably okay. It was also almost finished. The potion was a blood red colour, the colour it was meant to be and it didn't look particularly inviting at all.

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Jewel (jeweliuslovescake) | 227 comments "Oh, whoops, sorry. ok then."

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LoWT | 125 comments Sighing, Lucile shook her head in slight disbelief. 'Is her stomach a bottomless pit?
' Figuring she should just get it over and done with, she started on a fairly simple poison to make people hallucinate...or something like that.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Her antidote turned a pure white and begun to boil slowly. Looking over at Luka's potion she knew that he was done as well. "Professor!" She called out, "What do we do once we are finished?"
"Well. I thought it was obvious, one of you drink the poison and try the antidote." The professor smiled.
"Well. Who wants to drink the poison?" Crona turned and asked Luka.

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali drank both the poison, and the antidote. After a few seconds, he sighed. 'Well, it seems my potions worked.'he said with a hint of relief in his tone.

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LoWT | 125 comments Lucille frowned. Something was missing and she had no clue what. Scanning her book she figured out that she had forgotten to retrieve an ingredient. "Of course I forgot something..." she muttered. Glancing around the room she spotted the small batch of herbs on a table a couple of rows down from hers. 'At least it's another Ravenclaw who has them' she thought as she quietly made her way to him. "Hey, can I use these?" She asked once she stood in front of the person. She identified the kid as Vitali, she only knew him by appearance though as she had never really spoken to him before.

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Vortex | 895 comments "Sure" Vitali replyed"let me guess, you forgot an ingredient did you?" he said with the slightest hint of mockery in his tone.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
Luka stared at both the potions, "Uh...I guess I'll do it" he said slowly. He picked up the poison, drinking some of it. It was a horrible taste and made his mouth numb. He then picked up the antidote and drank it. He sat for a few seconds and nothing happened, "Well, atleast it seems that they have both worked"

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LoWT | 125 comments Frowning slightly, Lucille glared at Vitali. "Shut up...potions isn't my strong point, got it?"

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Vortex | 895 comments "Well, if you need help, just ask me."Vitali smiled.

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LoWT | 125 comments Glancing over at her cauldron, Lucille bit her lip. 'Should I...?' She thought. Flicking her gaze to the teacher, she noticed that she was in the exact opposite direction of her table. Dropping her voice to whisper, she looked up at Vitali. "Help me now and I can give you a cheese danish as payment."

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
"Well. You seem to be alive. That, I guess, would be seen as a 'relief'." She said sarcastically with a grin on her face.

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Maison | 2243 comments Mod
"Ha ha very funny" Luka said sarcastically. "You'd be absolutely lost without me here to bother you all the time" he said smiling.

message 44: by Vortex (new)

Vortex | 895 comments "Sure." said Vitali.
((sry for replying so late))

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
"You think? Are you sure the antidote is actually working and that the poison isn't actually messing with you're head?" Crona asked with a smirk on her face.

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LoWT | 125 comments After checking on the teacher again, Lucille gave Vitali a small smile. "Knowing my luck it's probably destroyed but everything salvageable...right?" She said with a note of amusement in her voice, knowing full well her inability to potions.

message 47: by Vortex (new)

Vortex | 895 comments "Yes, you need to grind these herbs and add some newt eye's. Then stir it until you see a purple gas coming from the potion." instructed Vitali, "Got it?"

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LoWT | 125 comments Nodding, a look of seriousness on her face "got it!" She said before going back to her cauldron with the herbs. She pushes up her sleeves to her elbows before she began grinding the herbs. After that was done she threw it into the cauldron along with the newt's eye. Stirring the concoction, she frowned slightly. It was changing through various colours and she doubted that that was right but she continued to stir, waiting for the purple gas to appear.

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Vortex | 895 comments "Yep that looks about right." said Vitali as he walked over to Lucille."the purple gas won't be too long now." He smiled at Lucille and went back to his table.

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LoWT | 125 comments Soon enough the purple gas appeared and despite herself, Lucille let out a victory whoop. "I did it!" She exclaimed happily, this being one of the very few potions that haven't either blown up in her face, combusted or endangered the lives of her classmates.

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