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message 1: by Brian (new)

Brian Young (briandanielyoung) | 3 comments Hello Friends and Fans!

I recently created a new website at to showcase new talent and reviews, particularly in the audiobook world. Won't you stop by and help us grow? We have all sorts of free promotional tools!

See you soon!

Brian Daniel Young
Brian Daniel Young

message 2: by J.J. (new)

J.J. DiBenedetto | 19 comments Brian, this looks like a great site!

I have four audiobooks from my works available on Audible - how would I be able to get them reviewed at your site, or have samples there?

message 3: by Brian (new)

Brian Young (briandanielyoung) | 3 comments Hi JJ - The reviews you can provide from friends, audible or whatever you would like. I'd be happy to link to one or two of your top ones if you get me the details. All I would ask is a quick shout out to our new web site on yours if that works for you.

Check mine out on audible here:

message 4: by Paul, the ears have it (new)

Paul (paullev) | 20 comments Mod
Welcome, Brian! Is there a form on your site through which authors can submit their audiobooks and one or two reviews? Or would you prefer authors contacting you here, via private message?

message 5: by Brian (last edited Dec 23, 2013 11:14PM) (new)

Brian Young (briandanielyoung) | 3 comments Hi Paul - Sorry, I was away for a bit. The easiest way to contact me is probably via my Google+ profile at

I added JJ from this thread very quickly and would like to add many others.

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