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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
The airy and light common room of Ravenclaw has high arched windows letting students have an amazing view of the spectacular scenery. Its domed ceiling decorated with stars looks down on the room furnished with many bookcases and comfortable armchairs.
((please do begin))

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali entered the common room, still trying to process what happened. Noctillion greeted him by landing on his head."Hey boy."Vitali said as Noctillion was cuddling up to him"Yeah its been a rough day." he said as he made his way to the Ravenclaw Boys Dormitry with Noctillion on his head.

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali entered the common room, with his robes dried off. He tired sat down in front of the fireplace and accidentally fell asleep.
((so is it end day now?))

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
((yup I guess so...))

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali woke up, realsing he slept in the common room. He got up and was greeted by Noctillion."Well hello there." said Vitali to his pet. Vitali then proceeded to the Great Hall with Noctillion on his head.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall walked into the common room with Ashley still under his arm and flicked his wand, sending the still-flaming ball of leaves into the fire-place where it quickly merged into the flames. He let go of Ashley and walked towards the fire place to try and dry his still wet body off.

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali entered the room with Noctillion. He noticed some people were already here. They were a year or two above him. He grabbed a book and sat down and started reading the novel.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall glanced at the boy who had just entered the room and nodded him a greeting. Marshall then grabbed his clothes and walked to Ash, "Have a good night." He then patted her lightly on the head before leaving the common room.

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Rhiannon (checkers82) | 2502 comments Mod
Ash smiled softly at Marshall as he walked away then walked off to the girls dorms.

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Vortex | 895 comments Vitali woke up with a loud hoot in his ear, and a book on his face. He took the book off his face, noticing that the page he was on, had a bit of drool on it. He wiped it off, and look and Noctillion. The owl returned the look with a happy hoot. Vitali patted him in his favourite spot, and got up and headed to the hall.

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments Haruhi stumbled into the room. His arms were overloaded with numerous scales, weights and jars of various minerals. He let it crash to a table by the window and began setting it up. "Oh, whoops. Now, let's see here... No, no." He started waying different minerals against one stone, scratching some notes down on a piece of parchment every now and then. "Not that one either. Close! No. Hmm."

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Her whole face turned beet red. She gulped and said in a higher voice nervously, "You as well Damon."

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She watched him walk off waving. How could a guy like that like her? She couldnt wrap her head around it.

((Hm maybe she meets Marcel or Emma or they go on a date or something))

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(( okie dokie :) lol great minds think alike I thinking the same thing with Marcel))

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((Okay :) where to??))

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments Haruhi returned to the common room. Sitting at a table, he pulled out a parchment and began writing.

Dear Uncle,
I've been doing all my work here, I promise! It's been really fun and I've even made a few friends. I also figured out a solution for your experiment problems. I've finally been able to become an animangus- to turn ino an animal, a dove. Since I'm willing, you can test your products on me! It'll be fine.

Tell mother and father that I love them lots, and tell me what I've been missing.

Love, Haru.

Smiling, he looked over his letter, making sure there were no mistakes.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall nodded at Emily and walked over to a table to sit down. He opened some of the books that he left on the table, from the last time he was there, and started to read through them, flicking between different books to double check a reference making sure that his knowledge and memory had no mistakes.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall raised his eyes and watched as Emily curled herself up on the sofa to slowly fall asleep. He sighed and stood up and walked over to her, "You shouldn't sleep here." He softly said and shook her shoulder lightly.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
"You will fall asleep soon. So I would suggest you go up to your dorm before you fall asleep here." Marshall replied with his usual blank face.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
"Of course you won't." Marshall gave one of his rare stunning smiles and walked away back to his table. Sitting down he continued to read through his books.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall glanced up and noticed that Emily was reading a book. He studied the cover, wondering what sort of book it was.

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Arianna walked into the common room. She had just finished hanging out with Dammon and she was tired. She walked over and plopped down with a sigh on a couch. She was across from a girl that looked about as tired as she was.

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She smiled shyly at the girl. Something about her seemed so familiar but she couldnt put her finger on it. "Oh nothing really just a long day. I just got done hanging out with my boyfriend." She said. "What book are you reading?" She asked curiosity igniting in her eyes.

message 24: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments Avalyn entered the room, tired. She had been studying, just like always.

It was almost a rewarding feeling - to go and just sit there without doing much of anything. Of course, people were already there. She sat in the corner, rather far from her fellow Ravenclaws. She wasn't exactly social and she hadn't made any friends yet.

She would be sleeping in half-an-hour, she assumed. Her eyes were only beginning to feel droopy.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall looked up and saw that a few more people had joined them. A younger girl was sitting away from them, slowly falling asleep, and another was talking to Emily. He sighed and stood up when he saw that the fire was slowly dying out. He walked over to the fire and picked up a few logs, throwing them in the fire and crouched down to watch them. After a few minutes he noticed that the embers weren't setting the logs alight and pulled out his wand. He pointed his wand at the fireplace, murmured a few words and watched as the fire grew.

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Arianna noticed a few more people had joined them. A girl sitting over by herself and a boy tending the fire. "Its always better to hold out for the right one." She said wisely. "Ive read Lord of the Rings before. I love the series, its simply amazing." She said smiling widely at the girl.

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Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments Avalyn highly overestimated the amount of time she would remain awake.

"Good night..." She murmured, sitting in a comfortable position.

Her eyes were closing until the heat of the growing woke up her up slightly. An upperclassmen was tending to the fire. The heat felt good and she felt sleep take over.

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Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments ((Bye, guys. I have to go for awhile.))

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments Haruhi all but ran into the common room and launched into the couch. He curled himself into a ball and opened the envelope.


Ooh, was it from his uncle? Or maybe from his parents even!?

*You're an idiot. What were you thinking, putting that in writing! That's great, you can do something more weird and even change your damn insides. Atleast you'll be useful to me now.

Also, stop sending me letters! I'm not your father, and I don't keep tabs on him. Stop asking me all of those questions, I really don't care. I don't have time to deal with owls and everything! Leave me alone, at least until the holidays.


Haruhi drew in a shuddering breath. He slouched further into the couch and hid his face behind the parchment. Biting his lip, he tried to keep his dry sobs quiet, but ofcourse they didn't say dry for long. Tears streamed down his face, and he felt horrofied.

Why was this affecting him so much? It wasn't as if he hadn't been told much worse. But... he'd actually hoped that the time spent away, and with the new information, his uncle might actually be happy with him. He guessed he kinda was... when he wasn't telling him to leave him alone! His shoulders started shaking. Damn, he needed to get to the common room without anyone knowing.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall stood up and stretched once he'd finished fixing the fire. Turning around he saw someone rolled up in a small ball and shuddering slightly. Slowly walking towards the person he realised it was Haruhi so he walked up to the couch he was on and flopped down. Marshall stretched out and yawned, pulling on his scarves- a sign that he was tired- and spoke, "We should be getting to bed soon yes?" He kindly asked Haruhi, "It's not the weekend yet."

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments Haruhi nodded into his knees. "Mmhmm!" He cleared his throat. He was about to tell him to leave first, but as soon as he spoke his voice cracked. Standing, Haruhi tried to hide his face and duck around Marshall to the dorms.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Marshall nodded and followed behind Haruhi, using his big frame to block the others view of him. He entered the dorm behind Haruhi.

((You wanna post in the dorms?))

message 33: by Peter (new)

Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments ((Sure... let me find them.... okay maybe you post it))

He started biting hard on his forefinger. He couldn't distract himself and Marshall was right behind him!

message 34: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments Avalyn woke up, only to see that most of the Ravenclaws have left. Deciding that it was about time she went to a proper sleeping area, she stretched and went inside the dormitories, yawning on her way there.

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Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments Avalyn woke up once more, and decided that she wouldn't be able to sleep for a few more hours.

She's been wrong before but, still, she really felt like sleep was past her now.

She went into the common room, to find a fellow Ravenclaw talking about muggle books. She believed that it was the Lord of the Rings.

"Sorry to interrupt," she told them shyly. "But is that the Lord of the Rings?"

She was shy and she said it awkwardly but she really did want to have at least someone to talk to.

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Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments ((yay! I have friends now.))

Avalyn sat down beside her. "I have. It's really popular in the muggle world. Although, I'm sad to say that I haven't read it. It's on my reading list though."
She said just as awkwardly. "I enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy."

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Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments She patted her back shyly and smiled despite herself, "I'm Avalyn. It's good to meet you."

message 38: by [deleted user] (new)

Arianna smiled at their exchange. She wished conversation came that easily to her.

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

((Yesss haha))

"Arianna." She said with a small smile. "And yours?" She asked politely.

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Arianna realized who she was taking to. She her hand her face lighting up. She now knew why she seemed familiar. "Emily?? Damons sister" she asked.

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

"No im a year younger. Im his girlfriend. " she said hesitantly. Had he not told Emily? She wondered nervously.

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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
((Oh god, like sisters? Haha I think Emily's thinking a bit into the future? ;) ))

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

((Aw I love her!!))

Arianna let out a breath she had been holding. She grinned widely. She leaned in closer and said "Heres how it happened-" she told her how they met basically everything excluding Damons secret garden. She told the whole story extremely excited about Emily. She was so sweet

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She busted out laughing. "Im glad you approve." She said still chuckling. "We should hang out one day after class." She said happily.

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)


"Thanks." She said shyly while blushing.

message 46: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (hannah_gwyneth) | 55 comments Avalyn, having recovered from her temporary paralisation at having a friend, heard the whole exchange.

"You have a brother?" She asked Emily and turned to face the other girl. "And he's your boyfriend?" She hoped she wasn't intruding and stepping on personal ground. Honestly, who was she? They had just only met- it wasn't proper to be asking such questions.

"I'm sorry for intruding." She said hastily.

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"Yea theyre twins." She said kindly. "They are both quite interesting in their own way." She said chuckling.

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"They probably just havent hot around to saying something." She said comfortingly. "And yes ive met Marcel, he has some way with words."

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"Yea he did, but ive gotten used to it." She said rolling her eyes at the all the pick up lines Marcel tried. "He just needs a girl thatll put him in his place."

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"Im planning this date actually along with getting him this whole new set of rare flower seeds and some gardening tools hes been wanting." She said shyly looking down." Im also working on a song for him too...I dont want to give away too many details,but I think hes going to love it. Speaking of which I could use your help."

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