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I have yet to anyone who actually likes Dan Brown's novel
Amber Amber Nov 26, 2013 10:24PM
Everyone I meet (in person or on this site) that has even tried one novel by Dan Brown has hated his writing.

I personally enjoyed several of his novels but what about you? Love him? Hate him? And why?

I enjoy his novels, they always teach me something, I love history, and they never bore me.

I believe that the major problem in his books are that they start slowly and there is history and Langdon or others characters been the most intelligence knows everything and has that little tricks that confounds our minds. Brown has already a style that's easy to identify in his others books and he doesn't innovate.

I've tried reading the Langdon series, but just couldn't get into it. Digital Fortress was an amazing novel though, it was really hard to put down.

let me say this..yes dan brown's story theme is too predictive..the good guy turns out bad..and yes his last one ( inferno) was a commentry on architecture rather than a thriller..but no one can deny that angel & demons and da vinci code were in their own class..they were fast paced..lots of history..and a good ending ...complete package.!

The Langdon books were good, but I gave up on him after reading Digital Fortress, which I thought was below professional adult standard.

Somewhere along the line pompous books snobs have decided Dan Brown is the devil.

Next time you meet someone carrying on about how badly he writes, or how contrived his plots are - ask them how many million dollar best sellers they have had or how many of their books have been made into movies.
I bet Brown is laughing all the way to the bank...and so he should.

Brown's books follow a formula, but many authors share that. I enjoy the heck out of Dan Brown...all of his works. I have not read Inferno yet, but all the others have been read multiple times. Great works that entertain.

This is my second Dan Brown novel and I really really enjoyed his story and writing. I have no hate for him. To each their own.

Hi, I'm Linda, and I love his books! Nice you meet you! There you go! :P

I just love how every single time, I get sucked in and can't put the book down. For me, all of his books have been pageturners. Some of his books are better than others, but it is like that with every author. In the end, I have enjoyed all of his books, most of them I have read more than once.

He uses the same plot for every novel (I've read Digital Fortress, Da Vinci Code, the one that takes place in the Arctic, and maybe one other).


Man and woman are sent to do the same job by their employers and they work together.

Mysterious group is trying to get to a super powerful object for a big conspiracy.

Mentor of the main characters turns out to be the leader of this super secret organization.

*end spoilers*

He just changes the theme accordingly; the Arctic, religion, technology. But they're all the same story with the same bland characters and predictable events. The only thing I will say that is positive is that he does seem to do some extensive research for familiarize himself with the theme of the novel.

Perhaps you should check out the threads for his other books. There are a lot of fans. My husband and I both love his writing. They're usually hard to put down, which to us, means they're written well enough to keep us engaged.

Amber It's not that I can not find anyone who likes DB but I met more people that do not. The only answer I have gotten from people is that he is pompous or ...more
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Nichole I can understand religious people finding his stories offensive, but what other reason is there? I found Da Vinci Code, for instance, extremely intere ...more
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oh! i love reading novels by DAn Brown, they are simply amazing.

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I personally enjoyed his novels so far. I've read: Deception Point & The Da Vinci Code.

I loved the first two. Then I discovered the formula he uses and am no longer interested.

They aren't that bad. Some are quite interesting. I like the Da Vinci Code. But this book wasn't that great.

I have really enjoyed his books. I find them very we'll researched and he researches a lot of the questions the world has been asking for centuries. Book wise my faves were Deception Point by Dan Brown and Angels & Demons (Robert Langdon, #1) by Dan Brown

Dan Browne is not a strong "writer" but he is a solid "story teller." Unfortunately, once you read one of his novels future one's follow the same pattern, and ultimately weaken his efforts, though they are highly entertaining. Da Vinci Code was my first read of his and I really enjoyed it. Going back into his library didn't wow me as much, though. The thing I find annoying with his style, and this goes for many suspense/thriller novels, is the short, and I mean very short, chapters or scenes. I never really feel like I sink into the book as much as I could if it weren't so chopped up. Perhaps that is simply a trait of a plot only book without much character development.

Well I have read most books by Dan Brown but I insist he is not an artist.
He writes every novel in a s very specific way (e.g. somebody wakes up in the middle of the night because the president called him to save Middle East). Plus, he is quite predictable. The digital fortress is my favourite of his just because it is a bit out of the ordinary writing style Dan Brown has.
However, he has a great gift - and that is none other than putting extreme pressure in nearly all scenes. I have to admit that his books are quite addicting, but I can't imagine anyone loving his writing.
He might not worth being famous.

I've read all of his books and have enjoyed them all. There isn't one book that everyone is going to agree on, so I don't think it is surprising that there are people who don't like them.

Who on earth hates DAN the genius.....i luv him.....Could die to meeet could u even say hes bad.......thats just insulting to his fans...we luv him and we are dedicated to his writings........

Just enjoy what you enjoy and ignore the literary snobs when they accuse you of being an unsophisticated reader. Dan Brown's works are not intended to be sophisticated nor are they literary endeavors. But so what. They are simply entertaining page turners and that is perfectly fine. We all enjoy different things.

No need to apologize to anyone. Just don't make the mistake of trying to defend your "literary" tastes by calling Dan Brown a "good" writer, in the literary sense.

He may certainly be entertaining, and his stories may be interesting to some, and he is certainly read by many!! But that's all it is...

I don't think even Dan Brown would consider his books "high literature". They are highly entertaining, however! Digital Fortress is my favorite of all of his novels. I don't know if he can ever live up to Angels & Demons and DaVinci Code, but I do appreciate the amount of research he does and details he includes.

You do have to admire the kind of research he does for a book. There is always something new you learn after finishing his book. But yes, he is repeating his formula a bit too much now.

I read several of his older works (including Digital Fortress) but I was 18-19 at the time and loved all of it.
Nowadays, these kinds of books seem predictable to me. I got The Lost Symbol for my 23rd birthday but never even opened it.

I've only read a few of his books. His better ones are those in the middle, like Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code. His earlier ones are poor (referring specifically to Digital Fortress - it's actually very poorly researched) and his later ones were too obviously formulaic (this was just from someone I know).

I have read all except Inferno. Decent books. I don't read for the author, but for the entertainment of the book. I could care less about whether he is a pompous ass or a mouse.

I have read all of his books, so far, except "Inferno", but it is on my back burner. The idea of a good book is to keep the reader entertained. I really did like his novels. They were entertaining. There are novels that I love more, but Dan Brown's are definitely entertaining.

As soon as something/someone is successful, all the haters like to come out and poop over it. Why are people like that?? Damn hipsters and their need to prove they're cool by hating what others like. :)

I really like Dan Brown novels. They are exciting and really grab my attention as a reader. I usually suffer from a lack of sleep at the time because I stay up to ungodly hours reading. That, to me, is the sign of a good writer. He manages to weave together a twisty plot, historical facts, art history, science, name it. That takes a lot of skill.

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I like his plot's, but not his writing style...

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