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Yui runs fast to Megimi's mail box. She slips an invitation in and runs before Megimi can see her!

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Yui looks back in embarrassment. She looks straight ahead and waves back at Megimi as she leaves for school. She slips on a rock and falls to the floor- her bags fall and red bean paste buns fall out of them!

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Ray | 146 comments Mod
Yui looks up from the concrete. "Ui?? Oh it's Megimi!!!"
She quickly hops up and dusts herself off

"Uhh, you didn't see that!!!" She worriedly looks at Megimi and realizes that Megimi had picked up her bags. She squeals and quickly grabs them- she looks inside

"My red bean paste--where?" Then she looks to the floor and hurriedly picks them up, and is cautious of Megimi's stare.

"Uhh...*giggles* ummm.....You should come after school today- come to the light music club- the K-On club, you know...umm see ya!"

She turns begins to run, stumbles to the ground and begins to run to school again.

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