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message 1: by Sally (new)

Sally Ember (sallyemberedd) | 28 comments Today's radio show (#15, Interview with Sally Ember, Ed.D.) went well! From the host: "Thank you again for appearing on the show today. It was a very good show, in my opinion. Oh, and your social media seemed to work, you had the highest number of live listens of any show so far at 17 and you've already had 11 archive listens.
Best, Will Wilson - Host, Indie Books"
He's looking for authors, advertisers, and more listeners (live or archived). Check it out! Everything but ads is free, and ads are cheap!

message 2: by Samreen (new)

Samreen Ahsan (sam_a_canada) | 13 comments My first book, "A Silent Prayer" is published on Smashwords. It's a paranormal romance fiction.

A Silent Prayer by Sam A.

message 3: by E. (new)

E. Bard (EBard) | 11 comments Hi Everyone here - I had a free sort-of marketing idea for 2014

I'm trying a new guessing game on Twitter - to get as many people as possible there talking about books. I hope those of you on Twitter will try it. It's called What Am I Reading (#w_a_i_r) and all you have to do is tweet a hint about the book you're reading (include the hashtag). Others will guess what the book is - so it's good for starting conversations about books. Tweet the answer (what you were reading) on Fridays - with the hashtag. You can also guess what others are reading - it's a game so it's nice to play with others as well. And if you are reviewing the book you are reading - you can include a link to your review on Friday when you tweet the answer. THIS CAN APPLY TO AUTHORS as well - you can include a link with the answer if you're reading your own book. Yes - you can read your own book and hint about it. If you want to see an example, just go onto Twitter and look up the hashtag #w_a_i_r. There will be examples and a couple of explanatory tweets.
I hope some of you Twitter users will give it a try. It has the potential to work as marketing by buzzing your books without all those pushy 'buy me' links that fly by each hour. Also, it's a guessing game so it's an opportunity for readers to connect with each other and with authors.
Of course the best part is that it's free. The only problem is getting it to catch on, so instead of authors tweeting sales links in their answers - a goodreads link or review link might be better. It's more about exposure for your books.

message 4: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) One method of promoting your books is to do an imaginary news item to be posted at or at

message 5: by Stan (new)

Stan Morris (morriss003) Serena wrote: "AUTHORS - "Boost Your Book's Exposure Quickly and Affordably" - Get your book onto a high-traffic website and a newsletter sent to 700+ book clubs each quarter. For one low fee, your book will re..."

Serena, thanks for the post. I clicked on the link.

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