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Hi! (BTW I might take a while to comment for about 5 minutes)

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Girl please!

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I like best friend better, I have done too many nerd populars in the past... mind making yours first?

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Name: Caroline Stirling
Age: 16
Looks: Appearance
Personality: Very social, yet kind of mysterious. Enjoys partying but is also quite disciplined.
Other: has an older brother who is nineteen, they get along fairly well even though he goes to university. She never really dated in the past, she was more of a hookup kind of girl because she never had found the person she really wanted to be with.

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Hey, anything else you want me to include?

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((Of course!))

Caroline glided down the street on her skateboard, looking for the right house. Once she reached it she stopped in front of it, walked up to the door, and rung the bell three times, just like she always did.

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Caroline smiled as the door opened, looking at her best friend. "Nice outfit," she told him, rolling her eyes. "You couldn't bother putting some clothes on, not even for me?"

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"What was that for?" she yelled after him, leaning against the wall as she waited.

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"Hi, fancy seeing you here," Caroline joked, noticing that Taylor had returned, and that he didn't look too happy. "I thought you weren't going to be here today, though."

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Caroline laughed, though she noticed something a little different in the tone of Ryan's voice. "Since when am I your best friend too, Ryan?"

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"Wish I could, but unless you want to wait until six in the evening on a weekday for me to finish rehearsal, your plans need to undergo some changes." Caroline raised an eyebrow, "I also was under the impression that you had used up all your paid vacation days?"

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Caroline looked over at Taylor before turning back to Ryan, her face apologetic. "I'm sorry Ryan, I'm really busy, maybe some other time."

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"Hey," Caroline said quietly, smiling at him. She was still rather perplexed about what had just happened with Ryan.

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((That was kind of the vibe that I got at the beginning of this RP! Like I feel like she would be kind of unknowingly leading him on because she's just a flirtatious person...))

"Where are we going again?" Caroline asked him as she sat down.

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Caroline nodded, "Right, sorry." She looked at him apologetically, and then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Better now?"

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Raising an eyebrow, she asked, "Is that any of your business?"

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Caroline laughed, "What makes you think I like anybody?" She did, it was true, but she didn't want Taylor to go beating up anybody. Not that she thought he would, but he was like a brother to her, and brothers tended to get protective.

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((I feel like she's completely oblivious to what she's doing! sad :( I ship them))

"Well..." Caroline started. She had never been good about opening up to people about her love life. "I've been talking to Will more and more recently, and... I like him a lot." She tried to come off as casual, but there were some nerves evident in her voice.

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Caroline was confused by his reaction. "Why, what were you expecting me to say?"

((How long should this go on for, like until they get together?))

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She knew something was up from the way he was acting; after all, she knew him almost as well as she knew herself. "Taylor. Talk to me."

((I feel like it can't go on indefinitely, so there should be like an awkward period and maybe some stuff happens like they hook up or something...??))

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Caroline was in shock; that was not what she had been expecting at all. "Oh, my God Taylor. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to..." she said quietly as she looked into his eyes. She didn't dare reach out and touch him. There was nothing she could do except sit there. What have I done? she thought to herself.

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Caroline smiled a little. "I guess, yeah, I don't know." She reached out and took his hand, hoping to comfort him at least a little bit.

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Caroline nodded. "Hey, I know this isn't exactly what you want to hear right now, but you're still my best friend, and I don't want to hurt you." She got out of the car and walked into the diner, slowly.

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"Taylor, you know how I am with relationships. I haven't found the person I really want to be with, and honestly, as much as I like him, it's definitely not Will. And he isn't a lot better than you are." Caroline felt a deep sadness, somewhere. She liked Will, she did, but something wasn't right.

((So they're at the diner, right, but how long is this going to go on before they get together or whatever?))

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((Want to RP it out or time skip? I think like a week, like maybe she realises what she did wrong and she goes back to Taylor))

Caroline sat on the other side, facing him. "Is there anything I can do? Be honest here, I don't want to lose you."

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((Is it your post or should I go again?))

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((No problem.))

A week had passed. The two of them had talked a little, but it was strained, and awkward. Caroline had talked to Will more, determined to try and make herself happy if she couldn't cheer up her best friend. The problem was, she had realised that he wasn't that great of a person... and that she should have admitted to herself that she had feelings for Taylor a long time ago.

She skated down the street to his house again, the flannel shirt she had borrowed from Taylor almost a year ago billowing out behind her; she ran up to the front door. She knocked hurriedly, anxious.

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"Hey, Taylor," she said quietly, becoming almost shy all of a sudden. She stepped inside without bothering to ask; this was more important than polite formalities. "Look, I'm sorry. I know what you're going to say, I know you're going to say it wasn't my fault, that you understand, whatever. But that's not what I mean, what I mean is... I'm sorry that I didn't admit, to myself, that I wanted there to be more between us." She paused. "Forgive me?"

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Caroline smiled up at him, looping her arms around his neck. "Apparently, yeah. So don't make me change my mind."

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She kissed him back, feeling something that was more... complete than anything she had ever felt before. She'd kissed tons of guys before, and none of it was bad, but this was just so much different. She pulled back, catching her breath. She looked at him, smiling.

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"You're kidding." That was all she could say. Even before she realised how she felt, she'd always thought Taylor was incredibly good looking, and though he never mentioned it outright, she had always assumed there were other girls. But apparently not.

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Caroline laughed, "Well I feel honoured." She kissed him again, this time a light peck. "Thank you."

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"Well... yeah...." Caroline admitted, "but seeing as it's not obvious or anything, it's okay. I mean you're good at kissing." She blushed as she said this, but it was true.

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Caroline looked down at what she was wearing and smiled, "Do you want it back or something?"

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Her face was mock serious. "Hmm.... let me think....." she paused to be more dramatic (although she was unsure, she had never really done the girlfriend thing). "I suppose that... yes, I'll be your girlfriend, Taylor."

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Caroline made a little noise of surprise; she hadn't been expecting the kiss. But she returned it, one of her hands in his hair, the other resting on his chest.

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She breathed the scent of him in, a mixture of soap and cologne and something else. "I know," she said quietly. She couldn't bring herself to say it back, but she still felt something, something different. She didn't know what it was yet.

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"Doesn't matter," Caroline told him, "We could watch a movie, we could go out, we could..." she stopped there, even though the list was a bit longer than that.

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Her hands absentmindedly played with the hem of his shirt as she spoke. "I just suggested that, Taylor, of course it's okay with me."

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"I hardly think endearments are appropriate in this situation; you know I've always hated them," Caroline said, a little annoyed, but not too much.

((ERMAGERD we should bring Ryan back in))

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"I know," Caroline said again, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

((He should walk in on them kissing or something! Awkkkkk))

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Caroline pulled back, her face flushed from the kiss. "Hi, Ryan," she said slowly.

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"I wasn't aware you knew about his intentions," Caroline said. It came off as a strange mixture between calm, sarcastic, and confused.

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"And you didn't bother saying anything?" At this point Caroline was more amused than anything else; she looked back and forth between the two brothers.

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Caroline laughed, "That's hilarious; good to know my opinion is highly regarded."

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Caroline leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Then, addressing Ryan, she said, "Not that I don't like you, but we were kind of in the middle of something."

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Without saying anything, Caroline kissed him, smiling into it.

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Without breaking the kiss, she stepped closer to him, their hips touching.

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Slowly and softly, Caroline started grinding on his hips, just a little. She smiled a bit more.

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