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message 1: by Kate (new)

Kate In your opinion, who had the pride, and who had the prejudice? Or did they both have a little of both? In my opinion, Elizabeth mostly had the pride, and Darcy had most of the prejudice, but they both displayed both traits at one point or another.

message 2: by Charlizechat (new)

Charlizechat | 4 comments I think it's popular to assume that Darcy and Elizabeth each embody one of these traits (Darcy pride for his aloffness, Elizabeth prejudice because she conceives so quick a dislike for Darcy) in the same way that Elinor and Marianne embody "Sense and Sensibility."

But there's a case to be made that the two traits comically intermingle in both of them. We should remember, of course, that "prejudice" here is not race or even class specific, since Elizabeth has to come to grips with the justice of Darcy's gripes against the ill-behavior of most of her family. Darcy on the other hand has to bend to become sociable, a sacrifice that Elizabeth has long known how to make.

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