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The Battle of the Labyrinth

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Chat about the Battle of the Labyrinth.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) I liked this book, but not as much as the titan's curse.

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Same here. But I loved when Rachel hit Kronos with a hairbrush!

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) I LOVED THAT PART!

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That was funny! Hey, what do you think about Nyx? You know, from The House of Hades? I just got to that part!

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Oh, yeah. I forgot that you haven't read it yet. BTW, NYX IS AWESOME!!
For some reason, I love the villains in all of the books. Like in Hunger Games, President Snow is my favorite. Other than Finnick.

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I call him Finn. Yeah, President Snow made me SOB. Wait, I think that was Coin. I DON'T REMEMBER. One of them killed Prim.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) on Glee!!

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Me: I have never seen Glee.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) I hate Rachel. She annoys me. I love Glee more than life...sort of. Kurt and Santana are my favorite. Santana's evil. I appreciate that.

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Sort of! of.

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Me: You like Glee more than you like to torture Saja and make her miserable? O.O

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Me: Our friend that plays Khione in "Ask Demigods."

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яєуηα™ (reynatm) Yes. More than that. And she tortures me to! She hits me with hard cover books!

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<3 This book^_^

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It was good.

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beth (beth01) | 1235 comments I didn't like this book much, in my opinion, it is the second worst in the series...

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Kirbylover902 | 27 comments I liked this book

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