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Caden blevins Darkheart walks into his room taking his gear off removing his mask and sitting on the end of his bed thinking to himself. " she looks just like her. i gotta find her again.."

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Caden blevins Darkheart walked into his room and then picks up his knife cutting his wrist as he starts to make a circle with a star in the middle on the wall with his blood "I'm sick of this world" he then turned the lights off and lights a candle on each side he then got down on his knees and started to pray. but not for forgiveness. he prayed to go back to his own relm "shall kon i give my soul to you. i wish to sacrifice my human body to step through to your world one more time i beg you on my knees to be your loyal subject for all eternity."

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Caden blevins the portal has slowly opened up as a very sinister laugh ad shall kon standing inside "yes..come to me..this is your Destiny Darkheart. or perhaps i should call you by your real name...smoke..the youngest of the 3 master ninja brothers of scorpion. subzero and cyrax..come closer smoke. your brothers are here waiting for you.."

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Caden blevins Darkheart then began to stand up he inched closer and closer to the portal. "subzero..scorpion..cyrax my lost brothers i promised id come for..." before he could finish shall kons eyes faded white stopping smoke from moving as smokes eyes started to fade to white also.."your soul is now mine!" shall kon laughed and laughed as smokes human soul left through his eyes into shall kons eyes

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Caden blevins the portal slowly sealed back up into the wall as smokes human body dropped to the ground. lifeless..

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