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Lizzy Decorate!

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Lizzy Cindy put on her most girly outfit which consisted of her red dress and leather jacket with knee high leather boots. She packed her purse and took her phone and waited for Caleb to wow up.

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Caleb, nervous and excited, knocked on the door that had a huge sign, stating that this was, in fact, CINDY AND ADDIE'S room. He tapped his finger on the zipper to his Varsity Hockey jacket, somhow calming him.

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Lizzy Cindy swung open the door and stopped herself from saying wow. "You look great."

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He smiled sheepishly. "Thanks. You look beautiful," he complimented her, dazzled by her appearance. He slipped his hand into hers.

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Lizzy "Thanks." She grinned. She followed him to his car. ((To the pizza place? Shall I post?)

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Lizzy Cindy turned up her rock music and started browsing on her laptop

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Caleb waited outside Finch's door a minute. Was she still upset? He hoped she had forgiven him... He finally mustered up the courage to knock.

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Lizzy "It's open!" Cindy shouted. She turned her music off.

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((lol. Finch.))
He opened the door slowly. "Hey," he greeted her with an uncertain smile.

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Lizzy "Sup." Cindy said. She pushed the hair out of her eyes. "What's up?"

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""Nothing much," he answered, relaxing a bit. He took another big step into the room, and sat down on her desk chair. "You?"

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Lizzy "Just chilling. Is there any specific reason you're here?"

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"Nope," he admitted. "Just wanted to see your pretty little face," Caleb grinned, teasing.

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Lizzy "Funny." Cindy muttered, secretly pleased.

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"So, watcha song?" he asked, a goofy smile plastered on his face. Damn, he was such a freak, and he quickly made sure that his smile didn't look as stupid as he thought it was.

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Lizzy "Nothing currently." Cindy said typing. "Just finishing an email then I'm all yours."

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Caleb walked up behind her lazily, and put a hand on the desk. "So.... what's your roommate like?" he asked curiously, wondering if she got luckier than him. Which, no question, she had to have.

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Lizzy "I actually haven't met her yet. I'm sure she's chill though," Cindy said, finally giving up on the music she was editing and closing the computer.

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((dude, I know thisll sound creepy... but I dont know how else to start the romance.))
Caleb put a hand over Cindy's warm shoulder. "So...." he trailed off, lifting his fingers up to caress her cheek.

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Lizzy ((Idc. Becuz I just finished clockwork angel and I'm feeling really conflicted.)

Cindy looked up at him, shocked. She cleared her throat. She wanted a relationship; she really did. But she was so afraid of getting hurt. Gently, she moved his hand off her cheek, but kept his and in hers

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((But ur not done with the first series!))
He recovered quickly, and laced his fingers through hers. "You wanna go out for coffee?" Caleb suggested casually.

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Lizzy ((You have to read TID in between))

Cindy shrugged. "Why not? My car or yours?"

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((I don't know what that stand for.))
"I don't care," Caleb shrugged. "Mine?" he offered, running a hand through his hair.

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Lizzy "Sure." Cindy said, getting her bag and stuffing various items in it. "Let's go," she said, fluffing her hair. ((The infernal devices.))

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Caleb led the way out the door, and to his car.
((to the Cafe?))

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Lizzy ((Ze cafe))

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