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The Bane Chronicles: What are your thoughts on these short stories about our favorite warlock?

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message 1: by Mimi-loves-her-books! (last edited Nov 26, 2013 04:16PM) (new)

Mimi-loves-her-books! I just read the eightH edition to the Bane Chronicles series. It was pretty good, but what do you think?


Diana Braxton I thought they were all amazing! My favorite was the first one though!

Belle I enjoyed the ones in the second half best.

Georgie I loved seeing into some of Magnus's past, it really adds to the character that we know. It shows some of his reasons behind things and why he doesn't trust certain people. I love the chapter about the circle because it shows how involved people were and what they really thought of what happened. Plus I love the bit where Jocelyn takes Clary to Magnus's. The Peru one as well. It was so funny.

But of course my absolute favourite chapters are the ones which have MALEC!!!!!

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I loved the book. All of the stories were great, but some of them (like he Peru one) left me with more questions.

I was personally hoping for a story about Magnus and Will, but maybe the two books to the Mortal Instruments series I haven't read have that.

"The Voicemails of Magnus Bane" broke my heart though.

Addison Weasley I loved The Bane Chronicles. Magnus is my favorite character and I cannot get enough of his past. My favorite was the one with Raphael and the voicemails of Magnus Bane! I also loved the sneak peak at the characters in The Last Hours!!!! Poor James...

Addison Weasley Who else thinks Magnus is the best character EVER!!!!

Danielle Hanratty I was totally bored with the first few stories. It got better as it went along. I felt most of these stories didnt need to be told.

Rafaela Becker I loved the book even though the first ones were just ok. I loved the one with The Circle soooo much.

message 10: by Daniella (last edited Jan 27, 2015 04:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Daniella  A To be honest, I was hesitating to read the book because it might ruin my knowledge about everything. But then, I was like , "Naah, It's Magnus Bane, The High Warlock of Brooklyn. He'll never be boring." And yeah I was right. Good thing I trusted my instincts. Anyways, I like all of them but my favourite one is about Raphael Santiago. On the books Raphael was cold-blooded (no pun intended) so I was starting to hate him.... That's why I'm thankful that I read the Bane Chronicles. Raphael was such a nice guy and yes, i love that he was friends with Ragnor. It's pretty funny. Anyways, I love all the short stories.. And yeah, the voice messages.. I so love them.. <3

message 11: by Ace (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ace I loved the book but, the story about why Magnus was banned from Peru left me disappointed. Apart from that, I loved all the stories. My favourite was definitely the story about Alec and Magnus' first Date!!!!!!!! I liked the story about Clary and Jocelyn. I kept expecting Clary to get Magnus to pick her up. I also kind of wanted her to find Magnus' glitter stash and just pour it on herself and everyone else (including the cat). In all, I loved the Bane Chronicles.

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