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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) This is a thread for Tiana and Jasmine's Dorm Room

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine ulocked her dorm room and slipped in still holding Aladdin's hand. "I'll be right back." She went and changed into something more comfortable. When she came back out he was just standing there, looking around. there was nothing of her in this room.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "Where's all of your stuff. It barely looks like you live here." He said glancing at her bare walls and plain bedspread. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked back at her.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I'm nothing without my books. those are my decorations and I left most of them at home when I had to leave." she shrugged. Jasmine slipped under the covers and sat looking around her room a bit sadly. When she caught Aladdin's eye she smiled.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin gave her a small smile. "Why did you leave them there?" He asked. He walked over and sat next to her on the bed.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine crawled over and laid her head on his chest. "I had to choose between clothes or books to fill my suitcase because I had so many I couldn't bring all of them both." she smiled faintly. "I decided the school would prefer me to walk around clothed."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He chuckled. "Yes I suppose so." He was silent for a moment. "I have a little money saved if you wanted to start your collection again." He said holding his breath waiting for her protests.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I'd like that." Jasmine breathed. She knew that if he was offerring it meant a lot to him and she wasn't going to turn him down. "But I want to get some new ones, books that I can associate with us. maybe I can get more of my books from home later." She said looking up at him.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He smiled down at her letting his breath out. She hadn't refused. That was a good sign. "That sounds like a great idea." He said. "We can go out tomorrow if you want."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "That would be blissful. A whole day spent with you and books. Could I ask for anything more to make my life perfect?" She kissed his neck because she couldn't reach his mouth from where she was laying.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He bent his head and kissed her softly. "It's a date." He said smiling. "Now it's time for you to sleep. You need your energy for tomorrow." He said laying down.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine groaned but snuggled deeper under the covers bringing him with her. "If I sleep with no nightmares tonight I must warn you that you will never be rid of me." She told him firmly, closing her eyes.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He chuckled softly wrapping his arms around her. "I can live with that." He said. He kissed her one last time before whispering. "Sleep now. I'll be here when you wake up."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Good." She sighed. "Promise? Promise I won't wake up this time and find you gone?" That had happened far too often when he was only part of her dreams.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "I promise." He vowed. "Now sleep. I'm not going anywhere. Ever." He said laying his head atop hers.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine did as he was told. She slept wrapped in Aladdin's arms and she felt warm and safe and she didn't have any nightmares. For once.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin drifted off to the sound of Jasmine's deep breathing. He felt safe knowing she was with him and in his arms.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments ((Glad you made him. They are so cute together!))

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Tia (tia_jenkins) ((I know!!!))

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine woke up very late the next morning. She had missed all of her morning classes and was going to be killed by at least two of her teachers for doing so. She wanted to be angry with Aladdin for not waking her but when she turned over he was still asleep as well. His eyes closed, the live of his mouth soft, strands ov hair falling into his face. She laid her face on the pillow right in front of his and brushed a strand of hair, gently, behind his ear with a sigh.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin stirred. He felt the hot sun coming through the window and knew that they had over slept. This was so not good. He had just got back to town and he would already be in trouble. He blinked open his eyes sleepily and turned to find Jasmine watching him.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments When Aladdin turned their noses nearly touched. "I was going to get mad because you didn't wake me but when I saw how adorable you looked while you slept I just couldn't seem to be upset." She said with a sleepy smile.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He smiled. "I was just to comfortable to wake up." He said kissing her lightly. "That was one of the best sleeps I've ever gotten. I'm not sure if I'll ever leave." He told her seriously.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I didn't have a single nightmare. In fact I had a wonderful dream." Jasmine whispered. "but the best part was waking up and finding you still holding me, breathing against my neck, real." She placed both of her hands on his chest. It all still seemed too beautifully impossible to be real.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "I promised you that I wasn't going anywhere." He said resting his hand on her hip and turning towards her fully. "I won't leave you ever again."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "I trust you." Jasmine assured him. "I know we should get out of bed but I'm too cozy so do you want to know what I dreamed about?" She asked. The placement of his hand on her hip and hers pressed up against his chest was something she just wanted to hold onto as long as she could.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He stared down at her. She was beautiful, more beautiful than anyone else he'd ever met. "What did you dream about?" He asked. He tangled their legs together and didn't know how they could get any closer.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Home. Not back home in Agrahbah but back home in Washington. I was sitting in my window seat reasing a favorite book of mine that my father had written. It was raining outside and I could smell the fresh water scent through the glass. My mother came in with a mug of hot cocoa and sat with me for a bit. And then you were there. You sat with me curled in you lap in the window seat and we watched the rain and talked quietly and I felt like I could never need anything more out of life." Jasmine finished. She wished that dream could be real. That she could go home, to where she really felt at home and bring Aladdin with her.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin stared at her with all the love he felt. "It could still come true. After we find out what this stupid danger is we will go back to Washington and be in your home." He promised. He would do anything to make her dreams come true.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine felt tears welling in her eyes. It wasn't the first time she had had that dream. Washington, her parents there, they would always be her real life and to have Aladding come home with her... she could never want for anything else. "I love you so much right now I can never love you any more. I've always wanted you to see my home. Thoug I warn you it is much colder than the desert." She laughed a bit. Then a lone tear slid down her cheek. "Why can't I get any closer to you?"

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin caught her tear with his finger. "I love you too Jasmine. More than anything in this world or the next. I promise you, your dream will come true." He wrapped both arms around her pulling her tight against him.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Remember that time I told you I had enough tears to flood the deserts of Agrahbah?" She asked. That had been when she thought she was going to have to marry Jafar and could never be with Aladdin. "I still believe that, just for different reasons. And I'm writing a book." She said, muffled against his shirt.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He did remember that day. It was when they believed they wouldn't get their happy ever after. Now he felt that they might actually get it someday. "You're writing a book?" He asked happily.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Yeah, I'm basing it off of what I've been through though no one will ever guess it's real. A girl from Washington who has dreams of being an Arabian princess and then finds out it's all real." She laughed. "Now that you're here I'll use you as my muse. I've been having writers block."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He smiled. He was glad that she was finally willing to share her writing with other people. "I'm your muse huh?" He said in amusement. "And what shall I do as your muse?"

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Hmmmm," Jasmine said thoughtfully. "You can make sure my dreams are always sweet, that you're always the first thing I see when I wake up, that my life here is as full as my life at him because you're in it." She paused then pretended to have a sudden revelation. "Oh and you can love me and will me with warmth with your eyes and butterflies with your smile. Does that work for you?"

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Tia (tia_jenkins) Aladdin laughed. "It sounds like a plan to me." He said kissing her. "I love you so much Jasmine." He kissed her along her jaw. "We'll have our happy ever after I promise."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "Oh and kissing me." Jasmine added as he kissed down the side of her jaw. "That is very important always inspires me." She tilted her head back a bit more. "You know now that we've already wasted away quite a bit of the day, I say we enjoy what's left of it how we want. Any ideas?" She sighed.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He smiled against her neck. "I have a few ideas but didn't you want to go out and buy some books today?" He asked as he continued kissing her.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "That could be one way to spend the day yes. Buying books and sitting in a cozy coffee shop because it's cold." Jasmine admitted. "But I would like to know your othere ideas all the same please."

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Tia (tia_jenkins) "Well we could stay in bed all day." He said. "And spend our time kissing and making up for lost time." He kissed the corner if her mouth.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine laughed. "How did I know that was going to be your suggestion?" she asked coyly. There was nothing more she wanted to do. "I have no objection to that but you are going to be with me every night from now on. You might get bored if we spend all our time in bed today. The decision is entirely up to you." she said with a smile.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He lifted his head and smiled down at her. "I could never get tired of you." He said. It was actually the opposite he thought. "You might get tired of me though."

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments "You never tire of a beautiful dream." Was her answer. She kissed him. "So, my love what is your choice. In what fashion are we going to spend our day?" she asked then kissed down his jaw to his neck wrapping her arms around him.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He rolled her on her back and kissed her. "I'm thinking a day in bed." He said. He wasn't ready to share her with the world yet. He knew that they would be in loads of trouble but in that moment he didn't care.

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine giggled. "Ah, I see." She gazed up at him her eyes shining. "Well if that's how it's going to be then I suppose I'll have to get comfortable." Then she scrunched her face up. "Only problem I see is that I'm skinny as it is so if I don't eat something all day I might just wither away in your arms." She gave him an evil look.

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Tia (tia_jenkins) He kissed her one last time before rolling off her and standing up. "Then lets to eat and stock up on food for the day. I can't have you withering away on me." He said smiling

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments Jasmine made another face maybe she had been too quick to speak. She was cold now withoug him next to her. But reluctantly she rolled out of bed. "You should get something more comfortable to wear." She told him. "I'll get the food." She kissed him on the cheek and slipped out of the romm before he could protest.

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Rosiee2 (Sock_Monkey7478) ((Mind if i join in? I have Tiana.. haha))

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Hennessy (Angel_of_Wyrd) (goodreadscomangelofwyrd) | 2406 comments ((Um, I don't think that would work very well right now.))

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