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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Here

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Hai!

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Any ideas?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments One at the moment.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Yeah?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Kira Marks (Age 23) and Reed South (age 28)

- Hannah Crafta(around 23-25?) and Weston Aims (around 27-29?)

Wes is the son of Alexander Aims who is the owner of the large and powerful company, Aims Industries. He is a bit stuck in his work and rarely lives. He has a mild alcohol problem due to his dull life when it comes to fun, but everyone has their problems, right? However, women are easy to come by, he has fantastic genes (ie good looks), and he has cash. That's good, right? Yeah...so why does he feel like down?

Kria is a lively girl and goes with the flow. She was born to a rich family and thus raised to be fancy, but it was never her. Her parents had always expected her to take over their business rather than her older sister, so when Kira left, they panicked and started searching. So, Kari never stayed in one place long, always on the move and enjoying life. She would often break minor laws for enjoyment, sometimes landing a night in jail, though usually getting let off the hook because of her cute personality. She would get small jobs to get her by, and when she ends up at Aims Industries as the front desk hostess, she crosses paths with Weston Aims.

Hannah had grown up wanting to do nothing more than solve mysteries. So, she stuck her nose into mystery novels and went in search of scandals around her small town. She moved to a big city not long after she graduated with a journalist degree. There she managed to land a job with a highly respected newspaper. She started to get her nose into things she shouldn't, and one of those things involved the dirty deeds deep down within the Aims Industries that almost no one knew of. When the police officer she normal went to for information vanished, she had to turn to his partner, someone she never really met. He was just as determined as her to figure out what happened to his partner and thus helpful.

Reed was top of his class at his police academy school and had even been drafted to become a swat member. He went and did that for a few years only to quit and accept a job as a cop due to an incident that left most of his team dead, and Reed with the guilt of it being his fault though it wasn't. He promised he would never make a mistake again and would protect those he worked with, ie his partner. When his partner went missing, and a nosey reporter comes along with questions and a request for help, Reed decides he could use her insists and work with her, though he does not feel she should be putting herself in danger so he's reluctant in letting her work with him.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments That sounds good.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments If we do this one though can we make them like much younger. Child prodigies?

♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments No I like the idea of them being older. Putting children in this story would take out the romance, and the action.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Yeah I know but like instead of being 30 maybe like between the ages of 23-26?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments What's wrong with him being thirty?

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Idk I just feel awkward playing older people but it's fine. We can stick with these ages if you want.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Okay. Well who would you like to play?

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira and Reed?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Okay. I'll make my characters now.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments [Name] Weston Aims {Nickname} Weston usually goes by Wes when he is not at work; when he is at work, its Mr. Aims.

[Birthday/Place] Wes was born in the Regency Room of his family's manor, his mother was a woman of many talents- and how she gave birth to him without medication was one of them. He was born on a windy night in May, on the 3rd.

[Age] Wes is 28, going on 29, and he is feeling it.


Weston gets his height from his father, and that is the only thing he received from that man physically. His mother gave him all her beauty, and he thanked her for it everyday. With shoulder length hair, that was a rich chocolate brown and green eyes with hazel flakes, he was a splitting image of his mother. He stands at a height if 6'3 1/2" tall, taller than his father, which makes him feel very good.

[Personality/History] Weston was very much a mama's boy, he loved her with every fiber; he felt like she was the only one who really loved him. His father only wanted him for his name, he sent him to the best schools, in and out of the country. He fed him- both with food and with knowledge- like a lab rat; readying him for when he would take his spot at the company.
Weston was always very bright, top of his class, and graduated in the top ten percent at the ivy league school his father sent him to. He should be grateful for his father right? But... He doesn't; he hates his father. And for only one reason.
While Wes was away at military school, his mother died. And his father never told him, he barrier her without him there and when he came home he told her that his mother died, and she was better off. From that day forward, Wes couldn't stand the sight of his father.
Wes is charming, his mother had taught him how to treat women,"You have to sweet talk them son, make them feel like a flower. Stroke their pedals, brush them with your fingertips(just enough to make them come back for more), admire their fragrance, complement them, and once you've got them right where you want them, pluck that beautiful flower. Claim her as your own."

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments [Name] Hannah Crafta {Nickname} Hannah never goes by her name, she hates it. Its so original so she goes by Irene Adler, one of her favorite characters in a Sherlock Holms novel. Grated she wasn't an investigator, like she wants to be, she was very resourceful and intelligent- and it didn't hurt that she was the love interest of Holms in the book.

[Birthday/Place] Hannah was born in a small town just outside of Kansas City, Kansas. She was raised on a wheat farm, and was born in her parents room, on a cold winter night in December, on the 14th.

[Age] 22 going on 23, in a few months.


As you can see, Hannah was blessed by her mother with her thick brown hair. Her father gave her the light blue eyes, and from the neck down is her grandmother- and not in the literal form. When her grandmother was younger she was a pin up girl, and it must have skipped a generation because her mother looks nothing like her mother or daughter from the neck down.

[History/Personality] Hannah was always the bookworm, hidden behind a book since the day she could read. Her father never complained, he rather it be books than boys, but her mother always urged her to go out and have fun. Hannah's form of fun was figuring out where the neighbors cat had gone and who was pulling up Mrs. McLanes petunias.
Ever since she her father read her, her first Sherlock Holms book she was hooked. Mysteries were her life from that point on. She knew what she was going to school for before she reached first grade. In highschool, she was head journalist for the newspaper and yearbook. Upon graduating she left her small town and headed off to the big city. Where she would start her schooling and career.
Hannah was always a hard worker, she worked her way through college, building her weaknesses and tuning her strengths, and getting her nose into a lost of trouble. She graduated top of her class and got a job with the head newspaper in New York. She made friends with all the right people and so grew attached to one specific officer in particular.
She never really hung around people her own age, not even in college she would migrate more towards her professors. She never really knew how to interact with young people, they never held the passion for something like she did. Closed off and shy is how some people would describe her, others would say she was passionate and spontaneous, and would follow a lead anywhere. There are two sides to her. The Hannah Crafta side and the Irene Adler side.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Name: Kira Marks
Birthday/place: October 31st. Kira was born in one of the best hospitals in the U.S just because of her rich heritage, and family.
Age: 23




Kira's parents were beautiful people, both with soft brown hair and smooth skin. She herself inherited her grandmother's grey/olive green eyes that demand attention wherever they go. Kira's 5'5 and she got that from her father, her mother was pretty short at 5'3.

Personality: Kira was always the fun kind of person, she hated commitments and work she wasn't really interested in. Boy were always her favourite. Even though she's more fun than work, she's immensely smart and beautiful. She loves reading, and she loves thinking. Kira never uses her entire brains to get her anywhere usually her looks are enough.
Kira tends to lean towards people her age, or younger than people older than her. She tries to ignore their stupidity by focusing on their looks, if it she wanted she could score a job in NASA without breaking a sweat.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Name: Reed South
Birthday/place: December 24th. Reed was born in a hospital room like most people in the United States. His family was doing well off with a mansion, and cars at the beckoning. Though he never took advantage of it, he believes in working for himself not taking what others have given him.
Age: 26




Reed is known for his good looks, and great personality. He looked exactly like his grandparents, with dirty blond hair and youngish looks even though he's 27. He has stormy grey eyes and a dazzling smile that can seduce even the most hard willed of people.

Personality: Reed is a easy going, fun guy when fun calls to him. But he can be serious as well. He's had a haunted past, and keeps his emotions and feeling guarded and hidden from everybody around him. He takes it on himself to protect everybody around him, and tries to keep the weight of the world on his shoulders. He loves to play around with girls, but never gets serious as he wouldn't ever want to danger anybody because of his life, and work. He's a genius but his vocation is to protect people, and be in the forces.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Awesome, would you like to start or would you like me too?

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Could you please?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Weston arrived at his building, as he did everyday, on time and with a seemingly large group of people around him. His assistant, partners, and secretary were all trailing after him, giving him the run down of his day, the numbers on his stock, and the latest invitations he had been sent. Listening, Wes reflected; he woke every morning the same- to a loud alarm clock, went for a run, showered and dressed, before grabbing something to eat and leaving the condo for the office. A black town car always awaited him outside of his building, and drove in down sixth to the very large, and expensive, building his father built. "Push my meeting from two to three," he told one person who nodded and hurried off. "I will attend the black tie affair but nothing more," another gone," and assure my buyers that the stock will rise once we merge with South America." Then he stood alone, walking past the front desk he tapped on the marble,"Good morning Margery," he greeted the older woman before he noticed a new face. A young face, with disheveled hair, and a mess attire. "Oh and I see we have someone new, Hi I'm Weston Aims." He said to Kira outstretching his hand for her to take. "I must say you take the dress code here to a new level." His voice held a teasing tone, he didn't mind she was messy this once, he was young once.

Irene hurried down the street, the rain had stopped, and now there was only a light drizzle. The cars zoomed by on the streets, and the sky was a dark grey, coating the city with this ominous look. She had got another break in this story she was following, and she needed to tell Garret before something major happened. Turning into the cafe where she knew he'd be, she smiled. "Mr. Lane," he turned and smiled, greeting her while they shared an embrace. Irene had grown attached to Garett, he always kept her safe, and she always kept him informed, he was one of the few good cops still out there. "I have something for you. I think it's just the leverage you'll need to get that search warrant." Nodding he pulled her to the side, sitting her down so they could talk more intimately about the subject.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira had easily scored a job at the Wes main office building it paid great enough for her to live easily not that she cared. She'd cleared her record a couple days ago by sleeping with one the main judges or something not that she'd bothered to remember his name even though she'd promised to keep on touch. Shed been here all morning with some old lady that loved to talk about her cats and dead husband it was awfully boring. She'd been hit on by several men most of whom were hideous. She'd even been complimented on her beautiful British accent not she was surprised. Now she smiled sweetly at the boss, Wes himself and shook his hand politely. She was wearing her usual skinny jeans and t shirt her hair wind blown and a touch of lipgloss on her full lips. Though she was messy she still looked dazzling. "Kira, sorry for my attire" she says looking down at herself apologetically. "I was know a rush" she adds as if that should explain it all. She'd have to go shopping again she thought.

Reed was as usual a little late to with and hadn't bothered to change into work clothes. He gsd started suffering from insomnia when he'd found his partner had gone missing the same partner he'd grown so used and attacthed to. And the same partner who had finally agreed to go on a date with him the day before. Willow was a beautiful young women a year younger than him but way more mature most women were. He'd gotten a call in the middle of the night saying she'd had a night case and hadn't come back from it. This is exact why he'd quit from the SWAT and was now working with the FBI. He'd even gotten a job opportunity to work with RCMP who were supposed to be better than the FBI he would have agreed if it wasn't for Willow. "Morning" he says casually to anybody was listening had headed straight for his office where he knew he had tons of people waiting to sympathize with him.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Wes simply nodded,"Well it was a pleasure," he said with a nod before he smiled to Margery and headed over to the elevators. Once inside, he stood alone for the first time this morning. He inhaled deeply as the metal box rode up thirty floors; he let himself relax as he always did at this time. This was his only happy moment of the day, that only time he was alone other than when he was asleep. this gave him time to get himself together, he knew there would a stack of papers on his desk and his phone would be ringing off the hook. He enjoyed the silence this elevator ride gave him. His only moment of peace. when the door dinged open he was ready for the day, walking to his large corner office he hankered down in his seat and began his daily task.


Irene hadn't heard from Garrett in weeks, she had called his office and they even said he hadn't shown up for work. She knew it was all her fault, the information she gave him was too much. She knew she should have kept it to herself, but she knew he could do more with it that she could. Walking down the street she turned the corner heading to her usual coffee shop where she met her informant. She had sent him to find out what had happened to Garrett a week ago and he had just texted her this morning.

"Kevin!" she said with a smile hurrying over to wrap her arms around him. "Please tell me you found out something." she simply hoped he wasn't dead. her heart would shatter into a thousand pieces if he was.

"I found out a little, but I know you will be able to put it all together fast than me. He is still alive, but I do now know where they are keeping him. Some of the security guards were over heard talking about him being tied up somewhere. He has been putting up a fight, and I'm not going to lie to you sweetness..." he leaned in close,"he's in bad shape."

Irene's face fell even more,"Thank you for all your help, Kevin. I don't know what I would do without you, but we can't meet like this anymore." She held up her hand before he could protest,"I don't know if they are on to me or not but I don't want you to get taken too. You are my best informant, and I couldn't bare the thought of you getting taken because of me." Pecking his cheek she rose to her feet and left him in that coffee shop. She knew where she was heading next. The FBI agency.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira was close to falling asleep when the old secretary turned to her smiled sweetly. "I need you to go up to Mr Wes' office and help him fill out these papers" she tells her handing her a stack of pages. Kira stares at them, there must be at least 50 pages in here how was one man supposed to fill them all out? She scolds herself for caring and nods at the old lady politely. "Done" she calls over her shoulder walking to the elevator with the papers in her hand. She walks in and presses the 50th floor, hoping that that was the right floor, and she wouldn't end up having to ask somebody else. Then she'd have to make small talk and she despised small talk, or talk in general actually.


((( Can you go again this one time, I don't know what to write )))

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments ((Just skip to when she arrives at the station))

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments ((( K sure))

Reed stretches and jumps when he hears a knock on his door, one of the secretaries comes in. "There's somebody here to see you, she says she knows something about Garret?" she says cautiously and Reed gives her a smile. "Of course let her in" he had no attention of co operating with this "reporter" she really didn't want to talk to her but people were worried about him and to ease their minds he agreed. He would gently, kindly, but firmly tell her he didn't want to associate himself with anything except for the FBI specially because it was against the law, and their rules.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments His name is Garrett btw

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Ugh nvm I'll fix that.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments ((What? In my first post I made him a man?))

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments ((( What? Wait I'm confusedddd )))

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments "Okay I'll tell someone to keep an eye out for her and show her to my office," he said to Margery through the phone before he hung up and then call his secretary. "Yes could you keep an eye out for a Miss Marks, she will have a stack of papers for me, she may be lost so when you see her could you show her to my office?" He smiled into the phone,"Thank you Sue."

Once Sue spotted the girl she called out to her,"I know it's a big building and an easy place to get lost." She said, Sue was about the same age as Kira. "Here he is, he will be expecting you so just walk right in," she said motioning to a set of double doors as she sat at her desk near them.

Weston looked up when he heard his door open,"Hello, you can just place them on my desk thank you," he said before he dived back into his work. He typed away at his computer flipping through paper as he went. "Did Margery say when she needed them back?" he asked her.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments ((I thought Garrett was going to be Reeds partner.))

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments ((( Ooooh. Ok, I can change that. Just ignore everything I said otherwise kai? )))

Kira was herded to Weston's room and she started hating her job but she chased the thought away. She walked into the room and her eyes skimmed around the room she placed the papers on the big desk. "She didn't say, but I'[m supposed to be helping you fill them out" she replies to him distractedly her eyes on the bookshelf around him. "So how can I help?" she asks him re focuing shaking her head to clear all other thoughts.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments ((Okay.))

Weston shook his head,"I don't need any help," he said as he grabbed the stack of papers. "It's pretty straight forward to me. But thank you," he said with a smile before he dove into the paper work. Grabbing a pen he placed it in his mouth and read it over, flipping through the pages. He was unsure as to why he was singing this, this was his father's paper work. As he continued to read he could see that it was his will. He was trying to give him the entire company in this will. "Did Margery tell you who gave her this?"

Irene walked into Reed's office,"Hello Mr. South, I don't know if you know me or if our partner talked about me at all, but I am Irene Adler. I was, a friend of your partners." She said outstretching her hand for him to shake before she sat down. "I didn't come here to console you, I came to give you information, weather you believe me or not." She said before she reached into her bag and pulled out a file.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments "No she didn't tell me anything" Kira replied slowly backing out of the office. She was hoping she'd get to spend time with anybody except Margery but shrugged to herself. She didn't know whether it'd be rude to just leave or whether she should inform him so she cleared her throat. "I'll be downstairs?' she said her voice unsure and then she back out before he could say anything else, that would have been awkward she thought as she made her way back to the elevator.


Reed already disliked this weird creature thing. "Reed South but of course you already knew that" he grumbled straightening up and shaking her hand. He ran his hand through his hair and set his mouth in a straight grim line. "He didn't talk about you much" he replied annoyed, "and I don't need consolation, all my work is professional not personal" he added though it was only partially true. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts, and look beyond the haze.

((( Night )))

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Wes nodded before he picked up the phone and called his lawyer, you would think someone would be happy when their father gave them his entire company. But Wes knew his father better than that, his father was a cold, calculating man that loved no one but himself- not even his own wife. "Paul, I need you to come down here when your free my father is up to something," he said before hung up the phone and looked at the will in front of him again.

What was his father up to and why was he trying to put Wes in the middle of it.

Irene waved her hand at him to stop him from talking,"Well this will help you figure out where your partner is, so would you pipe down for a moment and listen or is talking all you ever do?" She slid the file across the table at him. "On Friday morning in a coffee shop I gave Garrett this file, it would have broke the case he was working on wide open, but he never made it to his car, which you already know. One of my informants told me this morning that some of the guards that work at Aims Industries talking about kidnapping some cop. Now it could be a coincidence, but I don't have those in my line of work. Know I know you may think me a silly reporter but I cared for Garrett just like you did, and I want to see him home safe. So if your not going to help me I going to go in it alone." Pushing herself to her feet and left the file on his desk and grabbed her bag off the floor.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira hurried back down but lost her way half way and wandered around the office until she bumped into some guy. Her eyes slowly travelled over him drinking him in. "Hey" she murmured smirking slightly. He smirked back seductively "Hey you're new girl right?" he asked though she knew he already knew the answer. She nodded her answer and his smile widened "Want me to show you around?" he asked mischievously and twenty minutes later they were both in his office obviously not working.

Kira finally made her way downstairs straightened her messed shirt and hair trying to not look like she'd just been rolling around on the floor. "Sorry Margery I got lost" she tells the secretary smiling politely.


Reed sighs and tried to compose his anger. "Number?" he asked her grabbing her sleeve to stop her from leaving but he immediately let go. "I have no concern for my partner I could easily get a new one" he answered he wasn't weak he wouldn't succumb to some girl who thought she knew everything. "The fact that we was associated in anything except the FBI is a case on it's on and my respect for him lowers" he added shaking his head disappointed. He was in a way but he wasn't exactly telling the truth either. He picks up the file and starts reading it. "Leave your number" he says when be finishes half of the file it was important and she was right this could help find Garret. "But for now thank you for you help, we won't ne needing any more of it if you try to solve this case alone we will have to take you under custody so I suggest you go home and stop searching" he tells her coldly even though he feels bad for her slightly. He was going to call her eventually but for now it wasn't safe for her to be involved in this case.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Kevin walked into Weston's office zipping up his pants, this making Wes laugh,"Can you ever keep it in you pants for one day Kev?"he teased his old collage chum. "Your going to catch something from one of these girl one of these days." he said motioning for him to sit.

"Well what can I say, I love women, and they seem to love me back. But this girl was stunning it is about time you got some fresh meat around here." He teased before he looked at the file on his desk. "What is this?" he asked picking it up.

"Another trick of my lovely father, he is trying to give me the company in his will." He said flipping through papers before he looked at Kevin,"And you slept with the new girl working the front desk? Really? You couldn't let her be for two days?"

"Why is he giving you his will?" He asked flipping through the will skimming each page. "And no I couldn't plus it wasn't like she didn't want it." He said before he placed the file back down. "And you must know this is a trap."

"What do you think I am slow? Of course I know this is a trap, it is father's doing so of course it's a trap. Why do you think I didn't sign it." He said before he started making small talk with his friend.


This time Irene laughed,"Of if you think I'm going to stop looking for my friend, you are horribly mistaken. So you might as well put me in hand cuffs now, because as long as I still have an ounce of breath left in me, I'm going to follow whatever lead I can find, and I am going to do everything in my power to find Garrett,because this is my fault and I am going to fix it." Grabbing her bag she pulled a card out of her purse and placed it on his desk. "That's my number, call me soon or I will go on without you." With that she left his office and the station heading hack home.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira was sorting through some papers, or a couple hundred as it seemed to her. "102, 103, 104" she muttered under her breath. She was allowed to leave earlier today and she was planning on going shopping again with the money she had in her back account, a couple thousand was enough to get her some clothes she thought snarkily. Her parents made sure to keep her back account filled to the brim with money and KIra didn't take advantage of that too often but this time she had too.

"Thanks Margery" she told the secretary but regretted the minute she said so. She was told to go back up to Wes' office and tell him the due date for the papers, adn give him another stack then she was finally free to go.

"Of course" she told her and made her way to the elevator with her stack in her hand. She went up the his office and knocked on the door softly, she could hear that boy she'd slept with inside, she could recognize that voice anywhere now. She'd grown accustomed to his moans and the way her name rolled of his tongue.


Reed shook his head and called one of his officers.
"That girl who came in, I need you to track her and keep a couple of security on her 24 hours from now on" he told her. "And be quick about it, love" he added sweetly. He liked all of his officers, and he considered most of them friends or close in some way anyway. He got up and went to his computer checking out the files, and ordering a meeting with the head of Wes Aims that same day.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments "Yea yea yea but look hows laughing now," Weston teased before he looked at his door,"Comein," he called before he went back to his conversation with Kevin. "So what about the black tie affair tonight? Who will you be taking?"

Kevin shrugged,"I asked that red head Katherine to go, she said yes of course but my dates could change," he said before he looked over at Kira as she walked through the door. His eyes shot to Wes before he shook his head.

"You can just give me those file, I don't want to keep you from leaving," he said before he stood up and took the files from her hands.

"But who are you taking Wes? If you even have a date?"

"I don't and you know I don't those parties are are business for my I don't use them to get women like you," he said teased. "I don't even think a woman would want to go with me, since I'm so uptight according to you."
Irene had gotten an invitation to the black tie event tonight so she was off to the boutique to get herself a dress and some shoes for the occasion. this is where all her hard earned money went, back into her starving career. How she loved solving mysteries but she wouldn't be able to do it much longer unless she got herself a better job.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 25 comments Kira handed him the papers and stood awkwardly at the door. "Thanks?" she asked, more like muttered she thought she inched towards the exit. She wasn't going to stand here and not get asked out she thought trying not to laugh. She decided she'd wait until she was dismissed because that's what you were supposed to do? Wasn't it? Her eyes never left Kevin though and occasionally drifted over to Wes a s smirk playing on her full lips.


Reed earned himself a invite to some pathetic Black Tie event, he knew he had to go if he wanted to get any information Garret and he knew that weird Irene chick would be here as well. She dressed in a elegant black suit he'd had one his sisters pick it from some expensive shop. Reed only believed in wearing expensive brander clothes, of course he could afford being in the FBI, and having a rich family and all that. He got into the limo that would take him to the party.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ | 92 comments Weston looked up from his banter back and forth with his friend to see Kair still standing there,"Oh I didn't need anything else Miss Marks, you are free to go, I know you would want to get out of this place with outside looking like it is," he said looking out the large windows behind him; the sun was out, just beginning to dip below the horizon, and people her beginning to get there things together so they could leave as well. "Have a nice evening Miss marks," he said with a smile and a nod before he went back to Kevin.


Irene bought herself a white floor length dress that was backless and had a low v-neck front. hurrying home, she showered and did her hair so that it sat in a high bun on the top of her head, keeping her face open. After putting her makeup on, she stepped into the gown and threw on some gold sling back pumps and grabbed her matching bag to match. Placing her tape recorder in her purse, Irene grabbed her keys and left her house quickly hauling a taxi so she could make it to the event on time.

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