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Alice | 3971 comments Mod
Lit by ancient silver lamps hanging high on the ceilings the Slytherin boys dormitories are heavily decorated with silver and green tapestries. The four poster beds are hung with green silk hangings and through the windows they can hear the lake water lapping on the windows.
((please do begin))

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments Jumping into his springy bed Milo instantly falls asleep

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments Milo rolls into his bed, taking little notice of anything simply loving the connection between him and his bed.

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments Scanning the room carefully Milo gets out of bed and walks to the common room.

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Mr_awesome | 575 comments Taking his tuxedo from its secluded location, Milo checks the state it is in. "It's In perfect quality, but of course I can except nothing less" he remarked to Kuro, whom simply replied by licking his paw. Then wearing he went out wearing his black and grey tux.

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(( and all the tears were shed on this day :'c ))

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Peter M (gh0st_byte) | 548 comments ((You're not wrong. I'm pretty sure every character here has cried once today))

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((Its so sad I love them as a couple but this has been really interesting to rp))

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