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Little Hawk trudged into what the white-men called a 'dorm', though she didn't quite know what that meant her mother and father had told her to be nice to the white men and women. She walked inside to so called dorm and saw two beds pushed up against the wall, Little Hawk automatically set her things down on one of the beds. Her animals Ho'nehe(Wolf), Nahqui(Bear), and Nanose'hame(Cougar) followed her inside. They all circled up on one of the rugs and were snoring. Little Hawk smiled at the sight of them, she sat down on the edge of the bed she had claimed and stared at the other bed for a while. She waited to see if any white-men would come in to visit her.

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After sitting there for a long time she stood up and stretched. Looking around she memorized everything so she could tell if anything was missing when she came back then she snapped her fingers twice. She waited for her animals to wake up and stretch, then she walked out of the dorm with them following her out.

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