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Evilheart padded into the warriors den and found her nest. She curled up inside of it tucking her tail close to her.

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Bristleclaw followed Evilheart in and curled up next to her

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"Goodnight," Evilheart meowed and yawned.

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"Goodnight." Bristleclaw mewed and closed his eyes


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Evilheart opened her eyes and stood up stretching her back muscles. "Wake up," she meowed.

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Bristleclaw grunted and sat up, stretching

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"Good morning," Evilheart meowed to her mate.

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"Morning." Bristleclaw mewed and stretched

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"I wonder what Featherstar did while we were asleep," she meowed. "Don't you?"

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Bristleclaw shrugged. "Who knows? " he mumbled

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"We should go and see though." Bristleclaw said standing uo

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"Yes," Evilheart nodded. "Let's."

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he nodded and walked out of the den

((continue in the camp))

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Slenderstrike settled In her nest.

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