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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 1990s YA horror fiction about killer shoes [s]

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Jen (bookandcat) | 26 comments Hello, I am trying to remember the name of this (pretty terrible) YA horror book from the 1990s (or very early 2000s) about a pair of killer shoes. From what I recall, the cover was black or red, mass market paperback, and was akin to the old Fear Street or Christopher Pike novels (probably had a pair of shoes on the cover). I think it was by a female author or possibly a collection of female authors--from what I remember, there were a few different stories and each character ended up wearing the shoes. (view spoiler).

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Jen (bookandcat) | 26 comments Hmm! I can't remember for sure (and there is no way to preview it online as it is out of print) but it sure seems like it fits, especially since it is a Scholastic book, and I am pretty certain that it came from someone's Scholastic Book Order. Thanks! Will move this to the "possibly solved" category. If anyone has any other ideas let me know!

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Melanti | 333 comments This seems like it's at least influenced by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Red Shoes".

There's a few versions listed on SurLaLune, but unfortunately nothing that looks at all likely to be the book you're looking for.

But just in case Tab's book doesn't pan out (It sure looks right!) knowing the name of the fairy tale might help find it.

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Jen (bookandcat) | 26 comments Thanks; I am pretty sure it is Dance of Death but I know what you mean about The Red Shoes (I have already Googled many variations of that in the hopes that someone would list it as a knockoff of the fairy tale!)

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4885 comments Here's a little more info about Dance of Death. This is a review found on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Dance-Death-Jo-...
Donna Burke and her friends anxiously attend the school carnival. Filled with thrilling rides, good food, and sales-booths, the carnival promises a fun time! Unfortunately, the fun turns to horror when Tammy Peters buys a pair of ruby-red shoes at a mysterious booth at the back of the field. The saleswoman hastily sells Tammy the shoes, warning her that they are cursed. When you wear them "you'll be given incredible fortune, but unfortunate luck." Tammy dismisses the claims, yet Donna is uneasy. Tammy wears the shoes for the school play and mysteriously breaks her leg backstage. Did Tammy fall victim to the evil curse? Where are the shoes now? Claiming their next victim? Who's next?.....
I thought that "Dance of Death" was a pretty good book. (view spoiler) Also, Jo Gibson's writing style is so repetitive it's uncanny! Every other page has someone blushing, and one of the scenes mimicked a scene out of one of her other books. I had deja vu! Overall, the story was good, but isn't one I'd recommend often!

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