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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Hai! Any ideas?

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bonjour lol jk hello

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Hai!
These are my ideas
1. Two teams are put in an arena and in order to win they have to kill the other team. Girl and guy from opposite teams fall in love but are forced to fight each other to the death.
2. A girl,who is an assassin,creates a false identity and becomes part of the King's court. While trying to get close to the KIng (So she can assassinate him) she falls in love with his oldest son, the prince.
3. .Prince and Princess of warring kingdoms are forced to fall in love due to arranged marriages
4. Princess befriends blacksmith because she wants a change from her boring, noble life. But, he makes her run way with him only to hold her captive for a ransom while he slowly falls in love with her. IDK
5. In a city surrounded my walls is a community made of only teenage boys and then a girl is sent in from part of a mission and has to help them escape (from tmr)

But I'm open to anythign.

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I like #2

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Awesome, can I be the girl or would like to?

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I'd prefer to do doubles if you think you could handle it.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Yeah awesome, though how do you want to incorporate doubles into the story?

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Two different kingdoms.


Female Role-You
Male Role-Me


Female Role-Me
Male Role-You

~Character Outline~

{Place In Society}

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Awesome. I'll just make my charrie.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Name: Lovelle Everlark
Age: 16-17
Gender: Female
Place in society: She was the Princess of the one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world but the king of Viviontwan killed her family she was made an outcast and now she seeks revenge against the Royal family.
Personality: She's funny, sweet, and caring. Though after the incident she'd more cold, and calculating.
Appearance: description

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Name: Will Everthorne
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Place in society: He's the Prince of Gregetora
Personality: Sarcastic, arrogant, funny, cold. His parents treat him like he's a piece of crap so there's nobody he really loves int he world. He's also sweet and caring but that side of him is usually hidden.
Appearance: description

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Done.

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Prince Of Viviontwan

{Name} Calcifer Tirant
{Nickname} Cal
{Age} 25
{Gender} Male
{Family} Veronica(Mother), James(Father),and Silas(Younger brother)
{Personality} Calcifer is the oldest of three children who were brought up to understand trust is something earned not given. He's family oriented and very loyal to others who have been good to his family. He often trains with his little brother.

Hired Assassin of Gregetora

{Name} Talianna Tirant
{Nickname} Talia
{Age} 23
{Gender} Female
{Species} Human
{Personality} Talianna is very confident in herself and has a great appreciation for music and sword combat. She's very clever and a kind hearted woman.

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Would you like to start?

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Sure, sorry.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Wait I'm confused is it the same story line but with two different kingdoms? Like the exact same thing or?

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Yeah basically

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Oh ok.
I'll just start tomorrow though sowwy I gotta sleep omg

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Wait can you start?

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King James Tirant father of two sons and husband of a beautiful wife had asked that his knights, guards, royal adviser and this very pleasant young woman that takes care of his major business come in and finally meet his son Calcifer which unlike the younger brother Silas was very hidden and not brought up much as a leadership role. ((Which honestly I think is bullshit. Pardon my french.)) Waiting for his son to arrive he turned to the girl and smiled,"Lovelle I think you may take a liking to my son." He insisted knowing that she wasn't a huge fan of Silas which was a constant trouble maker in the palace.

Calcifer was just finishing the sword fight his brother Silas decided was a great idea to do and laughed because like always he had won. "One more time." Silas insisted as Calcifer walked away. "Father is expecting me." He said over his shoulder and continued to walk down the hall.

I wonder what they'll think of me. He wondered sheathing his sword before opening the great doors and greeting everyone with a wave. "Hello everyone," He sighed looking around until he spotted the girl he heard so much about. "My name is Calcifer." He introduced himself.


Talianna Hawthorn walked the hall in her typical outfit expecting to meet the king's son for the first time. She was very nervous because his father spoke so low of him but couldn't understand why and hoped really that she wouldn't find out. Her dark curly hair surrounded her face perfectly giving her a beautiful touch. "Hello my name is Talianna Hawthorn it's a pleasure to meet you." She practiced nervously as she paced waiting for the king to call her in.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Lovelle looked the prince over slowly and tried to hind her disappointment she'd been hoping for some young beauty and she'd gotten him. She shook her head clearing her thoughts and smiled and curtsied. "My Prince" she said putting on the best show of her life. Her face brightened when she saw another Prince come up behind him, this was younger and gorgeous. Maybe that was her groom? She smiled at him as well, "My Princes" she corrected herself. They were both beautiful now that she thought about it, one slightly older than the other. She was lucky to have gotten people this appealing.


Will was waiting on a chair impatiently to meet the King's daughter. She was way too old for him, and he'd heard she wasn't even pretty. He tried to calm himself and dismiss the rumours that had built up in his head. "How much longer" he asked no one in particular glaring at the floor. He was awfully bored though he did really want to see his new wife, or soon to be wife anyway. He would have to spend the rest of his life with her, and if she was beautiful, and intelligent he didn't' think he would mind spending some time with her at least

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Calcifer approached the beautiful young woman and smiled gently,"My father has told me so much about you dear Lovelle" He said now knealing before her to kiss her hand softly. "I know this may come of disappointment but my father has matched you up with me." He stood to whisper that in her ear. "I hope that we can work this out." He added softly.
"Talianna Hawthorn!" The kings' rumbling voice came from the room Talianna stood outside of then she finally came into the room seeing the startling good looking prince sitting in a chair right before her. "Hello I'm supposed to be your betrothed. My name is Talianna Hawthorn."

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments "Oh" is all Lovelle could manage after knowing, she smiled at Silas over Calcifer's shoulder but tried to focus on the brother she was being married to. "I hope we can" she replies averting her eyes. She tried not to glare at the floor, and forced a smile.


"I'm aware, my Lady" he replied kissing her had. "Cheer up, I'm not that ugly" he added laughing. He straightens up and slowly runs his eyes over her body, she did look at least 8 years older than him and he bet she felt like it too but he tried to change his mind. If he was to spend the rest of his life with this women he might as well start to like her.

((( Plot twist, do you want it to be a love triange between Calcifer, Lovelle, and Silas? And make Silas like 20 or something? )))

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(view spoiler)

Calcifer noticed right away that she was taking a liking to his younger brother which made him looking down at her. "Get to know my brother I'm sure he'll be much to your delight." He glared at his father for basically putting him through this damned situation. With that he closed the door behind him and walked up to his study and didn't come out for hours.

"Hello my dear." Silas said ignoring his brother's attitude toward the girl from just looking at him. He's afraid that you'll pick me." He whispered in her ear.
"I think I'm the one supposed to be reasurring you that I'm not ugly myself but you're so focused on yourself that honestly why don't you just marry yourself." She said it and barged out of the room feeling as if this whole marrying the prince thing would be of such embarrassment to him.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments ((( Night, sorry I might be late in posting because I might have to go to sleep )))

Lovelle regretted her words immediately but of course that didn't stop her from smirking at Silas. "He has no reason to be" she replied teasing him. "I should go see to him?" she said though it was more of a question. She knew she should go make him feel better or whatever people of good families, specially royals were supposed to do. "Would you be kind enough to show me where he is?" she asked Silas a seductive smile playing on her lips. If they were alone she might as well take advantage of it.


Will stared after him his eyebrows raised then got up and followed her out, "No, my lady wait" he said catching her sleeve and pulling her back to him. He snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "That's not what I meant at all, you are very beautiful" he lied smoothly, though it was partially true. She was beautiful, and would have been very appealing to him if he was maybe 6 or seven years older but unfortunately he was not. "I would love to web you" he added smiling.

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Silas looked at Lovelle, "I don't think it would be such a good idea." He said knowing that his brother wouldn't be in the brightest of moods at the moment because how she reacted when Silas had followed him in. "Just give him a little bit of time because he's quite upset." He looked down at her and lead her to the hallway. Once they were in the hall he started to kiss her sweetly.
Talianna refused to believe him and pushed him away from her being fiesty which she didn't know was something the prince liked. "You're a very bad actor." She grumbled as she walked out even faster.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She pushed him away gently her tongue skimming her bottom lip not wanting to kiss him before she knew him. "I can't" she muttered turning her face blushing scarlet red. She felt bad for pushing his brother away as well and blushed even deeper when she realised she didn't really want Silas to stop.


"I'm a great actor actually" he says laughing but steps away from her putting his hands up in defeat. "I don't hate you, love I just don't know you" he admits his eyes pleading.

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Silas looked down at her,"Sweet beautiful Lovelle." He whispered with a gentle smirk. "Would you like another kiss?" He asked with a soft irrisistable voice. He held her now knowing that he loved her already.
"I don't know you either." She looked at him coldly and decided she might as well keep playing hard to get.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She turned back to him not answering, her brows up in question. "I bet you do" is all she said smiling softly. Her hair came down around her shoulders like soft waves and she looked up at him with shimmering eyes.


"I bet you'd like to" he replied walking closer to her slowly putting his hands down. "I know you don't want this marriage, and I'm not so sure about it either but can we give it a shot?" he asks hopefully. Sure she was a little too old, but she was still beautiful.

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Silas moved down slightly and kissed her gently tasting her honeysuckle lips and enjoying her brightness and beauty. His brother did not deserve such a sweet and young woman like her and he knew this because all his older brother did was chill out in his study and read all the time away.
"You're very cocky that's for sure." She said as she continued to walk away from him. She didn't even want to give the douche a chance but if she wanted to get close to the king she had no choice.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Lovelle found that little nagging voice at the back of her mind that was yelling at her to stop him. She kisses him back for a second, deepening the kiss. Then she pulls away quickly and turns around practically running to her handmaidens and her room. She didn't want to do this yet.


Will practically runs after her, "Listen I can't make myself any better ok" he says as a last resort and pulls her am gently crushing her lips with his a sudden need coming over him.

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Calcifer was sitting in his room and listened to what was going on in the hall and figured his brother had truely captured the girl's heart and honestly he became careless because he disappointed her by being as old as he was.
Talianna moaned and pushed him away not wanting to give in.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Lovelle runs into the wrong room, and only notices it when she closes the door behind her. "Oh, I'm so sorry My Prince" she says quickly wondering whether she should leave or stay. "I'm not familiar with castle yet" she finally says honestly.


His arms encircle his waits and pulls her closer closing her eyes and ignoring everything else except for her lips, not her age, or her looks but just her lips.

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Calcifer looked up at Lovelle,"Hey angel." He called her that sweetly feeling happy that she had accidentally."Please sit with me." He pleaded his eyes saying all that he wanted to.
Talianna gave in enjoying the kiss now with a slight moan.She kissed him back but started to push him against the wall and started to touch him softly wanting to be held and loved.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments These brothers sure do like to move fast she thought as she sat down on the chair beside him looking at him questioning. "Yeah?" she mutters under her breath.


Will suddenly stopped the kiss backing away from her, "Want more of that you have to cooperate" he tells her laughing and starts heading back to his room.

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Calcifer looked at her with a smile,"I understand you'd rather be with someone your age but honestly I was looking forward to having someone feel something for me." He shook his head not understanding why he wanted someone who didn't want him.
Talia frowned and walked in the opposite direction to her room. She felt used,Why would he kiss me?

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She didn't respond just sat in the chair and looking at him her brow raised in a slight question. She regretted leaving Silas but this wasn't all that bad. Maybe she'd learn to like him.


He walks into his room glaring at the wall, and wondering what he would do about her. Maybe she'd learn to like him back?

((( Another love triangle in the other story line? I can create another girl if you want to do it ))))

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"I'm not gonna force you to like me." He finally came out and said softly as he got up from his chair and walked over towards the window. Is it that hard for a woman to look me in the eyes and like something about me? He asked himself in deep thought. She definitely seemed to like his brother better.
Talia laid down on her bed and fell asleep.


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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments Name: Skylark Neverthrone
Age: 16-17
Personality: She's now cold, hidden, sarcastic and arrogant. She's stubborn and doesn't back down. She used to be a sweet little girl, who loved everybody and everything but that was before the "incident".



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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments 'I didn't say I didn't like you" is all she said. She knew it sounded slightly childish but at this point she didn't care she walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder gently. "Why wouldn't I like you?"


William woke up in the morning and went outside, when his father called on him. Apparently there was a meeting, which needed him, and Talia. He went to her room and didn't bother knocking just walked in.

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"Well there's one big reason." He said looking down at her."I'm 25 years old and you're just a 17 year old young child."
Talia happened to be just dressing herself so basically he walked in on her being completely topless.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She doesn't respond just slowly backs away from him. "A child that's not going to be talking to you" she says coldly and heads to the door, thinking of all the things he could have said. He chose tog o with calling her a child.Yeah, right now she definitely liked Silas better.


William stared at her without being ashamed. He even took a couple steps closer to her, his eyes shining.

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Silas smiled as he heard about what his brother had said."I guess I win." He smiled feeling confident that his brother wouldn't redeem himself.

A couple days later Calcifer did redeem himself by shaving and cleaning himself up in hopes that maybe she'd speak to him at the dinner table.
Talia looked at William and smiled a little bit and slowly put her corset top on over her breasts. "I'm guessing that your father is going to give you a younger choice to pick from today."

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments (((( SORRY! LATE REPLY! )))

She was sitting at the table ignoring both the brothers and staring at her plate when Cal came in and she stared at him. He looked at least a couple years younger, and she couldn't help but stare. She finally shook her head turning away from him trying to regain her thoughts.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

William kept staring at her, not saying anything. "You need to come to the meeting" he says his voice husky then he turns and leaves going back to the office.

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Calcifer sat beside her and leaned toward her so he could whisper,"I'm very sorry for what I had said the other night. I will make it up to you however way I can." He kissed her cheek gently and moved to where he was back in his own little bubble.
Talia quickly followed behind him without a word.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She looked at him, and turned her head so her lips connected with his. She kissed him more a minute, a long deep kiss then pulled away getting up and leaving the room.


William went into the room that his father was in and sighed as he saw the beautiful girl in front og him. She was gorgeous.

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Calcifer was in a state of shock that she had kissed him so deeply that he quickly got up and walked to the hallway. "Hey!" He called to her.
Talia saw the beautiful girl and said,"With all due respect your highness this should between you three and not me."

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments She ignored him and kePT walking kind of regretting what she had done. This probably induced him to followeD after her.

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Sabreena (unluckyducky) | 343 comments "No stay" the king said practically drooling at Talia.
William waled up to the girl and kissed her hand, "Your name, my lady" he asks smiling at her

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